$1M in Cryptocurrency Has Been Stolen From Kiev, the Case is Under Investigation

The amount was stolen last December and according to some reports, these funds had been distributed between different exchanges for the sake of fiat withdrawals.

This case is under investigation by police and while investigating, police have blocked user accounts on the Binance crypto exchange. The police investigators already have found the suspect as a Telegram channel Goldfoundinshit TM suggested. The Telegram channel earlier also talked about the theft with reference to its sources.

Account of trader Alexander was blocked by Binance

As the investigation of this case was in progress, therefore, Ukrainian cyber police representatives contacted Binance crypto exchange and requested them to block user accounts for the duration of this investigation as the ForkLog reported. As a result, the Binance exchange blocked the account of trader Alexander who had a large amount on the account.


The user was not allowed to get access to the account and therefore, was not able to withdraw funds. Since the investigation was going on, therefore, support service asked him to wait for 30 days but the site did not ask him that what was the origin of these funds?

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Alexander then claimed that the possible reason behind this blocking is the receipt of USDT that he received from his friend at the end of December. As a result, the crypto exchange Binance also blocked the account of the seller.

Later on, ForkLog contacted Alexander and talked with him. He told him that his account is still blocked and the customer support team asked him to contact an investigator from cyber police.

Police are interested in 3 transactions worth over $500K

The Police representative informed Alexander that his account was being investigated due to a complaint regarding the theft of assets that were sent to his address. The trader said that he knew the seller personally and told that the seller had bought it for cash from a third party.

The police are interested in three transactions that have worth over $500000 and have also blocked the funds in the user’s account. Apart from Alexander and the seller, the accounts of Mikhail and Konstantin are also blocked.

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However, the trader Alexander from Kiev Ukraine and seller have not yet acquired further information about this investigation and their accounts are still blocked.


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