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3 Stablecoins To Keep in Mind During This Period of Global Pandemic

Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic that is ravaging the world and putting the world financial markets in crisis, crypto investors would look to digital assets that can endure the long term effects and still retain their value. With the COVID-19 which has forced major crypto holders to sell their assets for cash in this trying times which has in turn plunged the financial markets into a record breaking low.

The crypto market suffered a major blow when it lost billions of dollars in assets in the past week due to the sell off by investors. This has made most people to doubt if the crypto market would ever recover even after this pandemic has been battled with some investors willing not to trade at this time. Crypto analysts has said that they see a long term future for cryptocurrency despite this hardship.


They stated that there isn’t one clear cut reason why the digital coins wouldn’t recover in time and return to their previous prices with some tipped to perform excellently well in the coming days. As the days goes by, investors have looked for Altcoins to help boost their investing profits. Here are three of such coins that can withstand this harsh economy and come out tops at the end of it:

  • EOS (EOS)
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Ethereum is widely regarded as one of the top cryptocurrencies in the world and only second behind leading crypto Bitcoin due to their market capitalization. Although most coins suffered major drops as Bitcoin dropped drastically in the previous weeks but Ethereum survived the drop and achieved a new high. Within the next few months Ethereum is expected to bring in massive gain to investors in the next increase in price as a result of its low supply and high demand rate in the crypto market.

Even though EOS isn’t one major coin on the crypto market, it has been touted by analysts as the next big thing in the market. Analysts have deduced that if bigwigs Amazon and Uber move to blockchain technology, then they will look to EOS as their main point of trade.

Lastly, Binance coins have been touted by analysts to make a groundbreaking achievement even though most investors are selling off the assets. With Binance being one of the highest rated crypto exchange outfit in the world, their coin BNB might look to that to accrue immense growth in the market. And with the pandemic taking a reducing turn in Asia where Binance houses their highest crop of investors, they would look to that to help bolster their coin in the market.

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