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Anthony Scaramucci Believes BTC May Become Global Reserve Currency

SkyBridge’s Anthony Scaramucci has recently stated that he believes Bitcoin (BTC) may end up becoming the dominant global reserve currency before long. He said that as far as his own opinion goes, BTC is a monetary standard as well as an effective and efficient financial network that will only experience continued growth as time goes on.

As such, the popular American financier claims that the idea of the flagship cryptocurrency becoming the world’s reserve currency is not that far-fetched at all. Regarding the infamous volatility that tends to be experienced by Bitcoin, he stated that this only happens because the cryptocurrency is still very much in the early days of its adoption and that its volatile nature will lessen over time.

The future of BTC

Anthony shared his thoughts on Bitcoin with Natalie Brunell in a recent interview, wherein his stance about the merits, goals, and future development of Bitcoin was elaborated upon by the Managing Partner and Founder of SkyBridge Capital. He compared the flagship crypto to that of Amazon, in the sense that as the globally renowned e-commerce giant has managed to become such a dominant force over the years, we can expect the same for Bitcoin. He mentioned how when Amazon was first starting out, we witnessed similar volatility to that of Bitcoin, but that those who had invested in the company back then would have done very well for themselves by today.

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Funnily enough, Anthony has talked about such a comparison in the past. It was in March that he discussed Bitcoin’s performance comparative to Amazon’s stock, which only led him to reiterate his stance that not only is Bitcoin a viable investment for the future, but that it is now superior to gold. Moreover, he also mentioned that the flagship crypto is not just a currency, rather that it is an efficient financial network as well as a monetary standard. He went on to say that the greatest advantage for Bitcoin is that of its decentralization aspect.

Doing your own research is advised

Although Anthony had gone to great lengths about Bitcoin and how it can be a great investment, this is not to say that he encourages investing in crypto blindly. He wants everyone to do their own research when it comes to cryptocurrencies, wherein he had also expressed support for certain altcoins like Ethereum (ETH).

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Moreover, he also believes in people educating themselves on all things related to cryptocurrencies, including those individuals who may be a bit skeptical about the whole industry and market.

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