Bitcoin Cash has the Ability to Rise by 1000 times; ‘it is real Bitcoin’, says Roger Ver

Bitcoin Cash seems to be the next generation’s digital money. Roger Ver, the former CEO of, made a bold statement about BCH at CNBC power lunch. According to him, it has more potential than any other coin and could reach 1000 times of the existing value.

Roger Ver Advocates the Cryptocurrency

At the start, he advocated the cryptocurrency overall and the summary of his talk is that the down prices of cryptocurrencies do not matter at all, because it the characteristic of the digital money. The same is with the bitcoin who is hovering at a very bearish zone, it is its volatility nature.

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According to him, cryptocurrency, besides its recent dive in the bearish zones, has the capacity to rise above.

According to him:

Both Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin are up [by] about double in the last year, and they’re up a couple of thousand percent over the last five years.

P2P Cash for Entire World

Bitcoin Cash was launched two years back and started from $440 but it gradually decreased like most of the crypto coins. At the time of writing it is standing at $221 which shows that it dumped by almost 50% since the time of its launch. For BCH, Ver has something great to say and sees in it something more exceptional than digital gold-bitcoin.

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He also claimed that a lot of physical shops around the world accept BCH and it is growing day by day. And moreover, the infrastructure also has more potential and he stated ‘it really is an amazing investment’.

Ability to go up by 1000 times

Initially, he was a Bitcoin enthusiast but now he is attracted to Bitcoin Cash and he says BCH ‘is real Bitcoin’. According to him, Bitcoin is fit for investment but BCH is more than investment but and designed to be used as an electronic Cash.

I think cryptocurrencies are here to stay; they’re not going anywhere. But the… really interesting one is bitcoin cash. I think it has the ability to go up a thousand times what it is currently, because it’s looking to become peer-to-peer cash for the entire world.

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