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Wynn-EX Review – How I Feel About Buying and Selling Crypto With This Exchange

Wynn-EX Exchange Rating
Account Types9.4
Trading Speed9.2
Customer Support9.7
My overall trading experience on the Wynn-EX cryptocurrency exchange has been pleasant. I can buy and sell many different types of cryptocurrencies here without exchanging the currency that I have because the exchange accepts my country’s fiat currency on the website. The customer support is great and the system that Wynn-EX has provided you with is great.
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Wynn-EX Review

Wynn-EX logoThe best way for online individuals to find the best service these days is to rely on the word of their friends. Of course, your friends can’t help you with everything. So, what I am referring to here is the friends that you have on the internet. These are the friends who use various services and then provide you with all the details that you have to know about the service. At this moment, you can consider me that friend. I have checked, tested, and used many online cryptocurrency exchanges in recent months. I can tell you that I have gone into the depths of things to find you one that you can rely on.

So, the exchange that I am talking about right now is Wynn-EX. It is not the most experienced exchange out there for you to sell and buy cryptocurrencies, but I can tell you that it is better than the ones that are ranking on top these days. There are many exchanges that get a lot of popularity because a lot of people use them. However, if you look into their features and security aspects, you will be forced to say that they don’t care about their traders and investors. Let me tell you all that I know about Wynn-EX so you can decide whether you feel the same about this exchange as I do.

My Feelings about Trading on Wynn-EX

I Have Peace of Mind

What I can claim before anything else about trading on the platform provided to me by Wynn-EX is that I have peace of mind. I don’t think that you should trade anything in the world or online world unless you have peace of mind. When do you have peace of mind? Well, when you can trust the exchange that you are dealing with. When you know that the exchange that you have signed up with is going to protect you in every way. I can tell you that I found everything that I consider a golden standard of the online trading industry. When I started signing up on Wynn-EX, I had to provide a lot of personal information.

Did I like it when I provided my personal information on the website? At first, I did not. However, I soon realized that the exchange is using proper encryption standards on the website to protect my information. I know about encryption because I keep reading stuff about technology all day long. I know that when an online exchange encrypts my information, it gets converted into a code that only the exchange knows. What it means is that even if someone gets a hold of the information that I have provided on the website, they will still not know what they are looking at.

I can tell you that Wynn-EX uses 256-bit encryption standards on its website. This means every piece of detail that I provide on the website of this exchange is protected. This is what gave me peace of mind while I was signing up with Wynn-EX. I was okay with providing my personal details to the exchange and even my banking information.

Proper AML and KYC Policy

Proper AML and KYC Policy

This is something that impressed me even more about the exchange. You see, online brokers and exchanges can skip certain steps that they think will infuriate their traders and investors. They want more and more people to sign up on their platforms and asking these people a lot of personal information is not the best recipe to keep them trading on the website. However, it is an industry standard that any financial service providers have to obtain proper information from their traders and investors to recognize them.

Why does the online service provider have to recognize its traders and investors? Well, this is the only way this company can recognize you. How do you think that exchange will recognize you as you unless you provide your personal details? At the same time, how do you think the company can prevent a fraud who has stolen your details from signing up on its platform? Well, they will only recognize an information stealer when they know that the real information belongs to you. However, the exchanges that are only looking at getting more and more money from their traders and investors don’t care about these rules.

They don’t want to say anything that would infuriate you and push you away from their platform. They let you sign up on their websites with ease and let you trade without providing your personal information. Some days later, someone else signs up on the website with your information and they don’t have a clue who that person is. These are the practices that an exchange like Wynn-EX is avoiding by asking for personal information. I am glad that I signed up with an online exchange that follows these standards and has proper AML and KYC policies in place that apply to every single person who signs up with the exchange.

I Use My Country’s Currency

I live in the UK and so I love to use EUR wherever I go on the internet. Yes, I know that USD is the most commonly used currency around the world, but is that a good thing? If you are providing me with online cryptocurrency trading services, I would expect you to care about me as much as you do about people who have the US dollars. So, when I sign up with online exchanges, I always make sure that I can use the currency that we use daily in our lives. I want to be able to sign up with online exchanges that let me use the currency that I am most comfortable with.

That’s where I have to admire the efforts that Wynn-EX has put into place. When you land on the website of this exchange, the first thing you see on the home page is that you can use the currency of your choice. Yes, you should also know that you don’t have to use any digital currencies on the website. The exchange has made sure that you can use the currency to buy digital coins that you are most comfortable with. In addition to EUR, which is the currency I use on the website for buying crypto coins, you can also use GBP and USD, and many other currencies from around the world.

I Can Buy More than Bitcoin

I Can Buy More than Bitcoin

Trust me when I say that I am not really interested in Bitcoin as much as I am interested in other cryptocurrencies. Now, don’t be under the impression that I am stopping you from trying out Bitcoin trading. You can trade Bitcoin all you want and I won’t stop you from doing that. However, I want you to know that there are thousands of other cryptocurrencies in the world that are making a great name for themselves. These cryptocurrencies have been started and created by developers who care about this world just as much as we do, or maybe even more.

They have come up with solutions to a lot of problems that exist in the online world when it comes to transferring money, paying vendors, and avoiding middlemen. They have come up with solutions that have already taken care of these problems. In other words, what I am trying to tell you is that they are just as good and safe as Bitcoin. These cryptocurrencies also have some bright futures, and so when you think about trading cryptocurrencies, there is no reason why you should not consider them. Yes, of course, the exchange that you sign up with should provide you with access to these cryptocurrencies.

Once again, I am glad to tell you that the cryptocurrency exchange that I am telling you about takes care of this matter as well. I am not limited to trading Bitcoin with this exchange. I can trade Ethereum as well as many other cryptocurrencies that I think have a great future. If you are interested in trading many cryptocurrencies, I can tell you that this exchange is going to be a great asset for you.

Purchase or Sell

I am not limited to buying stuff from the exchange only. If you don’t know, there were some exchanges in the past that were interested in the money of their traders and investors only. So, if you signed up with them, you would not have gotten anything in return. These were the exchanges that were selling you many different cryptocurrencies. However, when it comes to them buying from you, they straightforward refused from doing that. They would give you many other options for selling your digital coins, but won’t buy from you. This was very disappointing for traders and investors from all around the world.

You don’t want to sign up with an exchange that only sells you stuff. So, I recommend that you go with Wynn-EX. Here, you can buy and sell all the cryptocurrencies that you see stated on the website of the exchange. I have never had the issue of not being able to sell the cryptocurrencies back to this exchange. I can tell you one thing here that as a trader who has spent some time in the cryptocurrency market, you have to keep on selling and buying these coins to really make money. However, you can’t afford an exchange that only sells you digital coins and leaves you at the will of other platforms for purchasing the assets from you.

buy and sell

What happens when you are forced to sell on other platforms? Well, you have to sell your assets at a price that you are not willing to leave your digital coins. However, since you don’t have a lot of options, you are forced to sell the digital coins at a price that does not even benefit you in any way.

I can sell and purchase on this exchange without any problems at all. I have been signed up on this exchange for quite some time now. Not once have I been deceived in this particular area. When I want to sell a digital coin, I sell it. If I am interested in buying a particular cryptocurrency, I just purchase it. I never have this fear in my mind that I cannot buy the digital currency from the exchange.

Great Customer Support

I have never been disappointed by this exchange when it came to getting help on various matters. I have to tell you here that no matter how easy and straightforward it seems to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, you should always focus on the customer support from the exchange that you are signing up with. The first thing you want to pay attention to is that there should be a way to get in touch with the exchange. Community help and FAQs are great, but they don’t solve all of your problems. At the same time, you want to make sure that the exchange that you are signing up with provides you with only professional customer support.

You should be talked to professionally and in a respectable manner. Does the exchange that you are signing up with provide you with that? You will have to research to find the answer to that. However, in this particular case, I can tell you that Wynn-EX is a winner in this area. The exchange provides you with customer support through some of the most professional individuals. At the same time, you can just shoot them an email and they always get back to you before you know. That’s what I like about the customer support from this exchange.

Final Thoughts

My overall trading experience on the Wynn-EX cryptocurrency exchange has been pleasant. I can buy and sell many different types of cryptocurrencies here without exchanging the currency that I have because the exchange accepts my country’s fiat currency on the website. The customer support is great and the system that Wynn-EX has provided you with is great. For any ethical and reliable buying and selling of cryptocurrencies, I prefer this exchange. Now I leave it up to you to make the decision based on the information you collect.



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