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At Least 73% Of Millionaires Either Own Or Desirous Of Investing in Crytpo: Suggests A Survey

A latest survey suggested that during the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic majority of millionaires were found keen to invest in crypto. Furthermore, the survey suggested that at least 73% of the millionaires are found to be owners of cryptocurrencies. Out of this 73%, at least 33% are those who had showed their desire to buy cryptocurrency before 2022.

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The survey was conducted by an entity called deVere Group which is an organization involved in providing financial advisory services.deVere Group told that approximately 700 different prominent business individuals were included in the survey. The organization told that it has found out that there are two types of millionaires. One that are already owners of cryptocurrencies and those who are desirous of buying cryptocurrencies in near future.

During the survey, many millionaires indicated that they are aware of the current boom in cryptocurrencies. It is only a matter of time that they too will be buying cryptocurrencies. But due to the on-going crisis their utmost priority is to keep their businesses intact.

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deVere Group also told that they had included those businessmen who had net worth over GB Pounds 1 Million. These businessmen were from countries such as US, UK, Europe, Middle East, Australia, Africa and Asia.

Nigel Green, CEO of deVere Group indicated that almost all businessmen had a keen interest in Bitcoin. They told deVere Group that they had been closely monitoring the legendary coin’s performance in during the pandemic.

The survey also highlights that most of the investors are aware of the concept of cryptocurrencies. Most of these business individuals are found to be strong believers that the future lies in digital currencies.

Meanwhile in the US, Ray Dalio had indicated concerns over Bitcoin and told that he is anticipating a ban on Bitcoin’s trading. Ray Dalio is one of most influential US’s people and a billionaire. He had founded the US’s largest fund management company in 1975.

Dalio told in a tweet post that he had many doubts but would appreciate if someone could help him clearing them. However, many tried to convince Dalio and some even suggested that Dalio too would be buying Bitcoin in near future.

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