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STR Capital Review – Is a Legit Broker?

STR Capital Review

STR Capital logoTrading is the most profitable business if you know how to do it. You need to learn all the tactics and skills to earn a lot of profit from the trading of instruments. Besides training of trading, you would require a broker that suits you. A reliable broker can make you rich by providing unlimited earning opportunities. STR Capital is one of those brokerage firms that provide its users a mental satisfaction and assist them in making an unlimited profit from the trading of instruments.

Review Contents

  • Brief Introduction of STR Capital
  • Compliance and Legal Nature of STR Capital
  • How to Start with STR Capital?
  • Education
  • Account Types
  • How is STR Capital Unique and different than other Brokers?
  • Customer Support
  • Conclusion

Brief Introduction of STR Capital

STR Capital is a leading brokerage firm in the trading world, having unlimited facilities and functions for traders. It can become your favorite trading platform as it has all the required remarkable features. What’s more, it lists various account types that satisfy the needs of traders and guide them depending on the amount of investment. Client satisfaction and inspiration are the top priorities of the STR Capital.

You can trust STR Capital because it is a regulated broker that makes every possible attempt to secure the customers’ funds. For awareness about trading, the company has also established the education section for beginners. There was a vision when STR Capital came into the market, and following that vision, it provides a stunning experience of CFD trading for traders and customers. In addition to these functions, the platform is also known for round the clock customer support and for top-notch trading platforms.

Compliance and Legal Nature of STR Capital

As the STR Capital is fully regulated, every action and activity of the broker also complies with the regulatory body. So, you do not need to worry about the compliant nature of the brokerage firm.

To make funds more secure on the platform, the company follows the AML and KYC policies. AML refers to the Anti-Money Laundering policy while KYC stands for Know Your Customer policy. It is not possible to scam a user as every action on the platform is supervised by the company following the privacy policy to ensure the privacy of personal data. STR Capital was created as a way for traders to trade CFDs on a platform that is user friendly.

How to Start with STR Capital?

Are you willing to open your account with STR Capital? If yes, then I will tell you how to become the official user of STR Capital. There is no place for complexity or difficulty on STR Capital as everything is designed, keeping in mind the user comfort. After passing through three consecutive steps, you will become a member of STR Capital. I will tell you in brief about every step in the best possible words.

1.      Register  

The primary and foremost thing is to register on the website. Fill out the online registration form and enter the broker. In a matter of minutes, your registration request will accept. The company asks to submit the true personal information, otherwise, the application request will suspend. After going through the online registration process, you will be directed to the next step.

2.      Choose an Account

Once you register yourself on the platform, the next step is to select the account type. STR Capital is offering six different accounts, including basic, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and millioner account. Based on your investment and interest, you can open one of these accounts. I will recommend you to select one wisely with no hurry.

3.      Fund

After the selection of account type, you can deposit the amount according to the lower and upper limits of that account. Without funds in your account, you cannot initiate the process of trading. Therefore, it is very important to fill the account with money. There are various methods by which you can deposit the money. These payments ways include wire transfer, credit card, and many more.

4.      Trade your Favorite Assets

Finally, you are now eligible to start trading of your favorite assets of hundreds of tradable objects. The account managers and group of analysts will guide you during the process of trading. Besides help from financial experts, many other top-notch trading facilities also escort you to become a professional trader.


In this fast world where there are bundles of information present in the form of books and the internet. You don’t need to know about all the things but the things that interest you are important. Narrowing this concept, you need to learn about trading before you get into the trading arena. If you are a beginner and do not have enough awareness, there is a strong possibility that you are going to lose your investment. Therefore, one must have proper knowledge about the trading of assets such as commodities, indices, metals, forex, stocks, and cryptocurrency.

You will not have to go to an education site or joining an expensive course for learning about trading as the education center is established by STR. In this education section, a trader will know from the history of finance to complex understandings including skills and tactics. Let’s talk about a bit about the things which you can avail at STR Capital.

1.      History of Finance

The section lays out the entire history from paper money to cryptocurrency. However, cryptocurrency is yet not considered as a mainstream currency but the era of digital currency will soon start.

2.      Basics

Some people are unaware of the basic terms or terminologies used in the trading world. As a beginner in this new business sector, one should have a clear knowledge of basic understandings and concepts.

3.      Trends

Trends should be kept in mind before you bet your money on assets.  Two concepts, uptrend and downtrend, are major things in the trading world that tell us about the current behavior and attitude of the majority of investors and traders.

4.      Assets

What is an asset class? Or what things are included in assets? Beginners need to know the answers to these questions. There is a detailed overview of assets, including commodities, currencies, stocks or equities, indices, and crypto.

STR Capital Account Types

An account is like a key to the open door of an opportunity, and in the trading world, account brings unlimited opportunities for you. The number of opportunities and benefits will increase when you choose an efficient investment plan or account for you. Small level traders have low investment in their bank accounts, and that’s why they go for a broker account which opens in a minimum amount.

On the other hand, there are ones who are always already to play big by investing in large amounts. For them, brokers have special accounts having extraordinary facilities. STR Capital stated,” We believe every trader should enjoy a trading experience that is best for them – both in terms of potential benefits and risk. That’s why we offer a variety of trading accounts.”

1.      Basic Account

The basic account has all basic features which are needed in trading CFDs on all traded objects. As compared to other brokers, the basic account of STR Capital has more facilities and features which give people financial edge as well as mental satisfaction. When comes to loyalty bonus and insurance level, uses can claim up to 10%. Moreover, basic account holders are eligible to receive a daily market review, trading alerts, and signals once a day. The account manager assists you in making successful trades but only for the first two weeks.

2.      Silver Account

If you are not satisfied with the basic account, you can open the silver account, which is an upgraded version of the primary one. To start with the silver account, a deposit of a minimum of 10,000 EUR is necessary, but you can add up to 99,999 EUR. Once you claim the silver one, you can gain the loyalty bonus and insurance level up to 20%. The list of benefits is not completed yet as the savings account will also accommodate you. Similar to the basic one, silver ones can benefit from the services of the account manager for up to two weeks.

3.      Gold Account

You must have at least 100,000 EUR to activate the gold account. If you want to bet more on CFDs, you can deposit up to 249,000 EUR. Once you become the owner of this account, unlimited trading advantages will assist in filling your bank account with profit. The gold account is more updated and improved than both basic and silver accounts. For example, the account manager will offer his services for you for an unlimited time instead of two weeks. Moreover, the group of analysts will also share their knowledge of trading with you free of cost.

4.      Platinum Account

The loyalty bonus and insurance level are increased by up to 60% with the platinum account. To claim such extraordinary offers, you will have to deposit an amount between 250,000-499,999 EUR. After you claim a platinum account, you will be eligible to use the unlimited facilities and services of the company. In premium features, you will get access to account manager, group of analysts, and the availability of money management facilities. Additionally, there is no limit on trading signals and other things such as market review, trading alerts, and exclusive updates.

5.      Diamond Account

The diamond account is not for beginners or those who are not ready to take big risks. Only professional traders who have high-level experience in trading of CFDs can open the diamond account. You will not find such a marvelous package of trading facilities other than STR Capital. The minimum deposit limit is fixed at 500,000 EUR, while the maximum limit is fixed at 1,000,000 EUR. Almost all trading options of STR Capital are unlocked for diamond account holders.

6.      Millioner Club

As the name shows, this account is dedicated to millionaires who are ready to invest in millions. To accommodate such high-class traders and investors, STR Capital provides a list of premium features. These trading functions include advanced charts, exclusive updates, trading alerts, loyalty bonuses up to 100%, unlimited trade signals, insurance level up to 100%, daily market review, saving account, account manager, money management, and a group of analysts. There is no upper limit for the deposit, but the maximum deposit limit stands at 1,000,000 EUR.

How is STR Capital Unique and different than other Brokers?

There some things which make STR Capital unique and quirky than its competitive brokers. The company offers one to one training sessions with an account manager who guides you every step of the way and equips you with vital financial advice, in-depth analysis techniques, popular trading strategies, and money management tips. I will discuss these things one by one in the best simple possible words.

1.      STR Capital strictly Follow AML and KYC Policies

Day by day, illegal activities on the internet are increasing and scammers have become smarter than ever. Governments and authorities have concerns about these increasing cyber-attacks and ask exchanges and trading sites to strictly follow AML and KYC policies. All the members of STR Capital and the affiliates of STR Capital are subject to KYC and AML policies. The implementation of these policies ensures security, and it stops the illegal flow of money across the borders.

2.      Privacy of Customers

The privacy of customers should be the main priority of any trading platform as people demand this before planning to open an account with the broker. One will not confront any issue regarding privacy as the company makes every possible effort to retain users’ privacy. The personal information is necessary and the documents are only needed to comply with KYC and AML policies.

3.      Top Trading Platform

A trading platform is necessary to execute traders that result in profit. And that trading platform must have updated and advanced options to harmonize with fast-changing trends of the market. Keeping this requirement in mind, the professional team behind the STR Capital has deployed the advanced trading platform for users. The users will have a mental satisfaction while using the platform and feel as professional traders.

4.      Wide List of Instruments for Trading

STR Capital has merged the functions of all exchanges and trading sites at one platform. You will not have to find out the forex exchange for forex pairs as all prominent forex pairs are present on STR Capital for trading. Besides forex pairs, other trading instruments are also available. These instruments include stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. In the stock asset class, the stocks of all prominent companies are accessible at STR Capital. Similarly, world top indices are waiting for you on the website. The trading of cryptocurrency is a new game changer sector, which helps many people in becoming millionaires.

5.      Experienced Team

Behind every successful company, there is the hard-working and dedication of the team. Similarly, the team is also responsible for the reputation of the STR Capital in the market. The broker is established by a group of experienced dedicated traders. They use their trading knowledge in the building of the broker and take all necessary measures, which are helpful in trading.  The support team of the broker is always ready to respond to customers’ queries in time. Through email and phone numbers, one can contact the staff of STR Capital. STR Capital engaged a team of real professionals to bring you the market experience you truly deserve.

6.      Low Fees

The fee structure is not shown on the website but based on personal experience, I can tell you that it is very competitive. Traders attract towards low fees, and there is no doubt that STR Capital is one of those platforms that charge the lowest fees and commissions. The low trade fees, along with other excellent facilities, make STR Capital superior and pretty for individuals.

7.      Transparency

There should be transparency between the customers and traders. Everything mentioned on the site is true and transparent. There are no hidden charges or commission at all. If you have queries about anything related to STR Capital, you can contact the support team of STR Capital.

Customer Support

If your queries and questions are not answered by the brokerage firm then it is a scam whose only purpose is to snatch money from people. Before you choose any trading broker, you must ensure whether its customer support is active or not. If the customer support section is inactive, then you must leave that company and search for a reliable broker.

STR Capital emerges in the trading world due to its top-notch trading functions and qualities. The 24-hours availability of customer support agents is also included in the top characteristics of STR Capital. There are various ways to contact the customer support team, such as direct reach via the website, contact email, and phone number. In case of any difficulty, traders can also share their problems via the support email: Additionally, the quick support service is also present in the form of live chat support.


One can earn a big profit from STR Capital as it has all those profitable assets which can give you a high return on investments. STR Capital will make you rich as it is offering premium facilities such as guidance from financial experts and money management techniques.

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