3 Easy Ways To Get Free NFTs

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are created by interested persons, and the primary way to get them is to mint them. If you don’t wish to spend money to mint them yourself, no problem — there are numerous ways you can get them for free.

In this guide, we will examine five easy ways to get NFTs without minting or even paying for them. Most of the ways are easy, and anyone with zero knowledge of NFT or coding can participate to become a proud owner of NFTs without having to buy.

  1. NFT Airdrop

You may have heard of crypto airdrops before, but have you heard of NFT airdrops? They’re just like crypto airdrops, only that you receive NFTs instead of crypto. New NFT projects conduct airdrops to generate attention for their project and airdrop free NFTs to their community in exchange.

The downside is that such airdrops are usually targeted at those who already hold an NFT. It means it may be difficult to qualify for an NFT airdrop if you don’t already hold one. It is also difficult to find an NFT airdrop that is actually rewarding, as the profitable ones are few.

If you just want an NFT to show off however, there are plenty of airdrops that can give you that. Remember that airdrops are becoming more competitive because of the increasing awareness about NFTs. Therefore, expect some competition as you enter NFT airdrop programs. 

2. Play-to-Earn Games

Play-to-Earn (P2E) games are also a viable option for getting free NFTs. if you like playing games then you might as well get NFT rewards for doing it. You can play such games as Axie Infinity and The Sandbox to receive free NFTs. You however need to buy some NFTs initially to start playing.

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As you win, the game rewards you with free NFTs that are actually valuable and can be exchanged for money. If you’re good at playing P2E games, your chances of getting lots of NFT rewards is quite high. With the increasing popularity of metaverse, more P2E games are expected to spring up and those who know how to play have much to look forward to.

3. NFT Giveaways

Apart from airdrops, NFT projects also give away NFTs to their followers on Twitter. You may have noticed this if you have been following any NFT project on Twitter. Like the airdrop, there are things you need to do to qualify — engage with tweets by liking, commenting, or retweeting as the project decides.


Sadly, not all such giveaways are genuine and you can fall for a scam. Always check that you’re following the correct Twitter handle of the project you wish to follow, and that they don’t ask you for any personal information such as your wallet keys etc.

If you know how to find authentic projects, this can be rewarding. Remember also that the giveaways are done in the form of draws, so people are chosen randomly because not everyone who participates will receive the rewards. You can also win NFT giveaways on Discord. Many NFT projects are on Discord now.

You can increase your chances of getting free NFTs by joining several NFT servers. You may get a whitelist spot — a spot on the list of wallet addresses with priority access to the NFT collection — which can also be quite profitable.

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These are the major ways to get free NFTs. They are simple and can also be fun. For instance, playing video games is a pass time for many, so playing P2E games for free NFT definitely can be fun, especially because it has a reward attached.

If you spend time hanging out on Twitter, you might as well use the time to get free NFTs from Twitter giveaways. Hopefully this guide has helped you to enter the NFT space if you haven’t, and hopefully you’ll get free NFTs that are worth something.

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