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Bitcoin Price Sets New All-Time High At $55,394 What’s Next?

Bitcoin (BTC) is now making new all-time highs on a daily basis as we have witnessed another major move from the leading digital currency. The rapidly growing institutional adoption has led Bitcoin to another new all-time high value as the world’s biggest digital asset has broken another bullish price level a few hours ago. Bitcoin has also now finally hit the $1 trillion mark in market capitalization.

Bitcoin Moves Past $55,000 As Well: Is $60,000 The Next?

The world’s renowned cryptocurrency BTC has printed another new ATH (all-time high). Later on Friday, the 19th of February, the flagship digital currency’s price value broke through the resistance level of $55,000 to set a new ATH at $55,390. Bitcoin has added nearly $2000 in its price value within the time frame of the last 24 hours and reached this bullish price mark.

This is purely the result of the massive cash being put into the primary cryptocurrency by institutional investors and leading financial institutions who have played a significant role in pushing the price value of Bitcoin higher. They are likely to push the coin further higher in the near future as more financial institutions are expected to join the Bitcoin party in the future.

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Bitcoin has now set its next aim at getting the breakout of $60,000 to set its momentum for achieving the $100k price tag. Bitcoin is moving up at a good pace and has got the potential to slice through this huge price resistance. At the time of writing, it is having its price value standing at around $54,975, which is going up with an increase of 6.05% in the last 24 hours.

Bitcoin Market Cap Finally Hits $1 Trillion

Ever since Bitcoin recorded its ATH above the $40k, cryptocurrency analysts and traders started believing that the primary cryptocurrency is now surely going to claim the $1 trillion figure. It has now finally registered this massive achievement. The market capitalization of BTC has surged above $1 trillion for the first time ever during its twelve years of existence. BTC did not achieve this milestone ever before.

At the publication time, BTC market value is revolving at around $1,025,306,921,119, with an increase of 5.64% over the last day. It has now come pretty close to leave Alphabet A (GOOGL) behind in terms of market cap and to become the fifth-largest asset in the world in this case.

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