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Bitcoin Formula Review – Is Bitcoin Formula Auto Trader a Scam? Here is What We Learned!

Bitcoin Formula Rating
Account Types7.7
Trading Speed9.3
Crypto Signals8.8
$250 Minimum Deposit
The trading bot allows automated trading, which relieves investors from having to scan and analyze the markets manually. Since Bitcoin Formula works round the clock, you will not miss out on any trading opportunity for earning profits. The user-interface of Bitcoin Formula is simple and easy to use. Bitcoin Formula offers a demo account to help traders get familiar with the platform.

Bitcoin Formula Review

Bitcoin Formula ReviewThe first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was introduced in 2009 and it enjoyed success, but it wasn’t until 2017 that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins ended up becoming a very popular investment asset class. They grabbed the attention of numerous individuals and institutional investors. Professional traders have a huge range of trading options at their disposal, but those who have just entered the market often find it difficult to navigate the crypto space and where to invest. Novice traders have a very difficult time in learning how to trade cryptocurrencies. Even after newbies learn the basic concepts, they face a lot of hurdles in identifying trading opportunities.

Things become even more complicated because even though the trader does identify an opportunity, they are doubting their decision and this can cost them a huge amount of profits. To help these traders in taking advantage of the market without incurring heavy losses, the concept of crypto trading bots was introduced. These trading bots are designed to fully automate the trading process and reduce the burden of making decisions for the trader. The best thing about these trading robots is that they don’t require any time to learn crypto trading. They just need to be programmed and can begin trading immediately.

Bitcoin Formula sign up

Free to use

88% Win rate – Not a Scam$250 DepositAccepts Credit Card Trade Now

These trading robots are not influenced by emotions and as soon as a trading signal is generated, the robots will act on it. But, the programming of the trading bot is also important. Not all crypto trading robots that have been created can offer the same results. If there is any error in their programming or their trading algorithm doesn’t do accurate calculations, you can end up with losses. Similarly, some of the crypto trading bots that you will find in the market are scams that are only interested in taking deposits of traders and don’t give them any returns, whatsoever.

Everyone wants a crypto trading bot that can generate some passive income for them and help them in reaching their financial goals. But, you need to do your due diligence and assess the crypto trading bot carefully before you choose one and invest your money. One of the crypto trading bots that you will come across in the market is Bitcoin Formula. This is a web app that enables you to start auto trading using Bitcoin prices. According to Bitcoin Formula, it can generate 88% profit for you on your investment, but is it really true? Does the bot live up to its claims? If it really does what it claims, then you could end up making a lot of money every day.

Bitcoin Formula trade room

Let’s take a close look at Bitcoin Formula and how it works to determine if it is the right crypto trading bot for you:

What is Bitcoin Formula?

Bitcoin Formula is an automated crypto trading bot that has been developed for trading its namesake Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well. This is a highly intelligent trading algorithm, which has proven itself capable of generating significant returns on behalf of the investor. You don’t need to worry about the legitimacy of this crypto trading bot because a number of traders have used Bitcoin Formula and have been successful in generating substantial returns.

What is the Minimum Deposit Needed?

Nearly every crypto trading bot has a minimum deposit requirement that needs to be fulfilled and Bitcoin Formula is no different. The minimum amount that a trader should deposit is $250 and payment can also be made in the form of Euros. Before you sign up with Bitcoin Formula, you should ensure that you are willing to make the minimum deposit. This is a reasonable amount and even beginner traders will not have difficulty in starting out with this investment. Bitcoin Formula also provides users with a  demo account that boasts a credit of $1,500, which can be used by newbies for experimenting with Bitcoin and the crypto market as a whole.

What are the Payment Methods?

In order to start trading, you have to deposit money, which means you need to check the payment methods supported by the crypto trading bot. Bitcoin Formula gives its clients the option of using their debit or credit cards for funding their account. You can switch your payment method any time you like, which is extremely convenient. There is no need to be concerned about the security of payments as a secure server is used by Bitcoin Formula for handling all payments. Hence, you can continue making your investments without worrying about exposing your personal information.

When Can We Trade?

You just need to open Bitcoin Formula’s app to start trading. But, it is recommended that you study the value of Bitcoin before spending your money. You can start trading on your own, but if you don’t have time to spare, the auto-trading feature can come in handy. This feature works throughout the day in 10-minute intervals. Before trading on your own, it is recommended that you read the market trends.

The 88% return rate of the Bitcoin Formula helps traders in making as much money as possible through crypto trading. The app uses 10-minute intervals and Fibonacci sequences for trading.

Who Created the Bitcoin Formula?

The Bitcoin Formula app was created by a group of traders in 2017 and they put a great deal of time and effort to ensure it would work 0.01 seconds faster than traditional apps. Their aim was to be faster than the competition because this allowed their clients to make the most money in the market. The simplicity of the app has been widely appreciated by the users. Those who want some time to get used to how it works can use the demo account option provided by Bitcoin Formula. You can stay in demo mode as long as you want and can switch to the real market once you are confident.

How does the App Work?

The Bitcoin Formula app can be downloaded by people for free. There is no need for them to add money in their account unless they feel ready to get started. Furthermore, the app can also provide you with information about Bitcoin. You are free to choose the cryptocurrency you want to trade and you can deposit money in your account, withdraw the profits and make the switch to a demo account at any time.

How to Open an Account?

In order to use Bitcoin Formula, you first need to register an account with the broker, which is quite easy to do. You can get started by visiting the crypto trading bot’s website. An account can be opened free of cost and you will have to share a little personal information before your account is deemed ready to use.

If you are not sure of what you want to do, you can always start with the demo account. As mentioned earlier, the account comes with $1,500 credit, which can be used by people to learn how to trade. It is considered an excellent way to start because it makes it easier for you to understand the expected results. You can try out different crypto trading strategies to understand their effectiveness and can switch to the live mode when you have perfected your strategies and can earn money.

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What is a Live Account?

When you open a live account on Bitcoin Formula, the program will take you to the ‘trading room’ where you will be able to learn more about trading, make your trades and also work with brokerages. The Control Panel given in the live account can be used for making adjustments to the settings. It allows you to access your trading history and you can start trading by going to the ‘open transactions’ tab.

The account allows you to switch from live to demo mode whenever you want and you can choose from cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple. You just need to choose between USD and EUR for making a deposit and can start trading.

Beginning with a deposit of $250 allows you to minimize the risk and you can choose to reinvest the money once you have made a profit. As mentioned before, you can use your Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards or you can also go with AMEX, Discover or even Neteller for making your deposit. Bear in mind that Bitcoin Formula will only accept one of the payment methods listed and deposits through others will be rejected.

Tips for Trading with Bitcoin Formula

When you want to reap the benefits of auto trading with Bitcoin Formula, it is important to know some important tips that can help you earn a high return on investment. After all, this is the whole purpose of making investments. So, what should be done to use Bitcoin Formula to your advantage? Here are some helpful tips:

  • Start with a small amount

It is best to start small when you are making your first investment. Always invest money that you can afford to lose at the starting and always invest in small amounts when you are still in the learning stage. If you want to change your investment level, trade values can be changed later on. If you are unsure of what moves to make, you can use the demo account until you have gained a proper understanding of how Bitcoin Formula works.

  • Withdraw profits quickly

Once you have begun and the profits start coming in, it is best to withdraw your profits as quickly as possible. As for reinvesting, you can set aside a small percentage of your profits and withdraw the rest. While it is not possible to earn a full-time income through this method right away, you can still make significant progress.

  • Pay attention to expert advice

When you have questions about managing your investments on Bitcoin Formula, you should always listen to the advice given by experts. The Bitcoin Formula app provides you access to all kinds of advice relating to crypto investments. It is best for you to read the information and recommendations provided until you are able to understand how the market and trends work.

  • Only invest money that you can afford to lose

The first thing you have to do is ascertain how much you can afford to invest and then choose an amount accordingly. Some traders make the mistake of spending too much on their initial investments and end up losing all of it quickly. There is no harm in starting with the $250 deposit and you can continue to make small deposits until you feel you are able to make money easily. It is best to raise your investments by a small percentage, depending on how much you are earning. If you increase your investments drastically, you may end up losing all of your money at once.

Can you Make Money Using Bitcoin Formula?

Yes, it is very much possible for investors to make money with Bitcoin Formula. This trading platform uses a cutting-edge algorithm that takes control of the entire trading process, which includes all decision making. The program extracts all the data from the crypto charts and analyzes it within fractions of a second for identifying any trading opportunity. If and when a trading signal is generated, the Bitcoin Formula bot will place an order quickly. One unique feature of Bitcoin Formula is that this trading robot typically opens trades and runs them for a short period of time. It takes seconds to close the orders, which has made it a kind of scalping robot for crypto trading.

Benefits of Bitcoin Formula

There are certain advantages that Bitcoin Formula offers to its investors that have helped it in becoming a popular option among the people. Some of these benefits are:

  • The trading bot allows automated trading, which relieves investors from having to scan and analyze the markets manually.
  • Since Bitcoin Formula works round the clock, you will not miss out on any trading opportunity for earning profits.
  • The user-interface of Bitcoin Formula is simple and easy to use.
  • Bitcoin Formula offers a demo account to help traders get familiar with the platform.
Bitcoin Formula sign up

Free to use

88% Win rate – Not a Scam$250 DepositAccepts Credit Card Trade Now

Bitcoin Formula


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