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Blackstone500 Broker Review – A Great Trading Experience

Appealing, user-friendly interface and innovative features

Blackstone500 Broker Ranking
Account Types10
Trading Speed9.7
Customer Support9.2
Blackstone500 achieved international recognition in 2009 when it was shortlisted in investment trends as The World's Best Financial Services Provider.

Blackstone500 Review

Blackstone500It is the era of online trading and with the rapid popularity of cryptocurrency, the trend for online trading has increased more than ever. The reason is that people are earning a lot of money through online trading. It is the easiest way to earn money and become rich. With the help of online trading, it is possible to fulfill your dreams. The question is why you are left behind? You are worried that you cannot trade successfully due to the lack of experience in online trading. If you are unable to fulfill your dream of becoming rich, then let me tell you that there is a way to make your dreams real. And that way is the Blackstone500 broker.

This broker has been built to embrace customers’ dreams and make them real. With the help of the Blackstone500 broker, you can get the trading experience that you lack. The broker works very hard every day to give customers the most compelling trading experience. It inspires its customers to reach their targets and financial goals by connecting them to real professionals in the financial markets. Let’s find out together whether it is possible to gain trading experience with this broker or not by exploring it in detail.


Basics of Blackstone500 Broker

Before you start trading with Blackstone500 broker you need to have a complete understanding of this trading platform. You should have a clear cut idea about the basics of this broker i.e. what is this broker all about, its background, the features, and facilities that it offers are impressive or not. So, first of all, you should know that the Blackstone500 broker is an international online trading corporate that assists you to trade profitably and helps you to make your trading experience.

Blackstone500 was founded and developed by two brothers David and Jeremy Hudson in the year 2008. Firstly, it started as a start-up serving locally to many customers and in the first six months, it expanded in 4 offices in London and had more than 150 financial advisors and account managers. But now the broker has grown up rapidly with the passage of time. It achieved international recognition in 2009 when it was shortlisted in investment trends as The World’s Best Financial Services Provider.

Those who trade with Blackstone500 broker do not get entangled in the complex trading processes because it has simplified the methods to trade with Forex or with cryptocurrency. The company has expanded its trading platform by adding numerous services and has a very high level of service quality.

Key Achievements of Blackstone500 Broker

Since its inception, the Blackstone500 broker has achieved much more. The followings are the achievements of the Blackstone500 broker:

Award-winning broker: Blackstone500 became an award-winning broker in the year 2010 when it won the award of Best Account Manager for beginner traders. The broker was named as the World’s Best Account Managers for beginner traders.

A web-based world: In the year 2011, the broker launched the first version of its trading platform which is known as Status. It was developed with the help of its team of financial analysts, software developers, and trading specialists.

Multi-asset broker: Blackstone500 became the multi-asset broker in 2013 as it added additional CFDs to its portfolio.

MT4 trading platform: the broker then worked on improving its functionality and in 2014, it added MT4 trading platform as part of its services in its all versions such as the mobile app, web-based, and desktop, with customizable charts, overlays, indicators, and price alerts.

Biggest Financial Analysts Team: another biggest achievement made on the part of the Blackstone500 broker is that it became the Biggest Financial Analysts Team in Singapore in the year 2015.

A State-of-the-art platform: in the year 2016, the broker achieved institutional-grade execution and launched the latest version of the trading platform, a state-of-the-art platform known as Status Webtrader.

A wide range of trading instruments on Blackstone500

As a multi-asset broker, Blackstone500 offers access to a wide range of trading instruments. While trading with this broker, you can trade common trading instruments or you can choose to trade the most famous trading instruments among them.

  • Common trading instruments: Blackstone500 broker is committed to facilitating its client as much as it can. Following its commitment, it offers a variety of common trading instruments including forex, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrency. The broker makes it easy for you to trade forex. The broker tells you which pairs match the best to one another. When you trade with Blackstone500, you get to know about the most liquid forex trading pairs. The broker allows you to trade commodities as a spread bet or a CFD. With Blackstone500, you can dive deeper into a variety of natural resources. The broker gives you a high level of accuracy on the price movements of Oil and Gas. Along with Forex and Commodities, you can also trade indices and cryptocurrency with this broker.
  • Famous trading instruments: Above are mentioned the common trading instruments offered by the broker. However, Blackstone has also recommended some of the most traded and famous trading instruments on the trading platform. These famous trading instruments include the most popular forex trading pair of EUR/USD, Golden trading, Bitcoin trading, and Crude oil trading. You can trade any of these most traded instruments with Blackstone500 broker, the choice is yours.

When you trade these trading instruments with this broker, you need to open a live account for that particular trading instrument. You have also the option of opening a demo account on this trading platform. You can open a trading account once you have completed your registration process.

Trade with Activ8 – the favorite traders’ platform

In this fast-growing world, technology has become the ultimate need of people. There are a plethora of brokers available in the market that offers the most advanced technological services to their clients for trading. However, comparatively, the technological service that Blackstone500 provides to its clients in the form of Activ8 is a very advantageous technological service for trading. Activ8 is known as the favorite traders’ platform and offers millions of opportunities to traders of all skill levels such as advanced technical analysis, the flexible trading system, algorithmic trading, and mobile trading applications. With the help of Activ8 service, you are allowed to copy trades of other traders. Also, you can analyze the market with the help of various indicators.

You are allowed to trade on the financial markets with the help of the Activ8 mobile applications through iOS, Android-powered smartphones, and tablets. Activ8 mobile trading allows you to have complete control over your trading account. Through Activ8 service, you can look after your account status you can track the history of your trades as well as you can buy and sell financial instruments in a single click. Acitve8 has a flexible trading system and offers a full set of orders and trading functions. This trading system enables the immediate execution of orders. These outstanding and impressive features of the Active8 trading system help you to enhance your trading activity. Get started with Blackstone500 broker and you would be able to take advantage of the Activ8 trading platform.

In the presence of the Activ8 trading service, you should consider yourself unstoppable to trade. Your location cannot stop you from trading. Whether you are at the office, on a business trip or on a holiday, you can get access to your trading account anywhere, anytime with the help of Active8 app. The broker puts the maximum of the efforts to provide you an appealing, user-friendly interface, and innovative features.

Blackstone500 offers various trading accounts

When you desire to trade cryptocurrency or any other trading instrument with a particular broker, then you must have a trading account. Without a trading account, it is not possible to begin the process of trading. However, sometimes users cannot get access to the trading account due to high depositing money required to open that particular account. In this case, you should decide to trade with that broker that offers various trading accounts and then select one of them that suits your needs.

Well, not all the brokers available in the market offer more than one trading accounts only a few are there that actually provide several accounts for trading. One of them is the Blackstone500 broker that understands the importance of offering various trading accounts. It knows that not every trader is the same and every person has a different interest and requirement. Keeping this in view, the broker has offered three different kinds of trading accounts on its platform from where you can choose any account that meets your requirements and needs. Now let’s have a look at these different kinds of trading account and what features they include.

  • Standard Account: The first type of trading account that you will come across while trading with Blackstone500 is Standard Account. This trading account is basically for those traders who have just begun their trading journey. The Standard account does not require a high amount to open it. You will need a minimum deposit of $/€/£ 250 to open this account. Once you have opened this trading account you would be able to get access to the Activ8 trading platform. In Standard Account, leverage is set based on the trading instrument and limited with 1:30 max. Other features include instant execution of orders, professional support, and personal account manager.
  • Bold Account: It is the second kind of trading account that Blackstone500 offers on its platforms. The Bold account is more suitable for professional users who have got some experience in trading. Traders can open this account if they deposit an amount of $/€/£ 3000. The Bold account holders receive all those features that are given to the Standard account holder. However, the users of this trading account get an additional feature of a senior account analyst. Users can get any kind of help from the analyst while trading.
  • VIP Account: As the name VIP suggests, this type of trading account is for well-experienced or VIP users. This is the last kind of trading account that you get on the Blackstone500 trading platform. VIP account requires a higher depositing amount as compared to standard or bold trading account. You should have a minimum deposit of $/€/£ 12000 in order to get access to this trading account. The VIP account is full of features and advantages. Along with having the facilities of Professional support, Personal Account Manager, and Senior Account analyst, they also get an extra facility of a Senior Account Chief Analyst. With the help of these analysts, the users of this trading account succeed to earn more profits.

This variety of trading accounts allows you to select one of them according to your needs and investment goals. If you start your trading journey with Blackstone500, then you can activate any one account that suits you the best.

The broker guides you on how to become a better trader

When you step into the world of trading, you must have got some trading skills that lift you up in the live trading. There are several factors that affect your trading badly. You must be aware of those influencing factors. To become a successful trader in the financial markets require you to have technical skills. Among these, the main skills include the ability to understand a company’s fundamentals and the ability to determine the direction of an asset’s trend.

If you do not consider yourself a better trader then you can seek guidance from the Blackstone500 broker. It guides you on how to become a better trader. The broker tells you that you should have the ability to manage your emotions, think fast and make quick decisions, and develop discipline while trading. These create the psychology of trading that is a very crucial aspect of trading. The key factors to make money in trading are containing your emotions and exercising discipline. The importance of establishing discipline during trading is that you stick to your trading plans and know when to make profits and cut losses.

Blackstone500 broker suggests these things that should be taken into consideration while trading: containing your emotions, exercising discipline, understanding your fears, overcoming greed, setting the rules, doing research and review. If users are able to follow these instructions then they can achieve success in trading.

Blackstone500 provides complete customer support

Users usually complain about the customer support service when they are not given the proper support from a particular broker.  Users get caught in several problems during trading and then they seek out the help of the customer support team. If a broker fails to provide instant support service then users get disappointed with that particular broker. However, this is not the case with the Blackstone500 broker because it provides a complete customer support service with the help of its brilliant customer support team that consists of professionals and experts.

Blackstone500 understands how much it is important to have complete support and all the required resources to trade actively and safely. Therefore, it provides quality support to its customers so that they could be successful and feel confident in daily trading. It has a powerful and professional customer service team, which serves each of its clients with a high passion for work, commitment for top results and persistence to reach the highest level of customer satisfaction. The broker offers support through phone, email, and live chat. Apart from this, there are also given some FAQs on the website that help you with everything that you need to know. Its customer support service is available for both the beginners and the advanced traders.

What makes Blackstone500 one of the best choices?

There are plenty of brokers available in the market. Users can choose any one of them for trading. The question is what makes Blackstone500 broker so special, different, and unique from other brokers of the market that users should select it for trading. The answer to this question is its trading features and facilities that it offers to its customers. Traders get various benefits while trading with this broker. The followings are the highlighted things that make it the best choice to trade:

  • The broker has more advanced trading technology in the form of Activ8 trading platform
  • It provides its customers with endless possibilities.
  • The broker tries to provide you with the right information at the right moment.
  • The broker assists you in making suitable trading strategies.
  • You are provided with a wide range of trading instruments.
  • Availability of various trading accounts on the trading platform.
  • It offers complete customer support.

Final words

It is unlikely that you find such features with many other brokers. You would surely want to use the Activ8 trading service which is the world’s most trading platform. The importance of this trading platform lies in the fact that you can trade anywhere, anytime. How can you miss such a brilliant facility? So stop thinking too much and direct yourself toward the Blackston500 broker, sign up, and start trading with it before it gets too late for you.



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