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Wobit Review – Easy Registration and Leveraged Crypto Trading

Wobit Broker Rating
Account Types9.6
Trading Speed9.5
Customer Support9.2
Wobit offers trading of a variety of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, DASH, NEM, Ox, IOTA, NEO, and many others. They do not ask clients to do lengthy paperwork or to provide unnecessary information which is just a waste of time. In addition to this, traders are also provided with trading leverage of up to 1:100.


It is the dream of every single person to live life financially independent and full of luxuries. And there is nothing wrong with it. Everyone has the right to dream of such kind of life. But only dreaming of a luxurious life is not enough, you need to have a lot of money in your bank balance if you want to live independently without facing any financial hurdle. Without money, it is not possible for you to enjoy the taste of a generous lifestyle. So firstly, you need to find a way for making money if you want to fulfill your dream. There are a lot of ways through which you can make money. If you are thinking about doing a job then forget about it as a job cannot get you to your ideal living style. Starting your own business can be one of a good ideas but it will take a lot of time to get your business established perfectly. Also, you require a handsome amount of money for starting a good business. So, this idea won’t help too.

What else then you can do to earn money fast? Do not even think about adopting illegal ways for making money. You may be able to earn money quickly through illegal means but you may also put yourself in a lot of trouble. Let me tell you, it is not the only way to make money fast. The world has changed now and the technological advancement has brought in several ways which you can use to make money in a shorter period of time. Cryptocurrency trading is one of those ways. It has turned around the lives of various people over the past decade and helped them in living an independent life. People have been making money through cryptocurrency trading since the year 2009 when the first-ever decentralized digital currency of the world Bitcoin was introduced. Initially, the trend for cryptocurrency was not popular. However, now, with cryptocurrencies achieving their mainstream adoption worldwide, this trend is increasing at a rapid pace and more and more people have started flowing into the world of cryptocurrencies. Many people have changed their financial lives through cryptocurrency trading.

And this is what you also want in the end to change your financial life completely. You can start trading with digital currencies and make your life financially better. What you have to do is to find a good trading exchange or a broker to start your trading with. Finding an ideal broker, however, can be a difficult task for you. The reason is that there are a lot of brokerages that are offering trading services for cryptocurrencies. And traders may get confused to pick the right one out of them. So, I suggest you should not put yourself in this situation. Let me help you in this case. You can start your trading career with Wobit. It is a trustworthy brokerage firm and has a good reputation in the cryptocurrency industry. I have prepared a detailed review of this broker which will help you to get to know more about it.

Wobit Review

Let’s start with the introduction of this broker.

wobit logo

What Exactly Is Wobit? is basically a cryptocurrency brokerage firm that operates online and provides its top-notch trading services to traders and investors from across the entire globe. It offers a proper trading marketplace for executing your trades in a perfect manner. It has well taken care of the security protocols to ensure the safety of its clients. It provides you with the market’s best trading tools and effective trading conditions which help in the profitable execution of trades. It makes sure that you trade in a user-friendly and comfortable environment. The trading platform that it offers to traders for the execution of trades is amazing too.

It is not a kind of brokerage which is only accessible to VIP traders rather every trader can get access to the trading services of this broker. It does not care whether a trader has a financial background or not it lets trade every kind of broker either professional or a newcomer on its trading platform without any restriction. It makes efforts to accommodate the needs of traders of every kind.

This was a short introduction that I thought was necessary to let you have an idea about what this brokerage is all about. Now, I will move ahead in my discussion and will let you know how you can open an account with it and what kind of features and trading services this broker offers to you for the trading of cryptocurrencies.

How To Create An Account With Wobit?

Signing up with a broker is the first thing that every trader does in order to carry on with his/her trading journey. It is something that every broker out there will ask you to do. However, one thing that I think is the duty of a brokerage firm to follow is to make sure that the procedure of signing up is easy and straightforward. The sign-up process should involve simple steps and should not include lengthy paperwork to be done by traders. This can create complications for clients and that is what they usually avoid. So, I think a broker should simplify the sign-up and registration process for the accommodation of users. Wobit, on the other hand, does not ask its clients to do lengthy paperwork neither it ask them to provide unnecessary information which is just a waste of time. It has made its sign-up procedure very simple and quick. It will take only a few minutes to complete this process.

Let me guide you on how you can create an account with this broker. The first thing that you will have to do as a part of your sign up process is to visit the official website of the Wobit broker. Once you have done that you can move onto the next step. In this step, you have to fill in the sign-up form available on the front page of the broker’s official site. The sign-up form designed by Wobit does not consist of a series of steps like other brokers have done. It is a simple and easy-to-fill form with no mess involved in it. What you have to do is to provide some basic information asked in the form. The information you need to provide include:

  • Your full name including first name and last name
  • Your email password
  • Your country of residence
  • Your phone number
  • And the account currency you want to use

After providing this key information, you have to mark your agreement to the terms and conditions set by the broker. The last step that you will have to follow is to provide a confirmation to the broker that your age is above eighteen and all of the information that you have given is true and correct. Once you have gone through these few steps, you have successfully created your account and you should consider yourself registered with the Wobit broker. Now, you will be able to start your trading with this broker and can use its services. website screenshot

Are There Any Features Offered By Wobit?

When you decide to start trading with a brokerage firm, it is worth to check out the features and services offered by that broker. Explore in detail the list of the offering of the broker you want to trade with and find out whether it has all of the necessary features and services that you require for trading. If you are satisfied with that broker’s list of offerings then you are all well to go with it. As we are reviewing Wobit, you can also check out the services and features offered by this broker. And I hope that you will be satisfied entirely once you will come to know about these features as they all are advanced and accommodative. The trading marketplace of this broker is not only limited to a few features rather there is a complete suite of trading services available out there for the facilitation of traders and investors. Here is what included in this suite of services.

1.     A Vast Variety Of Cryptocurrencies

It is the most important feature to explore as the entire point of finding a brokerage is to be able to use its services for trading digital currencies. You need to evaluate completely the cryptocurrency offering of the broker. Almost all of the brokers available in the industry have incorporated cryptocurrencies into their asset offerings. But the problem is that they only offer the top-traded digital currencies to their clients. Such kinds of brokers are usually preferred by those traders who only want to invest in Bitcoin the world’s largest digital currency by market capitalization.  You can also choose any one of these brokers if you are interested only in Bitcoin. However, if you want to trade with some other digital currencies, along with Bitcoin, then you need to find out a brokerage whose list of cryptocurrency offering is vast such as Wobit.

Wobit has offered a variety of cryptocurrencies. Alongside Bitcoin, you can also find a lot of other famous digital currencies on the platform of this broker. You can trade with Ether (ETH) the native cryptocurrency of the world’s second-largest blockchain network Ethereum. It is also the second-largest digital currency in the world in terms of market capitalization. It has witnessed a great deal of interest from institutional investors since the year of its introduction in 2015. Then you have Litecoin (LTC) which is another one of the most-traded digital currencies. This cryptocurrency is available in the cryptocurrency market even before Ether as it was rolled out in the year 2011. However, its market capitalization is lower than that of ETH and is, therefore, ranked below at the fifth spot. Another famous digital currency that is traded the most in the crypto market is Bitcoin Cash (BCH). You can also find this cryptocurrency available on the platform of this broker. Launched in Aug 2017, BCH is usually known as the hard fork of Bitcoin. Moving on ahead, you can trade with Zcash (ZEC) which is considered as a cryptocurrency somehow similar to the primary cryptocurrency. The reason is that the total supply of ZEC is also limited to 21 million coins like the flagship cryptocurrency.

When you will explore the asset index of the Wobit broker, you will also find some privacy-centered cryptocurrencies as well. One of them is Monero (XMR) which is the most famous privacy coin. In addition to these digital assets, Wobit also gives access to some other popular digital currencies including DASH, NEM, Ox, IOTA, NEO, and many others. The presence of such a diverse list of digital currencies provides you the flexibility to choose the kind of cryptocurrency you want to trade with. Moreover, you can also diversify your portfolio according to your own way and can add as many digital assets as you can in order to make it perfect.

Wobit crypto trading

2.     Easy-to-Navigate Trading Platform

I hope that you will be well aware of the importance of a trading platform. If you are not already aware of it then let me tell you it is the main and critical feature of a broker. Why critical? The reason is that the whole trading process is carried out on a trading platform. It is basically software that you use for executing your trades. However, the execution of trades is not the only purpose it serves. There are a lot of other facilities that you can enjoy when you trade on a well-equipped trading platform. For instance, you can use the functionality of the trading platform to keep a close eye on the fluctuating cryptocurrency market. In addition to this, trading tools available on the trading platform are also really helpful for the successful execution of trading.

However, you can enjoy these benefits only on a trading platform that has been developed using highly-advanced technology and is equipped with modern trading tools. When you operate it, it should work without any issue. There should not be an issue of speed as well. Wobit knows that such kind of trading platform can have a bad influence on your trading experience therefore it has used state-of-the-art technology to develop its trading platform. It is innovative and enriched with a lot of top-notch trading tools. Though it has been developed using highly-advanced technology, it is not a kind of difficult-to-handle trading platform. Rather it is very easy to use and can be navigated easily even by the new traders. It is possible due to its user-friendly interface. What’s more, the platform operates fully online which negates the need for downloading or installation. You can access this trading platform easily from the website of the broker and can start trading on it.

3.     Numerous Account Types

As Wobit is committed to accommodating all of its traders no matter what background they have, it has developed numerous account types in a bid to take care of the needs of all kinds of traders including newcomers, intermediate, skilled, professional, and experienced traders. There are seven different trading account types in total offered by the broker to its traders. These include Trail Account, Basic Account, Trader Account, Pro Plus Account, VIP Account, Millionaire Club, and VIP Ultra Account. You can have a look at the features and services included in all of these account types and then can decide easily which one is the ideal kind for you.

The first account type that you will come across at the platform of the Wobit broker is Trail Account. You can get access to this trading account with a deposit of $300 which is the minimum requirement for opening it. This account option includes different features. Users of this account are provided with basic videos in order to get to know about the system. The broker also offers them market news, complete customer support service, market review, opinions of specialists, and access to the tutorials of the learning center. In addition to this, they are also provided with trading leverage of up to 1:100.

The Basic Account is the second account option which can be opened with a minimum deposit amount of $5,000. This account type is most suited to the needs of the beginner traders in the market. Apart from the features of the Trail account, the holders of this account type can enjoy the service of a risk manager as well as a personal account manager. Moreover, in this account, the leverage gets increases to 1:150.

Then there is the third trading account type in the form of Trader Account. For this account, you should have at least a deposit of $10,000. Without this amount, you cannot open this account. Once it is opened, it will offer you a lot more services than the first two account options. Some of the new features that you can have in Trader Account include social trading, webinars for learning about cryptocurrency trading, and access to the risk management system.

With the name of Pro Plus, the broker has added another account type that can serve the needs of all of the serious traders out there in the market. They can deposit $50,000 as a minimum deposit requirement and then can get access to it. Extra features added in this account include a private senior account manager, private analyst, and a private risk manager. The leverage is now offered up to 1:250 to traders.

The fifth account type called VIP Account is only accessible to users if they can come upon the minimum deposit requirement of this account that is $100,000. Usually, expert traders go for this account as they consider it a smart account choice for them. They can get the guidance of a senior market analyst. The leverage on trading is increased to 1:300. Moreover, they are also provided with a golden opportunity to join a group club of traders and can meet the leading expert traders.

Wobit then offers the sixth account type known as Millionaire club to its professional traders. Only those are eligible for opening up this account that can come up with a minimum deposit amount of $500,000. The additional features that have been added by the broker in this account include a private support manager, the facility of private banking, a personal team along with the leader of the group, and hedging strategies. 

VIP Ultra Account which is the last account option offered by the broker is enriched with a lot of features. These include insured contracts, risk specialists, hedging automatic trader, Black card, conference invites, and various others. However, this account type requires traders to have a minimum deposit amount of $1,500,000 to open it up.

4.     Security Of Your Assets Is Well Taken Care Of

Wobit has well taken care of the security of your assets. It takes the responsibility to safely store all of the personal information that you provide when you sign up with it. The broker has secured its website using the technique of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) in order to make sure the complete protection of your information. Moreover, in order to lower the risks of identity theft and money-laundering, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) policies have also been applied by the broker.

5.     Customer Support Service

Though the first-ever decentralized cryptocurrency Bitcoin was introduced in the year 2009 and there have been more than 5,000 cryptocurrencies now introduced in the cryptocurrency market, still there are a lot of people to whom cryptocurrency trading is a new concept. They do not have, therefore, enough knowledge about how things operate in the cryptocurrency market and thus require every kind of help they can grab from. For their assistance, the broker has a customer support service team which consists of top professionals and leading experts. Wobit provides its customers with a range of support channels for their facilitation so that they can use them to reach out to the customer support team of the broker. They can get in touch with the team through email or phone number. In addition to these, a Contact Us Section is also available at the official site of the broker through which users can make a contact with the broker to get assistance. The agents of the broker behave well with customers and help them with their each and every matter. You can come to them with queries and they will resolve your queries within the duration of no time. It, however, depends upon you how clearly you are able to let them understand the nature of the situation you are in.


As now you have come to know all of the key features of the Wobit, you would be able to make a decision clearly whether the broker is an ideal choice for you to begin your trading with or not.

Andre Louie (Spain)

Andre is a new writer for Tokenhell, writing in both English and Spanish. Andre loves cryptocurrencies and the blockchain / crypto world and has been into Bitcoin since 2012.

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