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Algorand has Outshined Top 50 coins in 24-hours Bull Run

A record upsurge is seen in the price value of Algorand coin with a 13% change in just 24-hours. The coin is present in the consolidation phase. It has turned its motion towards the bullish zone after defeating bearish tendencies and this particular turn is seen clearly on Sep.26 when the momentum accumulated triggered the trend line in the upward direction.


Algorand Price Prediction

The current scenario of the token clearly demonstrates the next targets and a great movement is expected on the part of the coin. And today is the evidence of its rally in the upward direction. It has outperformed all major coins and titled as the winner in the top 50 coins by market volume. The 13% change is the remarkable victory on the part of Algorand. It is the best time for traders to book a handsome amount of profit.

Performance of the Week

Algorand has performed outclass in the past seven days as it had covered a large distance in the upward trend. The steep path is created by the trend line of ALGO in the upward direction that is giving a signal of a great rally that is going on in the present. During the period of seven days, the price increased from $0.22 to $0.27.

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Market Statistics of Algorand

Market Cap: $111,089,980 USD

Volume (24h): $78,657,527 USD

Circulating Supply: 409,539,582 ALGO

Total Supply: 2,940,811,425 ALGO

200 Million Staking Program

The company has launched the 200 million staking rewards program but the KYC process is a necessary condition to participate in the staking program. The date to complete the KYC has been extended to February 10, 2020.

200 Million Algo Staking Rewards Program: Algorand Foundation Extends KYC Deadline from Oct 10, 2019 to February 10, 2020 to allow participants additional time to complete the process.



Despite the current rally of the coin, it has more to do in the long run. It is a golden opportunity for the traders to put investment in the crypto. The next target of the ALGO is $0.30 that is also a strong resistance level and may try to create a hedge in the token pathway.


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