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Alabama City Partners with Blockchain Company to Launch Mining Project

The project will be built at the GulfQuest Museum in Mobile City and backed by the government as an additional revenue source for the next ten years.

Mobile, a city in Alabama, is on the verge of unveiling a BTC mining project soon. Based on findings, the GulfQuest Museum Board entered into a collaboration with Distributed Ledger Inc. to erect a BTC mining center in the historic city.

The blockchain firm and service provider is tasked with developing crypto Proof-of-Work in the city for sustainable development. The move is part of Mobile’s elaborate plan to grow revenue generation.

Mobile Finally Delves into BTC Mining

In April, the Mobile City council shared its intentions to delve into BTC mining. At the meeting, members resolved to allow the city to widen its exposure to blockchain, as the technology continues to be the focal point in many states and countries. The council then approved for the state to kickstart its mining project.

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Aside from enlarging the city’s exposure to crypto products and services, the city plans to use the project for financial gains. It plans to boost the city’s revenue generation for the next decade. The partnership between GulfQuest and the blockchain company with government backing will ensure the project is executed.

DLI will use an advanced shipping structure and an air-conditioned center to store the Bitmain’s Antminer S19 pieces of mining equipment. These miners will mine BTC 24/7. Although the project will be pre-funded by the government, subsequent funding will come from the revenue generated from mining.

DLI CEO Shares Expresses Happiness about the Opportunity

DLI Executive Mike Francis was elated by the collaboration he entered with GulfQuest. Francis said he couldn’t be happier to develop Mobile City’s blockchain project and expose the crypto world to all Alabama residents.

GulfQuest Director Mike Dow expressed his joy at the new run of event. The former Mayor said BTC mining is attached to the adoption and growth of the upcoming generation of the internet, created to save costs and provide an increased security level for the entire maritime sector. 

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Mobile City has one of the busiest and biggest ports in the United States. It accounts for around 15% of trading volume with an annual 65 million shipment. GulfQuest was built in 2015 for cultural and maritime exhibitions. It showcases the history of Mobile and Alabama, alongside portrays the utilities of the Maritime sector. Mobile is positioned in Southwest Alabama and is the state’s oldest city.  

Shelly Melancon (Switzerland)

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