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Bitcoin On the Front Page of The Wall Street Journal

Bitcoin, the first-ever decentralized cryptocurrency in the world, is continuously seeing a significant increase in its mainstream adoption. Another progress for Bitcoin in catching the attention of mainstream media is that it has been listed on the front page of the famous ‘American business-focused English-language international daily newspaper’ The Wallet Street Journal (WSJ). This marks a great achievement for Bitcoin as the world’s largest cryptocurrency is seeking worldwide adoption.

In an article on its front page on November 23, The Wall Street Journal has discussed the recent rally of Bitcoin that has helped Bitcoin in initiating a bullish run. It also talked about the adoption of Bitcoin among institutional investors. It said that the leading digital currency has attracted the attention of many investors and billionaires over recent times.

The Wall Street Journal’s report highlights that Bitcoin has seen an increase in interest from the famous billionaires of Wall Street including Stanley Druckenmiller and Paul Tudor Jones who have shown their support for the dominant cryptocurrency. American Billionaire investor Stanley Freeman Druckenmiller recently revealed his liking for Bitcoin. The 67-year-old Druckenmiller claimed that he is now having Bitcoin in its investment portfolio. On the other hand, Paul Tudor Jones also claimed to have 1 percent of its entire asset portfolio in the top-ranked digital currency. The article also pointed out the support of other major public figures in Bitcoin.

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As per the WSJ article, Bitcoin has not only received investments from the cryptocurrency asset management firm Grayscale Investments and crypto hedge fund managers but the demand from retail investors for Bitcoin has also risen high over recent times.

The coverage of Bitcoin by WSJ has followed the recent mainstream attention that the leading digital currency has received by the big players of the industry including PayPal, MicroStrategy, and Square. The online payment giant PayPal has officially rolled out the trading of Bitcoin in the United States for all of the eligible customers. Apart from PayPal, the business intelligence firm MicroStrategy and Jack Dorsey’s Square also threw investments in the flagship cryptocurrency as well.

Since Bitcoin entered into its five-figure price mark, it has posted a rally of more than 80 percent in the past two months. This impressive rally is the reason that Bitcoin has hit on the Wall Street Journal’s front page.

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