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DG Flex Review – Is DG Flex Scam or Legit?

DG Flex Broker Rating
Account Types9.3
Trading Speed9.2
Customer Service9.4
Read our DG Flex review and learn why we recommend this broker for online trading and why it is not a scam, learn all you need to know in this DG Flex review before you sign up with the broker.

DG Flex Review

DG Flex logo

Online trading has indeed brought a new perspective to the exchange of commodities. Before the existence of online trading, transactions were mostly physical and this had several limitations, a major one being geographic restrictions. With the advent of modern technology and technological advancements, the global financial market is being changed and made better as digital trading is now accepted and adopted in different regions of the world. Digital trading brought to the rise the creation and adoption of cryptocurrency which is currently a trend in the world today. Cryptocurrency entails digital assets which have monetary value, can be exchanged and used as a means of payment. The existence of crypto also borough about the concept of crypto trading and led to the establishment of crypto exchanges which are quite numerous in the global financial system today.

In addition to this, online trading has also brought about the foreign exchange market which majorly involves the exchange of currencies, stocks and shares, and other tradeable commodities. The forex market which is one of the biggest in the world, with a huge trading volume is relatively digital. Forex trading has now become one of the most rewarding and profitable business ventures to engage in. However, an individual can not trade in this market all alone. This is because the market is a volatile one that requires a high level of monitoring, years of experience, and close detailed study and observation. In light of this, there are therefore platforms that connect individuals with the market and help them interact effectively. These platforms are a means through which individuals or certain financial institutions conduct forex-related transactions. For this reason, the platforms are referred to as forex brokers. A very good example of such a platform is the DG Flex.

Presently, there are numerous forex brokers all of which offer different benefits and trading services. However, before choosing a broker to invest in, there are certain factors to consider. One major factor to put into consideration is regulation. Regulation as regards forex firms simply means that a certain firm’s operations and trade activities are guided by the legislation, rules, and regulations of a body with financial authority. In most cases, these regulatory bodies are government-owned institutions that are deeply involved in financial technology and digital transactions. Most forex traders prefer trading with regulated brokers because it gives them a level of confidence in the firms and their activities. Regulation of forex firms also serves as a means of according accountability on the platforms as their activities are closely monitored and supervised. When compared with unregulated firms, regulated brokers give off a sense of trustworthiness and credibility.

Other factors to look out for include security, registration process, trading services, and customer care and support system.

Within the context of this review, all the necessary and important information regarding DG Flex exchange would be sufficiently provided. This way, your knowledge and experience of the trading world would be improved.

What is DG Flex?

Forex trading is now globally accepted with several brokers in existence and operational. However, amidst these other firms, DG Flex is a platform that is distinct and remarkable. This is because the focus of this firm is the financial and monetary needs of its traders. Although the platform is relatively new to the forex world, its scope of operation revolves around its users with them being treated as a priority. It is in light of this that the firm always seeks to make trading an action that can be carried out in comfort and with ease. A major factor that distinguishes this broker is the ease with which individuals can register. Unlike most platforms that have complicated registration processes which also take time, this broker ensures that traders can own trading accounts in the shortest time possible. By doing this, forex enthusiasts are greatly encouraged to conduct trades with the forex firm.

In addition to this, this firm supports all levels of crypto traders ranging from beginners to experts and professionals. This is achieved through the provision of numerous trading tools both advanced and non-advanced which can be used by both new and experienced users. This feature, in particular, attracts traders to the platforms as other brokers see either too complicated for new traders or too simple for advanced investors. Another great feature that contributes to the use of this platform is the fact that trading activities and transactions carried out here do not attract hidden fees or high commissions. This in itself is a major advantage to traders on the platform as they can trade as much as they wish without the fear of paying exorbitant fees. Most forex brokers have fees attached to transactions and trade exchanges but this firm doesn’t. It should also be noted that the firm offers excellent pricing on trades at all times.

DG Flex Trading Services

Usually, the services available on a trading platform contribute to how much patronage it gets. This is because the more instruments are available, the more traders are attracted to such platforms. For DG Flex, user satisfaction is a priority, and as such, it provides multiple tradeable instruments to keep its customers constantly satisfied. By doing so, traders’ chances of market success and profit-making are also increased as they can make multiple investments in different assets. This forex broker offers its traders the opportunity to trade stocks through online means. Knowing that the stock market is an old one that has been quite profitable since its establishment, the firm allows users to participate in this market and gain premium profits in return.

DG Flex website

In addition to this, forex trading is also supported on the platform. This involves the exchange of assets such as currency pairs, commodities, and precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and so on. Forex traders can now invest and trade in several instruments of their choice giving them an added advantage in the market. Furthermore, as the broker is concerned with bringing together individuals with varying financial interests and helping them meet their financial needs, the firm also offers crypto trading. Not all trading platforms offer such services as most of them concentrate mainly on forex and stock trading. This platform however covers all aspects of online trading and ensures that the financial needs of individuals are met. In light of this, crypto enthusiasts can now trade their favorite tokens especially the popular ones such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and LiteCoin. So whatever asset you wish to trade, whether currencies, stocks, and shares, commodities, or crypto tokens, DG Flex is the right platform to do so.

How to Trade on DG Flex

Online trading can be quite complex and confusing but with certain brokers, it is made easy and convenient. Some other brokers often make trading a challenging task but on DG Flex, traders are assured of a warm trading experience at all times. This is because customer satisfaction is a priority on this platform. However, before you can trade with the broker, you must own an account. Without ownership of an account, you can not be affiliated with the firm and so you are not entitled to trade on the platform. The forex firm is also not open to individuals under the age of eighteen. This implies that those under eighteen years cannot become traders on the platform. This is to ensure that the conduct of transactions by each user is carried out responsibly and respectably.

Creating an account with this firm would require that you submit certain basic information such as your names, email address, country of residence and then agree to the firm’s terms and conditions after accepting that you are not below eighteen years. After doing this, you would need to verify your email address to ensure that it is a working one as it would be a beneficial means of communication between you and the firm. Once this is done, you would then proceed to the next stage of registration. At this level, you would be required to submit certain official documents such as a valid government-issued means of identity, driver’s license, passport photographs, and your bank statement. Upon submission, your account then undergoes a verification process to ascertain the validity of each document presented. Without the successful verification of your account, you can not trade on the platform. All these measures are to ensure that every account with the broker is owned by individuals and not robots. They are also a means of safeguarding and securing the firm from cyber threats and risks.

A verified account can then carry out transactions after the account has been funded. This registration process is easy and quick when compared to other similar stores trading firms. To make trading more exciting and beneficial, DG Flex has different types of accounts that individuals can trade with.

Each of these account types comes with different benefits and a minimum deposit to open and run them. The first and basic account is the standard account which requires a minimum deposit of $10,000. Traders using this account type have access to daily trading news, trading academy, weekly market review, account manager, and a margin loan of up to 25%.

There is the bronze account where traders are entitled to daily market review, daily portfolio reports, round-the-clock account monitoring, and margin loan of up to 30%. To open a bronze account, you would need at least $25,000. In the silver account, you get extra services such as a monthly session with a certified accountant, the opportunity to work with a portfolio manager, and a margin loan of up to 35%, alongside the benefits of other accounts before it. The amount required for this account is $50,000. A deposit of $100,000 qualifies you for a gold account and this means that you would enjoy a personal portfolio manager, weekly live stream webinar, weekly personal meeting with an analyst, and an end of the year tax summary along with all other benefits attached to accounts below it. The required deposit for this account is $100,000.

For the VIP account, you will enjoy a margin loan of up to 75%, a daily one-on-one session with an expert analyst, daily market signals, customized education, in-depth research, managed portfolio, and a VIP advisor. The minimum deposit for this account is $250,000. The Pro account is the highest account available on the broker. Traders with this account enjoy a margin loan of up to 100%, a wealth manager, higher payouts, super tight spreads, and unlimited access to brokers. All you need to open this account is a deposit of $1,000,000. Trading with each account has its peculiarity as every account is designed to specifically satisfy each trader’s financial needs and provide the best trading experience ever.

Withdrawal and Deposit Fees

Most online trading platforms place certain charges on withdrawals and deposits on their platform and this is a means through which the firm makes money. For DG Flex, the satisfaction of each customer is of utmost importance and so there are no charges to be paid on deposits made on the platform. This implies that traders can make deposits as many times as they wish without any fee attached to them and this goes a mong way in encouraging trade and investment activities on the platform. In addition to this, the broker has a minimum amount for deposits which is $250. This amount is relatively little when compared with the minimum trading deposits required on other similar platforms and it shows how much the firm encourages trading activities and individual investments.

Traders can make deposits either through credit or debit card payments or bank transfers and the broker does not charge any fees through these means. Any fee attracted would be from the bank or your financial institution. For withdrawals on this platform, there is also no fee attached to them. In essence, withdrawals of funds are free and traders can make as many withdrawals as they choose thus encouraging them to trade more.

DG Flex Security

Online trading is a remarkable and profitable venture but due to its digital nature, the risks involved in trading are increased. This is because most forex brokers are digital and so are susceptible to cyber hacks and breaches which would ultimately to loss of funds. As a result of this, security on these platforms is considered an important feature. In light of this, DG Flex ensures that each account is safeguarded against hacks and breaches. This is achieved through the KYC/AML measures put in place by the broker. These measures help to guarantee that every account on the platform is owned by an individual and not a robot, thus reducing the chances of cyber hacks and attacks. In addition to this, the forex firm maintains a privacy policy which implies that every information provided by the user is subjected to confidentiality and cannot be shared with a third party. This means all the transaction history and trade activities of users on this platform are not open to the view of third parties. Furthermore, all activities on this platform are protected by its encryption technology which ensures that data reception and distribution are safeguarded.

DG Flex Interface

For traders to enjoy making forex or crypto transactions on a platform, the interface and display of such a platform have an integral role to play. The interface of this platform supports trading frequently as it is easy to navigate and understand. By operating such an interface, the broker ensures that trading is made easy and convenient for everyone. Its interface is easy to use and this is beneficial to individuals and traders who have little or no experience in the trading world. This way, new traders can easily get familiar with the operations and activities of online trading platforms.

In addition to this, the broker is also available on both desktop and mobile versions so individuals who prefer mobile trading, they can also do so with this platform. The interface of this broker is designed to make every trader both new and professional have a warm trading experience at all times.

Customer Support

For digital businesses to thrive, there is a need for such businesses to have a strong relationship with their customers and this is possible through a strong and reliable customer support system. This is because a good customer support system would increase the level of trust individuals have in the platform. As customer satisfaction is a priority to this forex broker, its customer support system is reliable and always available. Traders can reach out to the firm through their email address which is provided on their website. All questions, complaints, suggestions, and account inquiries can be forwarded to this email address and they would be resolved in the shortest time possible.

In addition to this, the platform has a phone number for traders who wish to speak directly to the firm and it is always available.


Amidst the numerous brokers offering trading services in the world today, DG Flex is a global firm that stands unique and supports convenient and secured trading of various instruments.

Shelly Melancon (Switzerland)

Shelly is a cryptocurrency enthusiast from Switzerland, she bought her first crypto in 2015 when it was way less popular then it is today and since 2017 she has been writing about cryptocurrency for online news portals. Shelly is the newest addition to the Tokenhell team, she writes mostly news and reviews related articles , stay tuned to her posts to stay up to date with the crypto world.

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