BitPay Enables XRP holders to buy Gift Cards to use on Amazon

XRP is the cryptocurrency, you can now use to buy gift cards on the e-commerce giant Amazon. BitPay, a crypto payments provider, started accepting Ripple to purchase gift cards that will work on the Amazon.

The Ripple, along with expanding its cross-border payment services, is also working for the adoption of XRP digital currency. The recent announcement will enhance the adoption of Ripple on a wider scale as one can buy the gift cards for Amazon, the largest e-commerce online platform for shopping.


Ripple has partnered with BitPay

BitPay, a very famous crypto payment provider in the market, also known for offering crypto wallets and gift cards, has enabled the XRP holders to purchase gift cards for Amazon. This can be a great achievement for XRP adoption.

The partnership between both companies is not new but they have integrated in October 2019. BitPay, in October, has added XRP to payments processing as well as cross-border transfers. The partnership was between the BitPay and Ripple’s subsidiary branch called Xpring.

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The third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap will now use on the Amazon in the forms of gift cards. However, the announcement will come into its practical shape from the next week.

Working with 38 Largest Banks of the World

Ripple making out progress on a large scale and synchronizing with the traditional banks of the world. A new report by XRP Arcade claims that 38 out of 100 largest banks of the world have partnered with Ripple and all are using the company’s payments messaging service. The eighteen banks are currently using the technology of Ripple but none of them is using XRP for cross-border payments.

Ripple, besides its attempts to become the widely accepted payment system, is under attack due to some factors. First, the investors who invested in the project at the initial stage are accusing that the ICO was not legal and sued the Ripple. Second, the unlocking of XRP from the Escrow wallet has also caused a hype in the community that they are manipulating the price value.

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