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Ashford Capital Investments Review – Why I am fond of Ashford Capital Investments?

Welcome to my Ashford Capital Investments Review where readers and potential clients will learn all the pros and cons of this trading platform in detail. The good news is, there are plenty of pros about the platform.

As a beginner in the online trading environment, I was really intimidated by all of the options. One day when my friends and family told me to stop being such an introvert and go out more often, they suggested that I try investing some money into stocks or bonds. They said it would be like playing poker on easy mode because you don’t have any risk if your investment tanks!

So, with their advice buzzing around in my head for a few days after hearing them say this at Thanksgiving dinner one year ago; finally saw what they meant about how simple stock market investments are as evidenced by Ashford Capital Investments where beginners can devote time researching platform features while testing different brokerage firms before committing significant funds to anything BUT gambling – even though there is plenty of fun and frolic to be had in online trading.

Lets’ begin with this Ashford Capital Investments review.

This online brokerage firm offers excellent trading and investing products for both experienced traders and newbies like me. And what’s more, the friendly customer service I received from this platform was top-notch – one that I’ve never seen from other companies in the industry!

Insights of their Payment Methods:

The platform is available to users around the world and gives you several options for depositing funds in your own account. Some of these deposit methods are Bank Wire Transfer and Major Credit Cards (Maestro & MasterCard). Both of these payment options are secure and convenient ways to fund your account.

After setting up an account with Ashford Capital Investments, I must admit that the trading platform was really impressive! It has a great layout and design that is easy on the eyes. The trading charts are very detailed and presented in high resolution so you always know what’s happening during the markets. Even as a beginner, I’ve found it to be more than easy enough to navigate through the website and get my bearings on where everything is located.

As a Trading Platform:

As a trading platform, it offers well-structured and appealing features to clients. There is no doubt that it has gained great popularity in such a short period of time.

In this Ashford Capital Investments review, you will see that despite there being numerous platforms available for trading, Ashford Capital Investments tops them all as far as its performance and reliability are concerned…

What really caught my attention about their platform was the variety of assets they provide to their clients. It offers nearly 200 assets which include the following: currencies, commodities, stocks, and indices.

In addition to this, the platform is well equipped with trade hardware like advanced technical analysis tools such as price charts, indicators, and moving averages. On top of that it gives the traders a wide variety of analytic software… I have been in trading for quite some time now; however, I have never seen such a wonderful and impressive trading platform…

Sometimes, it becomes quite tough for traders to choose the right broker. In fact, I too was confused about whether to go with Ashford Capital Investments or not. But when I saw their impressive customer service along with low spreads and greater leverage, I just had no choice but to sign up with them and I would like to appreciate about this in my Ashford Capital Investments review. I was quite pleased by their above-average customer service. Whenever there is an issue, they can be contacted through email and phone number…

Although, there were a few but very minor things that I personally wouldn’t consider as cons but something that they can add to enhance their platform for traders even further. For example, even though I do like the color contrast they chose for their platform but that sometimes is preferred by someone else who might change it into dark mode. So, it would be really nice to have the option to change the theme of the platform into either light or dark.

Also, I would like to add in this in this Ashford Capital Investments review that the platform can only be explored and used in the English dialect. I would love to see some more dialect options so that many other clients can enjoy their platform…All in all, as far as trading features and reliability are concerned, Ashford Capital Investments didn’t let me down at all.

Customer Service: Satisfied Clients

I have to say in this Ashford Capital Investments review, that this is one of the forex brokers that show promise to be among the best in its category. One of the reasons why Ashford Capital Investments are favored by traders is that the firm’s customer support department is very accommodating and has its clients’ best interests in mind. At least, this was what many of Ashford Capital Investments’ clients had to say about their experiences with the company.

The account managers are also said to be very informative and helpful in answering questions regarding the trading platform or any other concerns that traders have. Except for their self-managed account type, the rest of the account services include a dedicated account manager. And let me tell you how much I enjoy this service! I can always count on my account manager to answer all of my questions about a particular asset or instrument (there are times when you will need an extra explanation which is why the account managers are there).

Other than that the ways clients can contact their representative are: Live chat, E-mail, and Phone service.

I would like to mention in my Ashford Capital Investments review that I happened to use all 3 methods of communication with my account manager, and I always got a reply in a timely manner. My personal favorite is the live chat option because it is what you will be using when you are in front of your computer. Try it and see for yourself!

My first experience with live chat was because I had something important to ask about my trades, and the account manager got back to me in less than 10 minutes! This actually blew my mind that day, since most companies do not even have a live chat option. But I am really happy to know that Ashford Capital Investments has this available for their clients, and it is quite reliable as well. The only thing they should add is phone services for countries other than the UK.

Educational center:

How many people lose their money by not assessing the risks? I thought that too, and at first my decision-making was based on what worked for me in the past. But then something happened — this thing called risk management came up to knock some sense into me!

I knew when I started trading that most traders construct profiles from prior experience but soon found out how rash decisions can lead to more dangers than benefits. So, before making a final choice about any business requirements or strategies, it’s important to assess all of your options carefully so you’re prepared for anything – even if they weren’t part of your original plans and for that a proper knowledge and education is required.

I would like to tell you in my Ashford Capital Investments review that through their education tools like eBooks and FAQs, my understanding expanded immensely. I’ve always been a big fan of the power that knowledge has, and this experience was no exception! I knew nothing but basic trading strategies before coming to Ashford Capital Investments.

Through their education tools like eBooks and FAQs, my understanding expanded immensely. I’m so glad they’re there for me when it comes time to make decisions about which assets are best in any given situation-which is pretty much all day long these days!

I had no idea what I was doing at first. It took me a while to figure out how the trading platform worked, but once I did, it made things easier for me because of this glossary feature that helped explain technical terms in plain English. This is an example of why skillset and experience are important when dealing with any new technology or system.

For the most part, investing is an emotional and difficult process to make decisions. Ashford Capital Investments provides their investors with a tradable asset list that includes 200+ different assets which are updated on daily basis for quick availability of information about each property.


Ashford Capital Investments platform is growing in popularity and there are many reasons why this has been the case. One of these factors includes how for over years they have provided services that can be trusted which is one of the major contributors to their success as well as my family’s use of it. I hope you learned something useful from reading this Ashford Capital Investments review about how helpful service can be if they offer competitive rates as well as quick processing times for deposits or withdrawal requests.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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