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BrightFinance Review – A Comprehensive Broker Review – Is BrightFinance Secure?

For trading, you first need a reliable platform where you will make successful trades without any risk of losing the invested money.

BrightFinance Review Rating
Account Types8.9
Trading Speed9.6
Customer Service9.2
I have outlined everything about BrightFinance that you must know before you start your trading voyage with the BrightFinance. There are various features that make BrightFinance special as compared to hundreds of brokers out there. Security and privacy are the two other things that are greatly supervised by BrightFinance. In conclusion, I am able to say that BrightFinance is a reliable and trustable trading broker that cares about your funds with advanced encryption.
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BrightFinance Review

BrightFinance ReviewThere are many businesses today that help you to make a rich person but most of these required hard labor on your side. In most professions, people got success very slow pace. One who wants to become a millionaire and also wishes to enjoy the blessings of life in his youth; he is striving to find a way to become a successful man within a shorter span of time.

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There are many shortcuts to lead you towards a victorious man but the majority of these are not legal. Few are the best ones that assist to become a millionaire. One of these is trading. Trading has become the most value-created business out there. The market cap of the trading including stocks, forex and crypto trading, touches the numbers of trillions.

Trading is the only way to earn profits in thousands of dollars within a period of days. Even long-term investment in trading can give a handsome amount of money without doing anything. The most and foremost thing to become a professional investor is to start trading. As Pablo Picasso says, ‘’Action is the foundational key to all success.’’ Come out of your comfort zone and start your career today with trading.

For trading, you first need a reliable platform where you will make successful trades without any risk of losing the invested money. There are so many brokers available for this job but most of them are scammers. To prevent scamming or losing money, you will need to pick that broker which is secure and trustable.

To find a good and reputable trading platform is a very difficult task and requires time on your part for research. I have done this from your side and come with a trustable broker- BrightFinance.

Overview of BrightFinance

BrightFinance is a UK-based platform for trading stocks, forex options, and cryptocurrency. BrightFinance is very special in the sense that you can find the three options for trading in one place: stocks, forex, and crypto. I have gone through the whole site and find it very charming for trading.

BrightFinance is regulated from the regulatory bodies and one doesn’t need to worry about the security of his or her assets. The assets are safe as strong encryption is used by the site to lock these assets, and are not vulnerable to any kind of theft attack.

There are various kinds of accounts available depending on the amount of your investment. The more you invest with the BrightFinance, the more you will get assistance from the professional staff of the site to make protected and successful trades; the more profit you will earn as a result.

The charges to make trades are very little as compared to other brokers. You will be accommodated fully while using the services of the brokerage service provider. The low fee structure of BrightFinance also makes it charming in the trading community. No one is offering trading services, at such low commission rates, in the market except the BrightFinance.

Three Broker Services at One Place

One is not required to go for stocks trading to one platform and for the crypto trading to another. BrightFinance has made things very easy as the three best options of trading are available at one point.

BrightFinance enables you to make use of investment in purchasing and selling stocks or shares of the recognized companies. Besides stocks, forex options for trading are also present on the site.

As the digital currency is evolving and making its place in the world economy. Crypto demand to make peer-to-peer transactions are increasing with time. Now, the market cap of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is in billions. Investors are also turning towards cryptocurrency trading to make a handsome amount of profit as bitcoin has enough potential in it to make traders rich in less time.

BrightFinance offers the service of trading for the extensive list of digital currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and many others. Due to the volatile nature of the digital coins, price values make unexpected moves but the analysts of the BrightFinance guide you to make winning trades based on the research of the market behavior.

How to Open an Account?

The registration process is very simple and easy to follow. Many brokers demand a very lengthy process of registration to open an account. On the contrary, BrightFinance will give access after completing the simple procedure.

After submitting your personal basic information, your account will open. The basic information includes the first name, last name, email, country of residence, and phone number. In the end, create a strong password in order for logging into the site- next time.

After the successful signup process, the next step is to select the account type- means which account you wish to create depending upon the investment money. There are five different accounts based on deposit funds: explorer, basic, silver, gold, and platinum.

Account Types

There are five different types of accounts as I have already mentioned above. To go from explorer to platinum, you are obliged to submit more and more funds. The following are the accounts with limitations based on investments.

Explorer Account – This is the beginner level and the one who wants to start from the initial level can try with explorer one. The new babies in the trading field can also start their journey with the explorer account. The minimum deposit is $250 while the maximum amount you can add is $2,000. In this offer, you are given two services: 24/7 customer support and a professional chart.

Basic Account – Next to the explorer, there is a basic one that exceeds the limit of the previous one. When you sign up with the Basic one, your minimum deposit money is fixed at $2,500 but you can add up to $9,999. A personal analyst is available to guide the trader when making the trades. Similarly, an introductory session via analyst will offer by BrightFinance.

Silver Account – With silver one, you will upgrade in terms of deposit payment and the number of services provided by the BrightFinance. The range for investing is from $10,000 to $24,999. In addition to the personal analyst and introductory private sessions with an analyst, there are also weekly market reviews and financial research for silver holders.

Gold Account – This type of account is for professional traders and the ones who have enough money to invest in trading stocks, forex options, and cryptocurrency. All the silver services are included in this with the addition of a smart money management plan. For gold users, Bright Future set the deposit plan from $25,000 to $99,999.

Platinum Account – This premium account called platinum is for big players in the trading community who play long term games and hold the investment for a longer period of time. For this purpose, BrightFinance developed a long-term financial plan that is headed by a Senior Account Analyst. In platinum account, one is bound to deposit the minimum amount of $100,000 to activate the platinum plan. Subsequently, the maximum limit is $499,999.

Interactive Interface

The beginners normally confuse whenever they confronted with the complex trading interface. They wonder how to go with the site and start trading accurately. BrightFinance understands the problem of new babies. For this, the professional developer team of the site designed it with simplicity and tried to make it user-friendly.

One will not need to seek help as everything on the site is dynamic and interactive. However, if you have any kind of issue regarding its use, you can contact the staff via the ‘Contact Us’ section.

Salient Features of BrightFinance

There are following features of the BrightFinance that makes it charming in the trading community.


BrightFinance takes care of the users’ privacy. At the time of sign up, they asked to give the personal information only for security purposes. The assets of traders and investors remain encrypted with a high level of privacy.  The details of the investor’s personal data or invested amount are not shared with any third party.

Charting Tools for efficient Trading

The technical analysis of any asset is always done on the basis of the charts’ behavior and the indicators. Analysts make speculations or predictions exploiting the tools and charts. Therefore, it is very necessary to follow the charts if one wants to be a professional trader or investor.

BrightFinance offers its customers the professional charts with tools to predict the next move of the price values. For premium users, analysts at BrightFinance also help to speculate for protected trades- that results in profit.

Multiple Payment Options

In order to deposit and withdraw your funds, BrightFinance offers you multiple ways to make out transactions. The funds are easily transferable on the BrightFinance and one can withdraw his or her assets any time without any problem

Provide Trading Insights and Education

Traders and investors, sometimes, also want from a brokerage service to provide them with weekly and monthly trading insights and research. BrightFinance provides its users with a personal analyst after opening an account with the broker. Weekly and monthly financial research is done on the part of the platform for its customers.

Fee Structure

Traders always inspired by brokerage service in terms of its low fees structure. BrightFinance doesn’t charge high taxes or fees for trading stocks, forex equities, and crypto assets. It charges only 0.87% for each approved position. BrightFinance is known for the lowest trading commissions out there.

There are no hidden charges or taxes and the whole fee plan I transparent. If you have any kind of query, you can contact the staff of the brokerage services provider.

Is it Secure?

Security is the most important thing in every field of life. The same case is with trading, and people always go for trusted sites or platforms to invest their hard-earned money. Traders, before submitting the funds, always make sure whether the platform is secure or not.

There are many brokers out there that scam the assets of innocent people. The new babies in the arena of trading, most of the time, get looted by the scammers. Every year, millions of dollars are getting snatched from the people who have little knowledge about trading, especially cryptocurrency.

BrightFinance puts a great emphasis on the security of customers’ assets. After depositing, the assets are under the custody of the exchange and one can withdraw assets anytime, instantly. The advanced technology underlying BrightFinance puts the assets under encryption that is not possible to hack.

Customer Care

As BrightFinance prioritizes its users first, so, the professional team behind it is always ready to respond the users’ queries instantly. The ‘Customer Care’ portal of BrightFinance is functional 24/7 and no one will have to wait for the response- in case of any problem.

Based on the users’ reviews and my personal experience with BrightFinance, I can say that the platform will assist you in making successful trades because the broker’s team is comprised of professional traders and analysts that give insights for the winning games.


I have outlined everything about BrightFinance that you must know before you start your trading voyage with the BrightFinance. There are various features that make BrightFinance special as compared to hundreds of brokers out there.

One of these features is the presence of three best options of trading in one place:  stocks, forex, and cryptocurrency. If you want to invest a big amount in trading for a long period of time, then don’t worry, BrightFinance has a long-term management plan under the supervision of a professional personal analyst.

Security and privacy are the two other things that are greatly supervised by BrightFinance. In conclusion, I am able to say that BrightFinance is a reliable and trustable trading broker that cares about your funds with advanced encryption.

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