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FirstCapital1 Full Review – Is Scam or Legit?

FirstCapital1 Broker Rating
Account Types9.1
Trading Speed9.4
Customer Service9.2
Read our FirstCapital1 review and learn why we recommend this broker for online trading and why it is not a scam, learn all you need to know in this FirstCapital1 review before you sign up with the broker.

FirstCapital1 Review

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Are you one of those traders currently on the search for a broker but do not know what services to look for? Then you are at the right place. After understanding the difficulty that many traders go through when searching for the right broker, I decided to write this article. FirstCapital1 is a broker that has become very popular due to many of its features and services, and by reading this First Capital1 review, you will understand what to look for in a broker.


As a trader, you would understand how difficult it has become to find a good broker these days, and the main problem is that traders cannot differentiate between an authentic broker and a scam one. Or, at times, traders do not understand which broker is more capable of providing the services that would be beneficial in trading. Because at times, you will come across brokers that seem like a good option, but in reality, they are not yet advanced enough to provide traders with the right tools for trading. And it is normal that driven by frustration, you would question why is it so difficult to come across a decent broker?

Let me answer that for you, the issue of not being able to find worthy brokers dates back to when digital currencies were first introduced in the market. The first cryptocurrency that was introduced was Bitcoin, and as you might know, this had not been such a successful cryptocurrency at the start, but as soon as its market value increased, the success rate had also increased very quickly.

Bitcoin was also the cryptocurrency that had caused trading to gain a lot of popularity, and after becoming popular, the market experienced a massive influx of traders. Now when there is a trader, there must be a broker too because it is really difficult for traders to step into the financial markets and execute their trades on their own, and that is why it is mandatory that a trader has to create a trading account at any brokerage firm.

So when a lot of traders started joining the market, the number of brokerage firms increased too so that the traders could be accommodated, and that is when it became difficult to differentiate between good brokers and those that are best to be avoided.

Although the trading market has a lot of brokers, it does not satisfy a trader’s needs because more than the quantity, it is the quality of a broker that traders are in search of. Yet again, this is a factor that traders get confused with because, in the beginning, they are not quite sure what services make brokers a good choice. But let me break it down for you so that you understand what qualities make a broker the right choice.

Let’s take security as an example. Now believe it, or not this is one of the most important features of a broker, and you should take security very seriously. When we talk about security, it is not as simple as it seems because security includes the policies that a platform uses, the protection software in place, and many other things.

As a cryptocurrencies trader, if you want to do justice to yourself, then you should evaluate all the methods that a broker takes to ensure its customer’s safety. But why do I keep stressing the importance of security? The main reason why security should be the biggest concern for a trader is due to this whole process being carried out on the web. No part of trading is offline, as a trader works with a broker through the web and even executes the trades through the web.


Everyone is aware that with the advancement of technology, the web has become an even riskier place to be. So when you trade through the web, you have to be even more careful because you exchange all your private information with the broker. You also deposit funds into the trading account, which is on the broker’s platform, and if the broker is not secure enough, then you can say goodbye to your funds.

Even sharing your information with a broker is a risk because if it does not have a good security system, then hackers can easily access your information and use it for illegal activities. This means that people would be committing cyber crimes, but by using your identity, and at the end of the day, you will be held accountable for it. So do you think that your career or funds are worthless? If not, then make the right choice by choosing a broker that is secure. This is why I chose for this review because it is one of the top brokers in the market for having the best security infrastructure.


Once a trader is satisfied with the security feature, then they can move on to reviewing the rest of the services provided by the broker. In this case, you should look for what trading assets does the broker provides, whether they have good account options, how skillful is the customer support team, and many other features, which we will discuss later on. If you are a trader that is on the lookout for even one of these features, then keep on reading because you will discover how good First Capital1 is as a broker.

It is a broker that provides its customers with the chance to trade and be equipped with the best trading features at the same time. So, if you do not want to miss out on a worthy broker and you are interested in improving your trading game, then keep on reading.

The Trading Platform Of FirstCapital1

This is yet another feature a trader should analyze before creating an account with a broker because the trading platform plays a major role in how your trades will look like. The quality of a trading platform determines whether your trades and trading career will be successful or not. There are some brokers that choose to create their own trading platforms, whilst others opt for providing access to trading platforms that already exist.

There are many brokers in the market, which you may come across who do not invest in their trading platforms. This means that they choose an average type of trading platform, which is not of really good quality, and accept traders to perform well with it. At times brokers are not even concerned if their customers perform that well because they are only interested in getting money out of you. This is a sign of a broker that is not concerned with how well the trader performs, and it shows that it is business-oriented.

But if you want that your trading career becomes successful, then you have to choose the broker which provides you with a really good and advanced trading platform. That is why FirstCapital1 broker is once again a good choice because it never lets its customers down. You may wonder why is providing its users with an advanced trading platform.

The answer to this is that it has a really good reputation and position in the financial market, which makes it comparatively easier to gain access to a good platform. Secondly, this is a brokerage firm that prioritizes the customers above everything else, so it looks for customer satisfaction before worrying about how much it would cost. Also, FirstCapital1 is a broker that cares a lot for its trader’s career and wants to provide services that would help them perform really well in the market.

Now that we have discussed the importance of a good trading platform let’s talk about what features make a trading platform good? The first thing to consider is whether the trading platform has a user-friendly interface or not. Why does the interface matter so much? Because not all traders are experienced and knowledgeable about the market and the way to use the platform.

That is why a trading platform that has a user-friendly interface is the best one because it accommodates newbies as well as experienced traders. It means that no matter how experienced a trader is, they will be able to navigate the platform and make sense of how to use it for trading. You should also remember that the more complex a trading platform is, the more difficult it will be for you to use it because complexity makes trading difficult.

The quality of a trading platform is directly linked to the performance of a trader. One way to understand this is that the speed of a trading platform affects your trades and profits. Let’s take an example of a trading platform that is slow. The effect of this would include a very slow execution of trades, and that would mean that you do not make a lot of profit.

On the other hand, if you come across an advanced trading platform, it would ensure that your trades get executed really quickly, and essentially it would mean that profits are maximized. Because the more trades you execute, the more profit you can make in a short amount of time.

So if you choose First Capital1, you will get to improve your trading career as the FirstCapital1 trading platform is one of the leading types. It provides its users with lots of advanced trading tools. These tools help users to perform much better by making decisions that are well thought out and would generate a lot of profit. An example of this is analyzing market trends and reviewing the price fluctuations, which would help you to understand when the right time is to invest in a certain asset and when to sell it.

The Best Security Infrastructure Of FirstCapital1

Like I had mentioned earlier, security is a really important feature to consider when choosing a broker because if you end up choosing a broker that does not have a proper security infrastructure, it can cost you your funds, and your private information falling into the wrong hands. Just like there are hackers in the market, there are many scammer platforms too that seem like an ideal broker but are just interested in getting your money.

Now that you know there are chances of being scammed, how do you avoid becoming a victim of it? Well, first of all, the easiest way that you can differentiate between an authentic broker and a scam one is to check whether it is a regulated firm or not.

If a firm is regulated, it means that it is affiliated with a legal financial institution. This includes the broker having a license that allows it to offer its services in the market. Without this license, the broker would be unregulated. But there are many firms that offer services even though they are unregulated, so what makes regulation so special? Firstly, in order to get a license from a legal institution, a firm has to agree to the terms and conditions as well as fulfill certain requirements.

This includes the incorporation of security protocols on the broker’s site, and it means that if something were to happen to the broker, such as a financial loss, then by its agreement, it is bound to pay its users the due retributions. This means that a regulated firm cannot get away with a crime because it is bound to legal authorities.

On the other hand, unregulated firms are not restricted to any authority or contract, and that is why it is very easy for them to scam users and go unnoticed. This is why it is best to choose a regulated firm, and secondly, it must have a proper security system. FirstCapital1 is a really good option because it is a regulated firm, and it ensures that traders never worry about their security because has implemented all the necessary security measures.

This includes the SSL certificates and encryption software that protects all information entered by traders. First Capital1 has also incorporated the KYC and AML policies on its site. Therefore if a trader wants to create an account on FirstCapital1, they have to comply with these policies.

Customer Support At FirstCapital1

This is another service that I have mentioned very briefly above, and you should know that customer support defines whether a broker is actually concerned with the wellbeing of a trader’s career or not. The type of customer support service a broker provides is a sign of what the relationship between a broker and a trader would be like. The importance of a customer support system is so that whenever the trader needs help, he or she can reach out to its broker for the support needed.

But there are many examples of broker which do not care for a proper customer support system, and that shows how neglected certain traders are. This just shows the lack of concern the broker has for its customers, but with FirstCapital1, you do not have to worry about being neglected.

This broker has worked very hard to provide a customer support team that is professional, reliable, and experienced. As a trader, you will have no problem depending on them as they are very experienced in dealing with all kinds of problems that you could have. The platform also has an FAQ section that you can visit.

Minimal Fees At First Capital1

By now, you might have noticed that a lot of brokers set really high spreads and commissions. This only benefits the broker because they get a lot of profit due to the incredibly high prices, but this affects the career of a trader greatly. Let’s say there is a trader who has just started trading.

Rather than using the investment for future trades and further investing whatever profits they generate back into the trades, it all ends up going to the broker. Therefore the trader does not profit but rather experiences a loss, and that is why high commissions are not ideal.

The thing about commissions is that it is charged upon every trade, which means that the higher the commission is the less profit you will make. So traders look for brokers who do not have such high spreads, nor do they charge a really high commission per trade. If you are one of those traders looking for a broker who has reasonable charges, then you should take a look at First Capital1.

This is because FirstCapital1 offers its users a very minimum fee, whether it is for spreads or the commission charged per trade. This is a benefit as it allows a trader to maximize their profits really quickly, and the good thing is that broker does not have any charges that are hidden.

So whatever charges are agreed at the beginning of you making an account with FirstCapital1 will remain like that till the end. I am mentioning this because there are many brokers who start asking for extra costs after you start trading with them, and that is a violation of the trust and agreement between a trader and a broker.

Another thing to remember is that a lot of times, brokers set a fee per transaction. This means that every time you deposit an amount or withdraw an amount, a fee is charged by the broker. But once again, FirstCapital1 does not follow that and allows its traders to have as many transactions as they want, and that too free of cost.


So what are you waiting for? Is this not the broker who has all the right features needed to have a successful trading career and a really good trading experience? Because according to my research and experience, no broker can top what First Capital1 is offering. So choose your broker wisely!

FirstCapital1 Broker Rating
Account Types9.1
Trading Speed9.4
Customer Service9.2
Read our FirstCapital1 review and learn why we recommend this broker for online trading and why it is not a scam, learn all you need to know in this FirstCapital1 review before you sign up with the broker.

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