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Best Play2Earn Cryptocurrency And NFT Games For iOS And Android Users

Play2earn games, which are part of the rapidly growing and popular GameFi business, are gaining traction around the world. Allowing users to handle their in-game assets opens up a slew of monetization possibilities. The number of such games is continuously rising, and most of them are accessible with both personal computers and mobile phones. Several of these games are in production, while others have released public α- and β versions.

People are interested in play2earn cryptocurrency games because they like the idea of generating money while playing games. In this article, we’ll look at the finest play-to-earn cryptocurrency games you should be aware of right now!

Some examples of in-game prizes for earning games include:

  • Prizes on winning battles
  • On the market, you can trade assets.
  • Purchasing and selling game coins
  • Breeding, training, battling, and other game ideas are all examples of game concepts.
  • Because they pay players for playing what they enjoy, play2earn crypto games are becoming highly popular.

Below are our top selections for the finest play2earn games with real money-earning potential.


List of Games to Earn Money

  • Devikins

MoonLabs, the developer behind Devikins, has a player-first approach, which is critical. Players can gather characters and introduce new ones in Devikins’ ever-expanding environment to make their squad stronger and more diverse. The turn-based RPG includes a Tamagotchi aspect and a JRPG fighting system. Players may also use Devicoin to purchase and resell avatars on the DVK marketplace.

  • Infinite Monsta

It is probably amongst the most prominent play2earn games in the world. To participate in combat, players must obtain 3 Monster characters from the market. In the play, every character has 6 card talents, 2 attacking cards, and 2 protection cards.

  • Reward Hunters

Reward Hunters is a new play2earn game for iPhone and Android that includes a royal rumble mode, an open world, a medieval backdrop, and various avatars. Players can compete in one-on-one combat or in an eight-player game wherein the ultimate player standing wins. In the future, this Battle Royal Reward Hunters game will incorporate gambling games and weekly tournaments, among other things. To join, users must first obtain the RHT token, which entitles them to BNB rewards.

Decentraland is a play2earn crypto game where you can earn assets by buying, selling, and building art, virtual real estate, and NFTs. The Ethereum blockchain was used to create Decentraland.

Decentraland is becoming a force to be reckoned with in the play2earn gaming niche since its introduction in 2020.

The symbols “MANA” and “LAND” are used in Decentraland’s native currencies. The currencies can be used to buy collectibles, avatars, items, games, and much more in the game’s over 90,601 digital estates. You can also trade Avatar clothes and other digital treasures on the Decentraland market.

There are numerous methods to earn money in Decentraland:

  1. You can purchase LAND and utilize it to host various apps such as games, adverts, and communities in exchange for rent.
  2. You can charge a price for users to acquire access to any application you create.
  3. Offer your LAND to developers or content providers who want to develop on it.
  4. In the Decentraland market, you can produce and sell virtual collectibles.

To get began on Decentraland, you don’t need that much. Simply open the portal on your computer, create an avatar, give it a name, and agree to terms & conditions, and you’re ready to begin.

  • Realm

Combining many aspects into a single game is never easy. Realm brings together music, art, and playing games to make the ideal Realm, complete with augmented reality portals that permit participants to move to an endless number of micro-verses. This game is a digital NFT play2earn game that allows gamers to search for unique coupons in order to master the realms. Gamers can also collect and nurture interactive 3d pets that evolve according to which world they explore. Artists have the opportunity to develop new domains and split royalties.


MOBOX is also another play2earn platform that compensates users for their participation. Token Master, MOMO Farmer, Trade Action, and a variety of other games are offered under the MOBOX name. MOBOX is a captivating environment that effectively mixes games, NFTs, and DeFi mechanisms into a fascinating ecosystem where users may devise tactics to maximize their yield and obtain distinctive NFTs. MOBOX, like other play2earn games, offers an in-game marketplace where users may purchase, sell, and exchange in-game things.

  • Blankos Block Party

Blankos Block Party is an open-world competitive crypto game with a play2earn premise. It is among the most adventurous games employing blockchain technology. Players in the game can design their own characters and settings, which they can then share with their friends. Players’ characters are NFTs, which means they can be purchased, sold, and displayed as exclusives.

The EOSIO blockchain underpins the Blankos Block Party. A cryptocurrency economy, according to the developers, will emerge from a market where gamers may purchase and sell their personal developed items. Blankos Block Party offers a variety of options to get money. Completing various tasks, such as daily, and weekly challenges can reward you funds, Blanko Bucks, and NFT products.

NFTs can also be earned by taking part in events such as Build challenges. At the fictional marketplace, all NFTs can be turned into actual money. All you have to do is post the NFTs, and other gamers will come to you to buy them.

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My DeFi Pet is a collection, decentralized financial, and personality-based pet game.  Tokens are earned by participating in in-game tasks with other players. The tokens can subsequently be exchanged for real money on alternative NFT platforms.

The main in-game coin is the DPET. This coin is used for trading, swapping, and enhancing your pets. In the first part of the game, you can also employ DPET to improve the functionality of your pet. You can bet DPET to get a variety of returns on your money. You can earn DPET by participating in community mining and playing this game. 

Auctioning the monsters, you’ve produced is also another method to earn DPET. You will earn DPET after bidding and completing deals, that you can swap for real-world money.

  • Zed Run

Gamers can own, breed, and take part in races of digital horses with other participants all around the world in Zed Run, a play2earn horse racing game. To confirm their legitimacy and maintain the game secure for all players, all transactions are logged on the blockchain.

Each horse in the game is distinct, with its own set of strengths and qualities. They feature a variety of statistics that you may track and improve, such as genetic purity, adaptability, and speed. These elements contribute to the game’s enjoyment and depth.

On Zed Run, there are four ways to generate money. These are some of them:

  1. Races that are won. If your horse finishes in the top three, you will collect 15 to 60% of the entire prize money.
  2. Getting Paid to Work at a Stud Farm. This procedure entails the placement of a masculine horse in a stallion farm. Others will hire you to breed their animals on your Breeding Farm.
  3. Owning and breeding your horses is a great way to save money. Use the offspring to race for money or sell them on NFT platforms.
  4. Flipping items on the marketplace. To make money, you can sell horse NFTs on the marketplace.

  • Unchained Gods
  • It is a trading card game where you can earn money by playing. The designers of Gods Unchained initially unveiled the game in 2018, when they collected 15 million dollars in Series A funding. Since then, the popularity of the game has skyrocketed, attracting players who wish to make a profit while having fun.

    The GODS currency is used to play this game. GODS is a currency that can be used to buy and manufacture NFTs in order to gain rewards. The games, creators, general sales, and user wallets have all received GODS. The trading cards in the game are NFTs that may be sold for GODS. You can acquire GODS and then exchange them for fiat currency. You can also trade your NFTs for this in-game currency on the marketplace.

    You must play a game to obtain packs that contain digital cards in order to earn money. The cards aren’t linked to the Ether blockchain in any way. Winning games earns you Flux resources. Flux enables you to increase the value of your cards. You can design higher-quality cards with sufficient Flux, that will be coined and have real-world worth. The cards can then be traded on the market for real-world cash or converted to your fiat currency.

    • CryptoBlades

    CryptoBlades is a play2earn cryptocurrency game that was first featured in 2014. It was among the first games to use NFTs, which are one-of-a-kind virtual assets that may be obtained, purchased, or sold within the game. Players must rank up their characters by accomplishing challenges and developing or minting their own unique weaponry.

    Because this is a play2earn game, users can earn SKILL by trading assets as well as by playing the game. They can make items or provide services for sale and make a lot of money. Players can also spend the SKILL token to rank up their character and improve their gaming skills.

    In the game, there are several ways to earn money:

    1. SKILL tokens are earned by putting your characters and weapons NFTs into action.
    2. Characters and weapons are mined and then sold on the market for SKILL.
    3. Buying and selling your NFT objects for crypto with other gamers.

  • Splinterlands
  • Splinterlands is a fantastic way to earn cryptocurrency. Splinterlands is a play2earn game that was previously known as Steem Monsters. It uses blockchain technology to operate.

    Participants combat monsters in the game to earn digital assets. If you enjoy playing cards, you may play, trade, and collect in-game prizes, which you can then swap for real money.

    There are over 283 cards in Splinterlands that you can integrate to improve your character’s strengths and capabilities. Competitions, scored play, and quests are just some of the different types of gameplay available. You can receive card packs and rarity by participating in these games on various levels.

    SPS is the game’s in-game coin. In Splinterlands, there are two main ways to make money:

    1. Obtaining rewards by completing daily missions
    2. Participating in competitor battles in order to obtain in-game assets.

  • Coin Hunt World
  • Coin Hunt World is a play2earn NFT game that is now available on iPhone and Android phones. The game entails exploring real-world locations for Blue Keys. The keys are made to unlock Blue Vaults.

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    When you unlock any vault, you’ll be asked trivia questions. You’ll be granted game tokens like Bitcoins, Ethereum, and electronic collectibles like Cubies if you respond to questions accurately within the time limit.

    The game’s native currency is “TBA.” You can win money in the game by referring friends, in addition to earning bitcoins through exploring other locations.

    • Star Atlas

    The Solana blockchain is used to power Star Atlas, a space-themed blockchain multiplayer game. In the Star Atlas game, players can create, buy and sell NFTs. As a player, you must embark on difficult and lonely travels plagued with risks while accumulating resources in order to outsmart your metaverse opponents.

    Star Atlas’ in-game tokens are “ATLAS” and “POLIS.” To play the game, you’ll need ATLAS to purchase NFT things like a spacecraft, personnel, land, and other critical equipment. The Star Atlas Marketplace uses ATLAS as its primary currency. By putting ATLAS in the gameplay and committing for the long haul, POLIS can be earned. When you possess POLIS, you also get a vote on Star Atlas’s governance decisions.

    In the game, you can create micro-economies and large cities. You can even get income off of in-game goods that you collect while playing. Players control all of the items they accumulate, which they may sell for real money on alternative NFT markets.

    In Star Atlas, there are 2 ways to make revenue:

    1. On the marketplace, you can sell NFT products.
    2. When the price of ATLAS tokens rises, you can sell them on exchanges.

  • Illuvium
  • Illuvium is a combination of an auto-battler and a collectible NFTs game. You may farm, acquire, mine, and combat Illuvials in this game, which is based on the Ether blockchain. To begin, you must build your team to fight in the auto-battler. After then, you must be ready to defeat your opponents in battle. Each of your opponents has its own set of statistics, affiliations, and levels.

    The sign “ILV” stands for Illuvium’s native utility token. You can gain ILV through participating in governance or by outranking your opponents. The game’s play to obtain features is the most fascinating aspect about it. In ILV, you can gain in-game prizes by competing in tournaments and collecting Illuvials or assets to sell on the game’s marketplaces.

    • Upland

    Upland was created in July 2018 and allows users to trade digital real estate using either fiat currency or the UPX token. This implies you can buy a digital estate in the games and then sell them for a return later. In fact, users in the Upland environment can purchase virtual reality real estate that corresponds to physical property.

    The EOS blockchain developers developed Upland’s token and blockchain. Play2earn, and connect are the three pillars upon which Upland is built. Because real-world locations are restricted, Upland’s NFTs are becoming scarce because they can only be purchased in-game.

    On Upland, participants can only generate money by selling their digital properties on the marketplace. To get your funds, you’ll need to open a US currency account. You can receive your profits via PayPal or decide to re-invest after selling any of your assets. Many consumers like the ability to withdraw cryptocurrency or actual money.

    The Sandbox is a cryptocurrency game in which content producers, artists, and developers may use SAND to commercialize games, NFTs, and holdings on the blockchain. The Sandbox ecosystem is powered by the in-game money “SAND.” It is based on the Ethereum network and has a limited supply of 3,000,000,000 coins.

    Players can make NFTs, post them to the platform, and sell them for actual money to other players. A LAND is a digital property that gamers can purchase or sell in order to create unique experiences. 

    On The Sandbox, there are two ways to generate money: either you can monetize your gameplay experience or you can invest in a LAND and get a fee from people who will employ the LAND for building.


    Play2earn blockchain games leave a make a great impression in a variety of ways. Although some may necessitate an initial cost, others are available for free to all smartphone users around the world. The gaming market is at a crossroads between proceeding on its present course path and giving gamers more power. Furthermore, blockchain innovation and NFTs provide an opportunity for ambitious young game designers and artists to have an impact on a comparatively recent industry.

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