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An Anonymous Person Projects “Bitcoin Fixes This” On The Wall Of UK Parliament And Bank Of England

CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies) have really taken the world by storm as of late. Many see them as a viable alternative to cryptocurrencies, with the main difference being that CBDCs work alongside the central banks and not against them. Many nations have already either launched their CBDCs or are currently in the process of doing so. China seems to be the one leading the charge when it does come to CBDCs, with its digital yuan being used as a standard and template for other nations to work on their own respective central bank digital currencies. China, however, is not the first country to launch its CBDC, as others such as The Bahamas have already done so.

The United Kingdom and The Bank of England (BoE) had also begun working on their version of a CBDC as well not too long ago, with the BoE recently taking greater steps towards establishing the CBDC and its rollout for the country. However, a particular cryptocurrency user seems to have taken exception to what the BoE is doing with regards to its monetary policies and has thus utilized a laser projector to voice out frustrations. This anonymous person had used the projector to display the words ‘Bitcoin fixes this’ on several key institutions such as the BoE, Big Ben, and even the Parliament building.

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Frustrations made clear

Dominic Frisby had revealed via Twitter that an anonymous person had projected the term ‘Bitcoin fixes this’ on several buildings such as the BoE, Parliament, and underneath Big Ben. This had occurred this past Saturday, and the message had appeared via the laser projector and was surrounded by a peculiar red box, clearly meant to highlight the message displayed within. The red box also featured the hallmark of the artist(s), and the whole thing has gone viral ever since, with the photograph even being transformed into an NFT (non-fungible token).

The message comes at a time when numerous financial institutions all over the world continue to struggle in terms of adapting to various restrictions as well as economic uncertainty that had resulted from the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The Bank of England has since managed to buy billions worth in corporate debt and government bonds, prompting frustration from the citizens.

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BoE listing jobs related to CBDC

No one can deduce with absolute certainty as to why the anonymous user had chosen to have his message be displayed at this moment in time, but the message does display key interest in Bitcoin as well the growing frustration with the government and the BoE.

In related news, the BoE had also listed up to 7 job postings that were related to CBDC and shall even be setting up a task force that will analyze its performance in the local market. This task force will also be collaborating with Parliament in order to ensure maximum efficiency and clarity.

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