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Anonymous Targets Tesla CEO Due to Crypto Misdeeds

Anonymous has published a video targeting Tesla CEO Elon Musk, blaming the executive for influencing the crypto market. Keep in mind that the car dealer has been promoting crypto content using his tweets. Musk has influenced the recent crypto crash. That was after he attacked BTC last month, leaving the entire market tumbling.

In their message, the anonymous group referred to Elon Musk as a narcissistic wealthy man that craves attention.

Anonymous has been operating since 2003 as a decentralized global group for cybercrimes on European Parliament, Interpol, and various governments. Recently, the group used their YouTube channel to post a message for Elon Musk, listing his misdeeds on the crypto space. Moreover, they highlighted multiple things about the CEO unknown to the public. They include his efforts to control BTC and how the executive treats his workers.

The group declared that investment processes come with various risks. With that, investors should prepare for volatility. They blamed the Tesla executive for using his emotions to ruin the dreams of other traders, leading to the Bitcoin crash.

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Moreover, the anonymous stated that the car company made more profits holding BTC for some months than it did through selling vehicles for years. Also, the group recalled the plan by Elon Musk to take people to Mars. The hackers believe that the Tesla CEO wants to kill people with that mission to the other planet.

The hackers questioned the CEO’s desire to improve the environment since focusing on cryptocurrency impacts only would not solve carbon pollution. Anonymous view the move by Tesla as someone trying to benefit from both sides. What do you think? Keep in mind that the car company banned Bitcoin transactions due to the impact the mining activities have on the environment.

Remember in April when Bitcoin reached its highest mark at $64k. However, the leading digital coin dipped to trade under $35k within few months. The announcement by Tesla banning BTC had a huge influence on the Bitcoin market crash witnessed last month.

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Do you think that the anonymous have the right to warn Elon Musk on his impact on the crypto market?

Leah Hutton (Luxembourg)

Leah Hutton has recently joined Tokenhell team as a freelance writer. She has comprehensive knowledge of blockchain and various cryptocurrencies.

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