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Blix Group Review – Trade Online In a Secure Environment

Flexible, innovative, unique, and easy-to-use trading platform.

Blix Group Review

Nowadays traders either beginners or professionals search out for a broker that offers more trading tools and features. Because they know that in today’s fast-growing world of trading, it is very difficult to achieve success without getting the help of the trading tools. The more you have trading tools the more successful you will be in trading. Hence, they prefer to have a broker that meets their demands. If this is what they want i.e. the more trading tools then they do not need to go anywhere because the Blix Group broker can fulfill their requirements. Blix Group pays special attention to its traders and provides them with what they want. The broker claims to offer a lot of trading features and services to facilitate its traders. Read this complete review of Blix Group and find out what kind of trading it supports and what trading features and tools it offers.


General Introduction of Blix Group

The Blix-Group.com trading platform was developed by a group of professional experts in the financial and internet industries. These experts had experience in the trading industry and therefore, they created Blix Group to deliver such kind of simple and powerful trading experience.

This trading platform has been set up in such a way that it addresses the real needs of the traders and brings a much-needed level of understanding and service to the rapidly growing CFD landscape. Now you would have got the idea that Blix Group supports CFD (Contracts for Difference) trading. It means that you do not basically trade actual assets while trading with Blix-Group.com instead you trade CFDs.

CFD trading means that you do not purchase assets directly rather trading is done on the basis of a contract. However, you surely make profits with CFD trading what you have to do is to keep a close eye on the market and predict the price movements of your assets in the next days as a result, you would earn huge profits.

In CFDs trading, the trading environment matters a lot. Knowing the importance of the trading environment, the company is committed to providing its clients with the most comprehensive, suitable, intuitive, well-secured, and easy-to-use trading environment. Either you are a newbie or a professional trader you can trade CFD’s with ease in the simplest and smartest way because smartness is the key to achieve success in CFD trading. The trading platform offers to its traders the money management features that might not be found elsewhere in the market. When you get started with Blix Group, you are provided with many trade types, unique trading tools, and a huge range of assets as well as the most advanced and accurate charting for CFD traders so that they can execute their trades accurately.

The Flexible Trading Platform with unlimited trading tools

While dealing with a broker, one of the most important aspects that you must check out is the trading platform of that particular broker. A trading platform should be full of trading features and tools. When you explore the market to find a suitable broker for your trading, you will notice that most of the brokers would offer you a complex trading platform with very limited trading tools. You are unlikely to get benefits from such kind of trading platform. A successful trader would like to trade with a less-complicated trading platform that is easy-to-use and consists of various tools and features that prove helpful in trading. These are actually the needs of a trader which only a few brokers in the market understand such as the broker Blix Group does.

Understanding these needs of traders, the trading platform that Blix Group offers is flexible, innovative, unique, and easy-to-use. The company has worked hard by bringing the most useful trading features to make its trading platform a pleasant trading experience for every trader. The only thing that matters is the trading experience and that comes with the best trading platform. The developers of Blix Group had kept this in mind while designing its trading platform and with their efforts, they have brought you the flexible trading platform with unlimited trading features and tools.

With this comprehensive trading platform, you can get the useful information of the market such as the price alerts, overall performance of the market as well as the other news updates of the market. Its tools help you to keep a close eye on the price movements of the market. This trading platform is accessible to everyone either you are a beginner or a professional trader. Another key feature of this trading platform is that you can get access to the demo account before going for live trading. This helps you to gain some insight into the trading process. When you open the demo account, you receive some credits that you can use to step into the trades. You must try this demo account.

Also, you can get access to its web-based trading platform from anywhere, anytime. However, for using this platform, you would need an internet connection and a browser. The broker has also developed a mobile trading application that is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. This application provides much assistance in trading.

An Expansive list of assets for you to trade

To provide a limited range of trading assets to its customers is the quality of a bad broker. On the other hand, to provide a vast range of tradable assets to its customers is the quality of a good broker. You must keep in mind this factor while choosing a broker. Because if you select a broker that only provide one or two trading instruments you would get bound to only those trading instruments. As far as I know, successful traders like to have freedom in this case. However, when you go for a broker that offers you a wide range of assets, you get the opportunity to choose any asset for trading. The clients of the Blix Group get such kind of freedom.

Blix Group has an expansive list of assets for you to trade. Keeping in view the interests of every individual, it has added a variety of assets from forex to stocks to commodities, and indices. You can choose to invest in this vast range of tradable assets from financial markets from around the world. There are more than 1000 assets available on this trading platform as the broker itself claims. When you trade forex with Blix-Group, you actually have around eight currency pairs which are USD/CAD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, NZD/USD, EUR/GBP, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, and USD/RUB. These are the top currency pairs of the market. But you can choose any other currency pair for your trading.

If you are interested in trading commodities then Blix-Group also bombards you with various commodities. The most valuable commodities are gold, silver, copper, oil, coffee, and gas. Apart from forex and commodities, Blix Group has top-level indices to offer you. Among all these top indices available on this trading platform, the most prominent ones are IBEX, NASDAQ, DAX, SPI, and FTSE.

Now let’s say that you are not interested in trading forex, commodities or indices, the Blix-Group broker has another surprise for you in the form of cryptocurrency trading. It means that on the Blix-Group trading platform, you can also trade with a wide range of cryptocurrencies provided by the broker. The leading digital assets in the market are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin. You can pick any digital currency and start trading. The importance of having a wide range of tradable assets is that you can make your own portfolio and can diversify your assets. By looking at the huge assets index of Blix Group, it is obvious how much sincerely this broker understands the needs and demands of users.

Blix Group offers a bunch of different Account Types

When you sign up with a broker, it becomes clear that you have decided to start your trading journey with that very broker. Once you have opened your account, then you are provided with different trading account types. You must avoid using those brokers that only restrict you to two or three trading accounts. The reason is these accounts might not suit your demands. The interest of traders always keeps changing, therefore, you should go for a broker that offers you a bunch of different trading accounts such as Blix Group broker does. Here, on Blix Group, you are provided with six different types of accounts. You can pick any one of them according to your requirements.

The Basic account is the first type of trading account available on the Blix Group trading platform. The minimum depositing amount that you are required to open this account is EUR 500 while the maximum amount that you can invest is EUR 9,999. The users of this trading account receive a 10% loyalty bonus. Along with the loyalty bonus, you also get trading alerts, trading signals, and daily market review. You also get partly access to the education center of the broker. With this account, you have the facility of junior account manager for up to 2 weeks.

The second kind of account that the broker offers is the Silver account. When you go for this trading account, then you should have a deposit of EUR 10,000 to open it. This is the minimum requirement for this account. You can deposit more if you like but you cannot exceed from EUR 100,000. You would find all the features of the basic account in this trading account. However, there are some additional features as well. The additional features include advanced charts, 20% loyalty bonus and insurance, and the saving account.

Moving ahead, the third account type that you find on this trading platform is the Gold account. If you think about opening this account then you should keep it in mind that this trading account requires a little higher amount than the basic or silver account. The minimum deposit for this account is EUR 100,000 while the maximum amount is EUR 249,000. However, you will not get disappointed after opening this account because it has some more extra features for you. Your loyalty bonus and insurance increase to 30% and you get full access to the broker’s education center. Other extra features include exclusive updates, trading signals 2 times a day, unlimited availability of both junior and senior managers along with a group of analysts.

The Platinum account is the fourth account type available on the Blix platform. You cannot get access to this trading account if you do not possess a minimum depositing amount of EUR 250,000. As you deposit such a high amount, therefore, your loyalty bonus and insurance also increase to 60%. You also receive trading signals three times a day. Other features remain the same.

The fifth kind is the Diamond account. It requires you to deposit EUR 500,000 if you want to open this trading account. This account type is available for well-experienced and professional traders because it suits their needs. This account is full of features. Along with 80% loyalty bonus and insurance, you also get unlimited trading signals. The importance of having this account is that you get an invitation for VIP events.

The last account type you come across while trading with the Blix-Group trading platform is the Millioner Club account. Everyone would like to have this trading account because it includes all of the features that the broker offers. But not everyone can afford this trading because it requires you to have a very huge deposit of EUR 1,000,000. This account is a heaven for you. If you are a more advanced trader and you can afford this account then you should go for it.

Blix Group Trading Education Center

Knowledge of trading is the most important thing in the world of trading. If you have no idea what is trading and how it works then you will not succeed in this field. Therefore, it is necessary for you to get some insights into trading. Blix Group has its own trading education center that helps you with everything you need regarding trading. If you are a newbie and have no idea about trading then you do not have to worry anymore because you can learn about trading in detail from the broker’s trading education center.

Besides this, the education center also assists you in making trading strategies. From its educational material, you would get to know how to trade your assets. The broker has a team of experts and analysts who tell you which trading pair to choose and which trading strategy can help you gain profits in trading. If you become a member of Blix-Group then you will have improved possibilities of making worthwhile and consistent profits. With the help of the broker’s education center, you master the basics of trading and by following the suitable trading strategies offered by the analysts and experts you can avoid loss in trading.

The broker offers high-level security

Security matters a lot for traders. There are only a few brokers that show seriousness in providing security for your information. Blix-Group.com is one of those brokers and takes the security of its traders very seriously. The broker takes all the possible measures to protect and secure your personal information and data. In order to protect your data, it has the highest encryption standards in place. As soon as you provide your information on the website of the broker, it gets encrypted immediately. If your information gets encrypted, then no unauthorized authority can get access to it. The broker also has an Anti-money Laundering policy in order to avoid any illegal activities. When you sign up on Blix Group, you have to go through the identification process. You cannot start trading until your information gets verified. Apart from this, the broker also ensures the safety and protection of your password. In short, the broker provides you with the highest security.

Deposits and Withdrawals policy of Blix Group

Blix Group always thinks the best of its traders. Therefore, it has made deposits and withdrawals easy for you. The broker allows you to register on the website without depositing any funds. You are not charged with any unnecessary commission when you deposit money in your account or withdraw it. The broker brings you a variety of methods such as Visa, MasterCard, and Bank Wire Transfer to deposit funds in your account. You can choose any one of them to deposit your account with Blix Group.

In case of withdrawals, you can withdraw your amount without paying any commission or fees once in a month but you will be charged with a small processing fee on your second withdrawal within the same month. You will also have to pay certain fees if you pay with any payment method. These fees are associated with the payment methods that you use and the broker does not have to do anything with them.

Professional Customer support service

Blix Group provides you with professional customer support service. It is the main target of the broker to provide responsive and accurate support that delivers complete client satisfaction. Its professional customer support team gives an immediate response to your problems or queries. The broker’s client support is available through a comprehensive range of channels such as live chat, email, Skype or phone. In case you have any queries, you can contact them because their professional customer support team is available 24/5 to resolve your queries instantly.

Bottom line

I think now you have got a pretty good idea why Blix Group is one of the best brokers in the market. The trading platform that it offers is full of features and trading tools. The broker offers you a wide range of trading assets. Other features of the broker such as high-level security, transparency, suitable trading environment, flexible trading conditions, and customer support service make it the best choice for you to trade with.



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