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Aurora-Coins Review: How I Found and Traded with This Broker? (

I started trading a long time ago and never found a platform I could stay consistent on. I have tried several brokers, and most of them were not meeting my trading needs. After all, I had to give it a try. How can I know if they are right for me if I do not even try them out? It was a good friend that linked me with the Aurora-Coins broker.

Reading their website made my decision easier. They seemed to be a legitimate Forex broker, and I decided that my next step was to try them out.

After reading their website, I knew they have great security and asset for traders like me. I decided to open an account and play around a bit. It was a mistake that I have made before, but one that did not cost me anything if it did not work out. So why not?

I opened my new account in less than five minutes and started trading Forex with their platform. The following events will explain what happened when I opened a demo account and then a real account with Aurora-Coins.

My Experience with Trading – 4Stars

Let me start this Aurora-Coins review by saying that I have been trading forex online since 2013, so I have experience with brokers. Aurora-Coins was not even a thing back then, so I had to find what other companies offered me. I started with the small ones because they do not require much money from you right from the start, but after a few months, I was ready to move on and try out the big guys.

I have tried out several forex brokers, but they just did not meet my expectations, and I always wanted more than they could offer me. Aurora-Coins has offered everything I wanted and more, so getting my account with them was a no-brainer.

After reading their website, I started trading with Aurora-Coins because it seemed legit to me. It is one of the best Forex companies in the market at this moment, so I had to give them a try.

After reviewing Aurora-Coins’ website, I knew they would meet my expectations and even surpass them. The brokers I used before did not have the features this platform offers its traders, so why not try something new?

Starting with a minimal deposit account was a perfect way to see what I could expect from trading with them. What Aurora-Coins did for me was allow me to trade with their platform without putting any of my money at risk, so this was perfect for me.

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It did not take long before I decided, and I opened an account with them. To be honest, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life regarding trading.

The Best:

  • Fast and easy account opening. You do not need anything other than your phone number or email to start trading with them.
  • Great online support for all their users was always there when I needed them.
  • Many features are available on their platform, so you can customize them according to your needs.
  • Offers some of the best spreads on this market. I always knew what I would get when I placed a trade with them, and they made my trades feel easy.

The Worst:

  • They do have many Indices.
  • Their Theme could be better improved.

If you want to know more about Aurora-Coins, you should know that they have been around for a few years now. During this time, they have established their name as one of the most well-known and trusted companies in the market. I did not enjoy anything about their platform, so there is nothing negative to highlight here.

Aurora-Coins’ website is very simple to use and understand, so you will not have trouble setting up your trading account with them. The platform they use is very good, and it will allow you to customize your trading experience.

My Experience with the Customer Service – 5 Stars

I have had to contact their customer support team on several occasions because I was not familiar with some of the features they offer. It did take them a few minutes before they got back to me, but other than that, everything has been fine.

The Response Time for Their Customers

Their response time is about one day to just 5 minutes (24 hours), and I have never had to wait for more than that. I have contacted them on several occasions, and they were always there whenever I needed something or if I had a question.

Their Phone Number:

Support operating hours

Chat: Monday to Friday 07:00-14:00 GMT

Phone: Monday to Friday 09:00 – 13:00 GMT

Support email:

Call us at Canada +18885281645

My Thoughts on Assets, Tools, and Charting – 5 Stars

They made it easy for me to understand what they wanted me to know about their company. They offer many charts and tools, but you can always turn them off if you do not like using them.

I have been trading with Aurora-Coins for about six months now, and I have never had a bad experience with them. I have always been able to contact their customer service team whenever I needed help, and their response time was always good. They offer many features on their platform that allow you to customize your trading experience according to your needs. The spreads they offer are also some of the bests in the market. Overall, I like this company.

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Their Platform – 3 Stars

There is nothing special or unique about their platform. It might be hard for new traders to get on board with Aurora-Coins because of their complicated platform, but this will not be a problem if you have some experience in trading.

If you have some trading experience, you will not have any trouble using Aurora-Coins’ platform. It is a bit complicated and might be hard for new traders to understand, but it offers many features that allow you to customize your experience. The spreads they offer are also very good, and I have never had a bad experience with this company.

The Spreads Offered by This Company – 5 Stars

They offer great spreads on all the platforms they offer. They also offer some of the decent spreads on the market. If you are going to open an account with them, you should know that they will not cost you a lot of money.

Their Promotion and Offers – 3 Stars

They offer good promotions for new traders, and their offers are very lucrative. If you do not like to trade with risk, they also offer some of the best spreads. They also have many indices that allow you to trade in different markets to diversify your portfolio.

Their Commission Fees – 4 Stars

They have pretty good commission fees, but they are still a bit high compared to other companies out there. If you want to start trading with this company, you should know that you will have to pay a bit more commission fees than other companies.

How Much Money You Need to Start Trading with Them – 4 Stars

If you are not sure how much money you need, you should know that it depends on who you are and what type of account you want to open. If you already have some trading experience, you can open their standard account. If this is your first time opening an account with them, I suggest you open their premium account because it might be a bit pricey to start with their standard one.

Why I Like Trading with Aurora-Coins

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Aurora is a forex trading that focuses on security and putting users first. They are committed to transparency, ethics in business practices, and keeping their community up to date with everything happening at the company through blog posts! This makes it easy for investors who want more information about what goes into running an organization run by people just like them – someone trying hard but never receiving full recognition until now because we can see how they operate day after chaotic 24/7 cycle while also being mindful of those around us striving equally hard each second without faults so far.

Aurora-Coins is a safe and transparent investment system that offers competitive returns. In this review, I have made sure to include as much information about the broker as possible so that prospective clients can make an informed decision.

I like trading with Aurora-Coins because they offer great spreads, and the customer service team is always there to assist me if I need something. They also offer a good commission fee, and I like their platform. It is very easy to use, and they do offer many tools and features that allow you to customize your experience according to what you need.

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