Dubai Becomes International Hub For Crypto Companies

According to a recent news report, Dubai is gradually becoming the center of attraction for cryptocurrency companies across the world because of its regulatory clarity and favorable tax laws which encourage the growth of crypto businesses. About 90,000 Indian-based crypto firms had reportedly moved their operations from their home country due to heavy tax policies to compete in the Dubai crypto market.

Cryptocurrency adoption is gradually gaining dominance in the global financial sector as many individuals and institutions across the world continue to adopt the innovation daily. Alongside its widespread adoption, crypto innovation is also gaining attention from leaders of different countries as many nations impose regulations and tax laws to tame the flourishing industry. For instance, the Indian government imposed a 1% TDS tax on every profit crypto investors make in India.

Consequently, the tax rules had weighed down the volume of trades on local exchanges in the country as Indian investors sought refuge in offshore exchanges with favorable crypto policies and regulations.

90,000 Investors Flock to Dubai

According to the report, Dubai has been said to be one of the favorite offshore destinations in which most Indian and other countries’ crypto investors are shifting their focus to crypto trading and other activities. This is so because Dubai reportedly has a clearer regulatory framework for cryptocurrency as well as favorable tax policies, making it a center of attraction for investors fleeing the harsh business environment they face in their countries.


Reports revealed that Dubai’s open-armed perspective towards crypto-related services and products makes it the first choice among investors and business owners. Even though India reportedly has a considerably large number of crypto investors, Dubai continues to grow faster and spectators suggest that the number of crypto investors may soon outnumber that of India.

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In addition, the lack of crypto regulation clarity is driving investors away from the country as a report showed that about 90,000 firms and major players in the country’s crypto market have left India to set their business up in Dubai. They are reportedly enticed by Dubai’s friendly policies for crypto.

Dubai Attracts Investors With Regulatory Clarity

Sumit Gupta, the chief executive officer of CoinDCX which is a popular crypto exchange in India, pointed out that the attractive clear regulation on crypto which Dubai implements in the luring power it uses to draw more investors. He continued that India is liable to face strong challenges that could weigh it down as the leading country in terms of crypto adoption rate if the heavy tax laws and lack of crypto regulatory clarity that plague investors in the country, making it difficult for them to plan and expand their businesses and portfolios effectively.

On the other hand, Dubai was said to have a clear and comprehensive crypto regulatory framework, favorable tax laws, and a friendly business environment which makes it easier for crypto firms to cooperate with authorities, promoting compliance and trust. Consequently, this attribute makes Dubai an ideal destination for crypto firms to flourish and operate without fear of unexpected lawsuits.

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Dubai Contest For Crypto Hub Supremacy

According to reports, investors are not flocking to Dubai from India alone, many are coming from other countries with harsh business environments, including the US, UK, and Australia. This is because investors from other nations are engrossed with clear regulations and other benefits Dubai offers. Crypto spectators suggested that the massive influx of investors into Dubai may cause a major shift in the crypto landscape globally.

For a while now, traditional hubs such as Switzerland, Singapore, and the US have been dominating the industry, however, the rapid ascent of Dubai could place it high in the crypto global market, enabling it to challenge others for crypto hub supremacy. Also, the massive influx into the country depicts the importance of a clear and comprehensive crypto regulatory framework as it enables companies to be creative while investing boldly.

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