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Bill Gates Reveals That He Prefers Government Digital Currencies To Bitcoin

The CEO of Microsoft finally voices his opinion concerning digital assets. The billionaire has not spoken much about crypto, and neither had he revealed whether he holds the asset or not. The recent interview shows that Bill Gates might not find cryptos very attractive as he explains that he prefers government-issued currencies to digital assets.

There is currently a growing Bitcoin trend, and this movement took the world by the storm as both retail and institutional investors are interested in the growing industry. Experts predict that Bitcoin would continue to grow as new businesses and firms show immense support by supporting It as a payment means or promoting the currency’s use by various means.

Bill Gates said he is not against Bitcoin

Recently, Gates revealed that he has no Bitcoin holding, and neither is he against the digital asset. The billionaire claims that he remains indifferent concerning that crypto, meaning that he might not make any Bitcoin investment soon. Although he claims that he is neutral about the asset, his shift to Bitching causing tax avoidance contradicts his stance about the investment.

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He said he encourages money digitalization but does not like Bitcoin because it supports tax avoidance and illegal activities. However, he explains that he likes the central bank’s digital currency approach, which has some control because it can reverse payments and trace transactions.

Bill Gates said that he does not hold nor does he oppose the digital asset. He speaks more on digitalization and seems to appreciate moving money to a digital form that would help decrease transaction fees and that his foundation has been contributing towards that.

Gate said that people would know who they are transacting with and reverse payments based on certain reasons while not facilitating tax avoidance and other illegal activities with the issued digital currency.

Gates moves to charity work

Bill Gates has contributed to digitalization in many ways. Many people believe that the businessman would be interested in digital assets, mainly because of their current success and the large profit margins they assure over a short period.

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The businessman currently wants to work on his charity organization as he stepped down from the position as his firm’s software architect. Around last year, he stepped down from Microsoft but offered to give consultation services to the firm. The charity works towards helping in some sectors like Health, development, and education.

The digital asses space took the billionaire’s recent comments with mixed feelings, as some understand that the asset’s controversial nature would bring different opinions. Bitcoin continues to skyrocket at numerous intervals, making the space very attractive as many traders record substantial profits daily.

The digital asset space accommodates numerous cryptos, with Bitcoin being the most preferred asset for most investors. Other assets like Ethereum and Litecoin are also recording higher gains as the King coin paves the path for other digital assets, making the industry much bigger by increasing the market cap as it keeps hitting new highs.

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