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Black Swan Author Nassim Nicholas Taleb Leaves Coinbase, Gets Invite from Kraken CEO

The famous Lebanese-American economist and author of The Black Swan, Nassim Nicholas Taleb who is also known as the former options trader has left the major cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase as he has closed his account with the exchange. He revealed on Twitter that the major US-based crypto exchange Coinbase did not respond well when he informed them about some technical issues he was facing.

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Coinbase was not cooperative to him, he said

Recently, the Lebanese-American economist opened an account on the famous US-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. But he was facing some technical errors with his new account on the exchange a few days ago and he informed the exchange. But the US exchange did not show any response towards this. While tweeting at Coinbase, he said:

“What is going on with you? Why don’t you respond to errors?”


When the crypto exchange did not cooperate with him to solve his issue, he closed his account with the exchange:


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Though later on, the crypto exchange contacted him and asked him for forgiveness for not showing a quick response it was too late now. He said: “Too late. Closing account”.

Taleb, however, did not reveal what issue he was facing but the crypto exchange has been lately encountering some technical issues on its platform due to which it had to close down its platform several times.

Kraken CEO invites Taleb to check out their platform

As soon as the other crypto exchanges heard this news, they started jumping into him immediately and tried to win him over. The CEO of the Kraken exchange Jesse Powell grabbed the opportunity and invited Taleb to check out their platform and said that if he faces any problem while working with them, he can directly report it to him.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb is a great lover and supporter of cryptocurrency and favors the use of cryptocurrency whenever he talks on this matter. Recently, he advocated cryptocurrency while addressing Lebanese citizens and urged them to use digital currencies.

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