Amazon Deforestation Makes Canada Urging to Halt Trading Talks with Brazil

Amazon deforestation has taken the world by storm. The federal government of Canada urged to discontinue trade talks with Brazil after another episode of record-breaking fires in the Amazon forest. According to the latest information from Brazil’s space agency, the fire damage in the rainforest is worse than last year, when the fire destroyed 30 percent more of the rainforest in comparison of the year.

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In the first seven months, the fire burned an area almost double the size of Prince Edward Island. The latest reports reveal the same trend to be continuing in August. Germany and France also decided to halt further movement to approve a European deal of free trade with the Mercosur bloc. The said deal includes Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and Paraguay. Reykia Fick, the campaign manager of Greenpeace Canada, the country also needs to halt trade talks with Mercosur.

According to the manager, the damage in the Amazon forest cannot reward the government. It cannot open the market to those products that drive the devastating Amazon fire and the ongoing destruction and subsequent deforestation that the Canadian government sees and claims to be responsible for the possible climate change.

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Last year, Canada tried to resist those calls, believing that diversification in its trade partners was unavoidable. It also conveyed to the world that no deal can be completed without taking care of the necessary protection for the environment.

According to Ryan Nearing, the press Secretary to Mary Ng, the International Trade Minister, it was 2017 when Canada initiated its talks with the Mercosur bloc, while the official negotiations took place in 2018. After six episodes of talks that went on between March 2018 and June last year, there are no talks yet.

 He also says that Canada firmly believed in the principle of mutual support of trade liberalization and environmental protection. The government recognizes that having healthy forests in the region is critically important for the well-being of the earth. Therefore, Canada is seeking a determined, comprehensive, and applicable environment chapter in a trade-free agreement with Mercosur.

Fick says Canada cannot chase the agreement or claims to be a climate leader. Considering these circumstances, however, no wording or clauses are enough to reduce it. The government believes that the trade deal has fundamental flaws, and it needs to be called off. It must stop at the public level with the reason for the cancellation.

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