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Bitcoin Social Media engagements reach All Time High in 2020

Bitcoin’s social media engagements continue to climb high in 2020 as it has set another 2020 high. This update is reported by LunarCRUSH. It is a crypto data platform whose job is to update and provide data about crypto social media engagements.

According to the report of LunarCRUSH, Bitcoin’s social media engagements have climbed to another 2020 high by reaching 319,636,032 unique engagements.


Google Searches for Bitcoin halving has been growing up

In the previous year, Google searches for Bitcoin and Bitcoin halving have been growing up according to the report of Norwegian crypto firm Arcane Research. The report also explains that the market sentiments have come back to the neutral state.

There is a correlation between bitcoin Google searches and the price of Bitcoin. If there is a rise in the Bitcoin social media engagements it means that it will positively affect the price value of Bitcoin. So this increase in Bitcoin social media engagements is actually good news for bitcoin investors.

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Bitcoin halving is 108 days away

The upcoming Bitcoin halving event that is set to happen in May 2020 is now just 108 days away. This is considered to be a very significant event in Bitcoin history. It is expected that May 2020 bitcoin halving will boost up the price value of the world’s leading digital asset.

Bitcoin investors are eagerly waiting for this event and are hoping that this event will start a huge bullish rally for Bitcoin and if it happens then bitcoin might set another all-time high like 2017. At the time of writing, the price value of the coin is standing at $9,066.89 USD with a change of 4.33% in 24 hours.


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