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Bitcoin’s Google Searches Go Ballistic In Argentina

Bitcoin (BTC), the renowned cryptocurrency in the world, is getting wider attention all across the world, and all the credit goes to its exceptional price rally, which led it to the peak of its bull cycle. The stunning price rally of Bitcoin remained active for the past few months, especially in the beginning week of the month of January 2021, in which it recorded its all-time high value of $41,941. However, Bitcoin’s pace has gone slowed down since the past week as it has plunged down to trade around the $33k level.

Meanwhile Bitcoin’s price rally, the searches for the world’s largest digital currency by market value across the entire world soared high, particularly Google Trend searches for Bitcoin went ballistic in Argentina. According to the latest data, Google searches for BTC spiked high during the past few months in the Argentine Republic.

Bitcoin Searches’ Rise Is Twice That of 2017’s Bullish Run

According to the data by Google Trends, the present interest for the searches of the leading digital currency is twice that of the previous bullish run that occurred in the year 2017, which saw the price value of Bitcoin going high to nearly $20k for the first time in history.

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The rise in the interest for BTC searches in Argentina follows the rise of the top-ranked digital currency’s price from the March 2020 low of $4000 to its all-time high value of $41,941, which was recorded by the coin on the 8th of January.

The data further shows that the popularity level of the flagship cryptocurrency in Argentina was standing at 28 back in the month of December in 2020, which is very low. While on the other hand, when it was last checked, it increased up to reach the 100 level during the previous week. This shows how rapidly the interest for BTC searches rose within the duration of no time. Moreover, the current value for Bitcoin searches’ interest is the highest one so far witnessed in the duration of the last five years.

Meanwhile, the primary cryptocurrency has steadily started rising up once again after going through a daily price crash. BTC price is now up 6.19% in the last 24 hours while holding at around $33,806 at the time of writing.  

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