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Bear Grylls Denies Cryptocurrency Investment Rumours

Bear Grylls is a name that many would be familiar with. The writer and TV presenter is perhaps most famous for his role in ‘Man VS Wild,’ where he uses his British special forces training to survive in harsh climates all around the world. One would then wonder where the rumors surrounding him and his potential interest in investing in cryptocurrency came from, as not only would we need to uncover the truth to these rumors, but we would also need to look at this from the point of view where an increasing number of celebrities are joining in on the cryptocurrency craze.

Why are celebrities investing in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin may be extremely volatile, but this has not deterred many celebrities from investing in it, or at the very least, express interest in investing in it. One of the main reasons for this interest stems from the liquidity factor that cryptocurrency provides, through which expert and auto traders alike can derive profit.

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Another major factor is simply due to the rising popularity of cryptocurrency and digital trading in general. When names such as Bill Gates and Elon Musk discuss a topic of interest, many consumers tend to listen intently. Furthermore, Tesla has already invested in Bitcoin, and as such, they have both, directly and indirectly, inspired many other firms to do so well. Even Microsoft has gradually decided to join in on the trend.

Has Bear Grylls actually invested in Bitcoin?

It is easy to comprehend why many would wonder as to whether Bear Grylls has invested in Bitcoin or not. After all, his widespread popularity, fame, wealth, influence, celebrity status, and sponsorship deals with companies such as Dockers make him a prime target of interest.  However, Bear Grylls himself had stated towards the end of April last year that he has no plans to invest in cryptocurrency and has never done so in the past either. He went on to claim that some websites and tabloids like to associate his name with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at times, but this is little more than just a marketing stunt to garner some buzz about the topic at hand.

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