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Tredexo Review – Is Tredexo Scam or Legit?

Tredexo Broker Rating
Account Types9.4
Trading Speed9.2
Customer Service9.5
Read our Tredexo review and learn why we recommend this broker for online trading and why it is not a scam, learn all you need to know in this Tredexo review before you sign up with the broker.

Tredexo Review

Tredexo logo

Tredexo is the name of the online trading platform that I will be discussing today. Continue to read this Tredexo review if you want to make a great trading career. I think you have the ability to break out of poverty and bring about the financial transformation you require for your future. You may wonder how I can state this with certainty. The reason you’re here is that you’re seeking an online trading platform.

I recall being in the same situation a few years ago. I sometimes got confused while looking for a reputable brokerage since there were so many alternatives. It was a time-consuming procedure because I had no idea which platform to choose. I, too, did not want to spend my money at the hands of a shady broker, but I did. So, now I feel obligated to educate you well about the brokerage I use for online trading, which is fantastic. This brokerage firm is known as Tredexo, and I will go into depth about it in this review.

Trading may be a lucrative source of revenue. Many individuals used to do it before, and now that it has gotten simpler and easier to perform, more people are expected to participate in online trading. Trading used to be stressful and time-consuming. Traders had to go out and hunt for trading marketplaces and brokers in person. They lacked outlets for others to learn about their genuineness and dependability. Even if a trader discovers a broker, he must rely significantly on him with his investments. Brokers have a restricted range of services to offer. Traders were typically uninformed of the financial markets, and there was a sense of uncertainty in the trading environment, so many individuals avoided it.

Online trading is becoming increasingly popular in today’s environment. Online trading platforms are much more than traditional brokers. They provide a variety of advantages, the most important of which is control over investment. These platforms give users the option of trading a variety of items. They provide a variety of trading tools, as well as access to instructional materials and customer assistance. A trader gains power through these brokerages, and he may know more about the trading process and gain access to the trading world.

Every day, more people join numerous platforms. As an expert trader, I must also advise you of the possible dangers. Not all brokerage firms are risk-free. Many traders have had terrible encounters with bogus brokerage websites that stole their money and vanished overnight. So, before you deposit cash, you should thoroughly research the platform and select the one recommended by others based on your experiences.

Tredexo website

What exactly is Tredexo?

You may be wondering why I’m asking this question, given that I’ve characterized it as an internet trading platform. The answer, however, is not that easy. Tredexo is a lot more than that.

Tredexo is not just itself a well-known trading platform, but it’s also operated by ABAX, a well-known and respectable financial services business located in the United Kingdom. Their agents may be found in a variety of locations, including St-Vincent, Grenadines, Beachmont, and Kingstown. They have also included their contact details, email address, and fax number so that investors may quickly contact them. Tredexo was introduced in 2019 and has changed people’s overall perception of trading platforms. Among numerous trading platforms, they have established a respectable position in the industry.

Transparency is one of their highly valuable and admired characteristics. A trader may learn about every phase of their deal at Tredexo. Even if the trader accepts advising services, the team will not be able to conduct a deal on your behalf. They have a very clear method, and every information regarding it is detailed on the official website. They are not interested in your money and do not impose any extra charges, setup fees, additional costs, or spreads. They have clear operating policies that are visible to everybody on their website under the compliance page. It covers their leverage/bonus policy, policy return policy, privacy policy, money withdrawal policy, and security policies.

This platform has fully stated its terms of service for utilizing it. The terms of service include the use of the website, its access, warranty disclaimers, privacy, liability limitations, links and ads, client agreement, and intellectual property. I strongly advise you to study all of these materials before embarking on your adventure here. In this Tredexo review, I will highlight some of the essential parts of these policies, although full papers may be found on the official website. They gain the respect of their key clients in this manner.

I’ve been a user of this platform from its inception, and I’ve never had the impression that they’re uninterested in or unresponsive to my questions. They claim in their goal that customer integrity is a key value, and they truly live up to these statements. I recommended this site to most of my contacts, and they all confirmed that they had never received such brokerage services from any other platform.

It is a dynamic platform. Tredexo has demonstrated an ability to innovate to fulfil the needs of its customers. They go to great lengths to make sure customers have an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives. Trading with them would be simple and dependable. They provide accurate one-click options trade, an integrated and approachable interface with all transaction requirements, high-speed executions, real-time quotations, and social network trade triumph. With age and patience, you will realize that they have the capability of resolving every difficulty that a trader may encounter along the way. This is an award-winning site, in my opinion.

What Are the Advantages of Tredexo?

You are already aware of several of the primary advantages of utilizing Tredexo. Having a fair and dependable brokerage by your side to assist you in trade is a win-win situation. However, this platform has more to offer. I’ll mention its advantages one by one so that you can measure and comprehend the significance of each of these offerings.

Trading is simple

Tredexo is a welcoming platform. It is open to both newcomers and seasoned professionals. Experts will recognize how they have streamlined trading operations. I promise newbies that they will have no problems trading on this internet platform. Each process is reduced, classified, and explained so that customers may comprehend its importance. Even so, if a trader requires assistance, they are only a few steps away.

Their registration process is likewise fairly straightforward. Please allow me to clarify. First and foremost, you must select an account type that corresponds to your talents and desires. I’ll return to these account kinds later in my evaluation. To join up, browse its website and select the option to sign up. To protect your account, you must provide your first name, last name, email address, and password. To ensure security, you must retype your password during the signup process. Make certain that you enter the very same password for both blanks. Following that, you will be prompted to schedule a meeting in your country’s time zone. Using your IP address, Tredexo’s software retrieves the name of your nation. For the contacting and verification procedure, you must also give a contact number, ideally your number. You can use the promo code if you want to take advantage of certain special discounts; otherwise, you’re set to go. Make sure you thoroughly read the terms and conditions before clicking on the open account button. You must guarantee that the information you have supplied is valid and that you are over the age of 18 years.

Following verification, you must deposit the amount specified by your account type. Tredexo has given numerous deposit methods for the convenience of its clients but ensures that the same option is used for withdrawals as well.

A Web-based Trading Platform

The Tredexo website has everything you need to conduct online trading. It has a full platform that includes all trading tools, charts, graphs, and financial news. The information and charts are updated regularly to reflect market developments in real-time. This website is accessible through computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. The interface will be sized to fit your device. All functions are available in all screen sizes, so you won’t miss out on anything. The firm was content with its web-based offerings, but in response to customer demand, it recently created an application for Android users.

I prefer to use their website, but I have got their app for exploratory purposes. It is well-designed, simple to download, and includes all of the functionality found in the web-based version. One feature that appeals to me further in this app-based edition is that education programs are better organized and easier to find. You may also watch video courses on the go if you don’t have access to the internet. It’s difficult for me to judge which version is best for trade with Tredexo.

Various Trading Products

Tredexo allows you to explore various financial marketplaces. They present you with alternatives, and you are free to select any of them based on your interests, or you may have a free advising session with one of their experts, who are accessible via an online appointment or in their offices. Stocks, indexes, commodities, cryptocurrencies, as well as other digital assets are among the goods available.

Smooth Trading Experience

Tredexo takes a customer-focused strategy. They make every effort to give comfort to their customers, allowing them to understand the value of financial freedom. The practicality of their website, application setup, assistance through each phase of the transaction, and response through the customer care system are outstanding. They also continue to give incentives and cash-back possibilities to establish a welcoming atmosphere for new traders to flourish.

Services provided by professionals

Even though each platform claims to give professional services, I believe the team-leading Tredexo is indeed a professional one. They offer creative solutions to any difficulty that a trader may face while trading. I once sought their advice and was connected with one of their members. He was a very capable, experienced, and skilled individual. He was quite knowledgeable regarding financial markets and offered extensive information on my area of interest.

Customer care

I’ve dealt with a lot of online trading platforms, and none of them has provided better service than Tredexo. They are not just available throughout the day but are also simple to approach. They have included their contact information, email address, and fax number to assist their users. Furthermore, they have given a complaint form, to which they respond quickly. Your problem will be addressed within 12 working hours, and necessary action will be taken to resolve it as soon as feasible.

Various account types

You must be wondering about the trading platform’s core feature, namely the types of accounts available to its clients. It is once again brief and direct for the benefit of the customers. It has four account types: silver, platinum, diamond, and gold. Their first offer is a Silver account. You may open it for as low as 250 euros, and you will only be able to use the academy and Ebook offerings through this account. The gold account, which needs a minimum balance of 1000 euros and includes the services of a personal account manager as well as ebook and academy access, is your next account choice.

Platinum and diamond accounts are more appealing to me. First, I had a platinum account, which I updated to diamond once I fixed my trust issues. Diamond accounts provide everything a trader could want; they provide a plethora of services. First, I’ll go through the features that are typical in platinum and diamond accounts, which include a senior account manager, a bonus of up to 100%, no withdrawal fees, and professional analyst trading sessions. Isn’t it already a handful? I’m sure it is. A diamond account, on the other hand, allows you to keep a proper education program, an international MasterCard for simple debit or withdrawal, and premium contract choices. Obtaining a diamond account is quite costly. For this purpose, a fixed amount of more than 35000 euros is required. The sum may appear large, but for traders, it is little, as traders typically make far more than this.

Security and Privacy

Tredexo is a secure location to invest your money. It protects your assets and information by adhering to strict KMC and AML standards. You will never be subjected to a data breach or a hacker assault on your account. These regulations are globally acknowledged and are based on cutting-edge technology. The information systems team is always introducing new improvements to their platform, and you never know when they may offer new security measures to give additional privacy for its clients.


If a brokerage firm promises to be honest and devoted to its users, it will train them about internet trading in whatever manner they can. Trading necessitates knowledge as well as strong analytical abilities. Even though you have access to a variety of trading instruments and automated analysis tools, you will still need some fundamental expertise to comprehend the meaning of these graphs and apply their data when trading. This information and skill set will help you forecast and analyze market dynamics, and you will invest in it wisely. Through its platform, Tredexo offers a variety of instructional tools. E-books, films, seminars, webinars, and other materials are among those available. You may simply access these instructional materials and study while trading comfortably on our online market trends platform.

Deposits and withdrawals are processed quickly

As previously said, depositing is straightforward, but withdrawing is time-consuming and requires care. It’s for your protection. Every time you make a withdrawal request, you must provide your account information. The firm will cross-reference your information with the information you supplied during the registration process. They do not process withdrawal requests for bank accounts that were not specified during the registration process. Then, following the company’s rules, the withdrawal procedure begins, and the money is withdrawn from the customer’s account. The following step is for that firm to send a transfer request to the appropriate bank. Withdrawals from your Tredexo account to your bank accounts are processed in five working days or less. I’d like to point you that the minimum amount for requesting a withdrawal is $50.

Extra benefits

Yes, you read that correctly. Along with a plethora of other benefits, Tredexo provides exclusive bonuses to its clients. It does not provide these incentives to long-term clients; rather, anybody who trusts its platform and registers for trading accounts can take advantage of them. This unique benefit provides a 10% rate of investment return. You would assume there must be some sort of catch to taking advantage of this unique deal, but there aren’t any. Even with out-of-the-money options, you earn a straight 10% return on your investment.


I have shared my Tredexo experience with everyone who is reading this post, and I am confident that after learning about its services, you will be astounded. So why not go to its official site and join up for an account today?

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