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Bancor (BNT) Price Analysis: Bancor will not allow US users anymore to Use Its Services

Bancor Price Analysis:

Bancor token is like connecter on Bancor Network that connects and converts one token into another token. In this sense, it is like a hub token that conjoin one coin to another coin.

Bancor Network is decentralized network that allow conversions of various tokens in low cost and through adjustable liquidity.

Restriction on Service Users:

Bancor has a trustable Network to convert tokens throughout the world. Besides this, Bancor is also giving the facility to its users to hold tokens in its wallet and to transfer tokens of cryptocurrencies.

Recently, Bancor has made a big decision regarding conversion of tokens. According to announcement given by Bancor, the US users of Bancor network will not be able to convert tokens through the Interface of Bancor network.

This big decision is made due to some solid reason. The uncertainty was increasing due to conversion of tokens by US users. Therefore, they announced to ban on Users to convert tokens on Bancor network to improve the ecosystem of Bancor.

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US citizens or users from US will not be able to convert tokens on application of Bancor in future

According to a tweet by Bancor

Bancor Price Statistics:

  • The total market cap of Bancor (BNT) is $44,113,918 USD, 3,880 BTC and 150,926 ETH.
  • The 24 hour volume is $647,494 USD, 56.95 BTC and 2,215 ETH.
  • The total circulating supply of Bancor (BNT) is 63,089,811 BNT.
  • Bancor (BNT) rank on Coin Market Cap is #133.


Price of Bancor (BNT):

Price value of Bancor (BNT) is $0.699224 USD, 0.00006150 BTC and 0.00239225 ETH.

Bancor Price Comparison:

The price of Bancor in last year remained in uptrend without any disturbance. The price range remained from$1.50 to $1.42 from October to November. But month of December was very bad for Bancor and price plummeted to $0.56.After this, price value was affected by a long awaited volatility. The current price value of Bancor (BNT) is $0.69.

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Bancor (BNT) Price Prediction:

After the announcement that US users are not able to convert tokens on Bancor Network, the price value of Bancor is decreasing day by day. This ban will carry out in practical form on 8 July. It means the price value will decrease more in next coming days.



After this big announcement by Bancor network for not allowing US users to convert tokens anymore, there are chances that price value will decrease in future.

  • Please feel free to share your prediction about price value of Bancor token. We will consider your point of view and it will motivate us to present you with price analysis of different coins.
  • If you want from us to give a detailed analysis of any coin, please leave a comment in comment box.

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