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BitfinityFX Review: The Different Key Features of BitfinityFX Forex Broker (

I started trading three years ago. But soon, I got bored with my broker went out to search for a good one that would meet all my requirements. BItfinityFX was the one that popped to me the most. After some research, I decided to give it a shot.

I love their platform and what they stand for.  I like that they are not greedy and that’s why I choose to go with them.

I can assure you that if you try it, you will never change again.

So, I wanted to give my review of the broker.

1. Platform – the platform is astonishing. It has everything you will ever need to trade. It’s super simple, but yet very attractive. You can have multiple charts, indicators, graphs up all at once, which is just great. I love that every time I press a button, it doesn’t freeze or take forever to open something new. It’s pretty fast, which is a great benefit.

One of the best things about BitFinityFX is one touch

If you know what this means, you’ll understand how good it is to have it on your platform.

They got a 24/5 support team that can help you with anything – even if that means going through every single account and making sure you’re ok.

This broker is a must-have for any trader – beginner or experienced alike.

2 . Fees – this is probably the biggest advantage of them all, considering that they charge ZERO FEES on deposits and withdrawals! You can deposit as much as you want, whenever you want, without losing anything except time (if you decide to trade on weekends with a bank transfer). You can deposit $1, and it will be worth the same as 10k. If you’re not familiar with how Forex works, this is almost like magic.

3 . Security – I’ve never come across another broker that cares about security as much as BitFinityFX does. They have a state-of-the-art encryption system which is updated every single day. If you lose your password or username, you can easily change it yourself through their website, and no data will ever be lost.

2FA is implemented but one step further than most brokers- they do SMS verification and e-mail confirmation before allowing anything to happen. That’s a great thing if you think about it because nobody else does that.

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 4 . Support – These guys got some of the best customer support I’ve ever come across in my life. They always help me out when I have questions or issues, and they’re super friendly about it. It’s also 24/5, which is a great thing since many brokers only offer support from 9 to 5. To write this review, I’ve been in contact with them about 20 times, and they were always there.

5 . Education – They have a free webinars section on their website that covers almost every topic you can think of. Everything from how to trade safely, read graphs properly and why most people lose money when trading. This is a great thing because it helps beginners better understand the market, so they don’t feel completely lost when starting.

6 . Strategy – One of the biggest things I look for in a broker is if they have their strategy, preferably with back tested results. They do, and it’s pretty good – I’ve been using it for quite some time now, and my accuracy is around 80%. This is great because it means that for every five trades, 4 of them are winners.

7 . Deposit Bonus – Right now, BitFinityFX offers a deposit bonus of 40%, which is insane. You get that bonus just by depositing your money, and you don’t have to trade with it – the bonus is yours to keep!

8 . Leverage – They offer anywhere from 1:1 up to 500:1, which is great if you know how to use it properly. If you’re not familiar, it basically means that if you want to trade $10,000 worth of Forex – they will give you up to $50,000 for you to do so.

9 . Minimum Deposit – Right now, the broker has a minimum deposit of only $250 which I think is amazing. This allows anyone who wants to start trading Forex to do so without having to wait for months. You can open an account, deposit $250 and start trading right away.

10 . Account Types – They have a variety of account types. Still, unfortunately, they don’t have a demo account which is completely fine because they offer a minimum deposit account of only $250, which is amazing.

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11 . Circumventing Countries – If you’re from the US, don’t worry because BitFinityFX is also provided and accepts Americans as well! They accept most countries, and they review every single account before allowing a deposit to be made. It’s extremely rare to see a broker that doesn’t accept America, but they do.

Advantages :

1 . Trading Platform – One of the biggest things I look for when choosing a broker is how easy it is to use their trading platform. BitFinityFX has its proprietary trading platform, which allows me to trade exactly like they do (which is pretty cool). It’s really straightforward and completely customizable (and free). You can choose from various indicators to be displayed, and you can enter orders with a single click.

2 . Customer Support – As stated above, customer support at this broker is out of this world. I’ve been using their service for about nine months now, and I love it because they always go the extra mile for me. They reply within minutes and are super friendly while doing it.

3 . Education – I already mentioned how amazing their free education section is a few times, but let me go into some more detail here. It’s fantastic and covers almost every topic you can think of when it comes to Forex trading. They review the basics, and they review strategies, they review how to read graphs properly and much more. This is a really good thing for beginners because they can learn the ropes without getting lost.

4 . Support – Another review-specific aspect supports, and I’m happy to report that it’s one of the best out there right now. BitFinityFX offers support from 9 AM to 5 PM, but they always reply in minutes. I’m not kidding; I’ve never had to wait more than five minutes for a reply. They also review every ticket, so it’s extremely unlikely you’ll get the same answer twice.

5 . Trading Signals – One of the advantages of BitFinityFX is that they offer trading signals. Professional traders send these and review them. You can choose which ones to subscribe to.

6 . Chart and Tools – The last review, I just wanted to mention how the review has various technical analysis tools that review you can use on their charts. You can choose from standard indicators like Bollinger bands, RSI, Stochastic and much more – it’s an amazing way to trade!

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7. Indicators – Another review-specific aspect that review amazing is the review of indicators which review you can choose from. It is HUGE and includes things like moving averages, Fibonacci Retracement, Elliot wave, Gann lines, and so much more!

8 . Leverage – The maximum leverage BitFinityFX offers is 1:50, which isn’t the best out there right now, but it does allow you to trade with ample amounts of margin.

9 . Minimums – The minimum deposit for this broker review is $250, which review amazing, especially if you’re just starting in the world of Forex trading. You can deposit as little as $10, but if you want to withdraw, you’ll need at least $500 in your account.


The disadvantages are minor, and only a few things let me state the following:

1. Trust – This is a new broker, so they review not have much of a track record just yet, which is unfortunate because I was hoping for more. However, they seem to be very legitimate because they’re reviewed by CySEC and follow all their rules. They also offer secured accounts, which is exactly what you want in this kind of broker.

2 . Minimums – Another disadvantage with BitFinityFX is that they review $250 to open an account that reviews the highest entry-level I’ve seen so far. Other brokers review $100 or less, so it might be hard to cover this amount if you have never traded before. However, this also means they’re a safe broker, so you can rest assured that your money is in good hands.

3 . Leverage – One final review-specific disadvantage with this broker is that the maximum leverage they offer is 1:50, which isn’t enough if you want to grow quickly or trade on large amounts. However, I still think they have one of the best brokers as of today and as such, I’m giving them an amazing 9/10! Highly amazing for new traders.

Disclaimer: This review is written from the writers experience and their self-knowledge only and this is not an official recommendation by

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