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Browser-based Crypto Mining Guide – What Is It And How Does It Work?

In 2011, when the BitcoinPlus launched its innovative service, the concept of browser-based crypto mining was developed. However, it went absent from the crypto environment for years and returned in 2017. With the inception of Bitcoin years back, the concept of crypto mining was also adopted mainly by people across the world as they found it convenient and inexpensive.

However, browser-based crypto mining again arose in the crypto market after years due to the crypto surge in 2017. Moreover, the coins’ inception based on blockchain technology and the convenient JavaScript APIs made it possible for browser-based crypto mining to rise again. This led to the elimination of malicious and harmful browser-based crypto mining services provided by scammers.

The fundamental reason for using blockchain technology as the basis of crypto assets is to secure the transactions occurring in the financial sector and embed them in a rigid and easily accessible system of blocks. It is crucial for system maintenance that new blocks keep adding that upgrade the system automatically and keep storing all recent transactions. This process is known as mining.

Mining is based on the Proof of Work protocol, where different miners compete with each other to solve a cryptographic problem. Moreover, to create new blocks continuously, the complexity level of the Proof of Work protocol keeps on adjusting itself. This introduces tamper resistance and adds security and predictability to the system. The system becomes more complex as many miners join in, and block creation becomes a continuous process.

Browser-based crypto mining has returned to the crypto space, allowing several traders to profit. In this guide article, we will elaborate on browser-based crypto mining and its working. Moreover, the procedure to start browser-based crypto mining will also be explained to beginners.

What is Cryptocurrency Mining?

Mining is a concept in the crypto space that is helping a lot of traders manage their assets. The process of validating a transaction and adding it to the blockchain network is known as mining. The blockchains that operate on the Proof of Work protocol have mining as an essential part. However, the advanced blockchains that are now created on Proof of consensus mechanism do not need crypto mining.

Essential Concepts in Crypto Mining

Some important concepts that need to be understood before studying the mining procedure are explained below.

  • Proof of Work

One can consider crypto mining the same procedure as the mining of different metals. Mining crypto results in releasing new coins in circulation. For mining, the users must deploy specific equipment that can solve different cryptographic equations using computing power. Miners compete with each other to solve it, and the one that cracks the code first receives the reward.


In order to refer to the previous block over the blockchain network, each block uses a hash function. This helps the miners understand whether each incoming block is valid and whether the code solved by any miners is accurate. However, the complexity of the equation increases as more advanced equipment is deployed by miners during the Proof of work protocol.

In addition, this situation may also lead to the deficiency of cryptocurrencies as the competition among miners increases.

  • Security and Complexity

The network becomes more secure as the number of miners increase. However, this results in increasing the complexity of the system and thus decreasing the ratio of profit. The difficulty of the system then gets adjusted after the computing power is distributed equally among the participants of the network.

As the reward is distributed among all the participants, a higher difficulty level means a lesser profit ratio; thus, everyone gets a small share.

  • Mining Pools

The profit earned by mining can be increased by combining more GPU units. Therefore, the users can find more chances of mining blocks by combining their computational power in the mining pool. Most of the mining applications have built-in mining pools, or the users can also create them.

However, the mining pools officially created are considered more reliable by the users as they are constantly updated by their owners and have all advanced tools and techniques.

  • Rewards

The miners who successfully achieve the mining goal are awarded any crypto coins of their choice, such as Bitcoin. The prize is then divided between all participants of the mining pool according to the computing power they contribute. The one with higher computing power gets more rewards.

What is Browser-Based Crypto Mining?

It used scripted language inside a browser to carry out crypto mining, which led to browser-based crypto mining. This is an entirely different concept from the commonly used mining approach based on files and requires executing and running multiple files to keep the system operating.

Mining crypto was a relatively more straightforward and less costly process when the concept of browser-based crypto mining was developed in 2011. The network of pooled mining was based on Java Script, and the users could easily embed their scripts and sign up for their accounts. This provided a comfortable way for the visitors on the page to carry out mining for them.

The only crypto asset mined using browser-based crypto mining back then was Bitcoin. However, now, miners also mine other cryptocurrencies, such as Monero, in addition to Bitcoin.

Working of Browser-Based Crypto Mining

Different kinds of browsers can be used to mine cryptocurrencies. It does so by embedding other mining codes into websites, thus increasing the mining power by leveraging the computing capacity of website visitors. Using browser-based crypto mining, users can reduce their hardware costs and energy bills by utilizing the computing power of visitors appearing on the website.

A common cryptocurrency that permits browser-based crypto mining is Monero. A specialized RandomX function is used by the crypto asset that operates on the Proof of Work protocol. RandomX uses different kinds of memory techniques and random code execution methods as it is created to be an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) resistant function.

Therefore, using the Proof of work protocol in Monero mining helps prevent dominance in the network that may be caused by different mining equipment such as graphic processing units and application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), etc. The main aim of RandomX is to maintain a relatively more decentralized system and distribute the rewards equally by optimization of the CPUs created for general purposes.

Traders looking for additional methods for earning passive income through crypto are increasingly adopting this browser-based crypto mining method. However, users should be aware of malicious activities and cybercrimes as they can be vastly used to scam people. The scammers can easily use different mining machines without the consent of their owners and run other cryptocurrency mining scripts.

This method is also known as crypto-jacking, where the scammers carry out the mining process hiding it from the actual owners. This is usually carried out when JavaScript code is embedded in an application or website. Therefore, it is advised to users to be cautious before choosing an application or website and carefully grant permissions before getting their services.

Reasons For Revival of Browser-Based Crypto Mining?

There are several reasons that led to the revival of browser-based crypto mining, a few of which are discussed below.

  • The inception of Cryptocurrencies Focusing on Security

If one wants to mine crypto coins so that no one can trace back the path towards them, it is essential to focus on privacy. A high level of privacy is offered to the customers during transactions by Monero. It utilizes private blockchains, unlike other crypto assets that carry out transactions on public blockchains. Moreover, it allows the wallet owners to reveal certain information if they want to use the view key option.

  • Feasible to Use

Monero offers a convenient and feasible package for users to carry out browser-based crypto mining. They have to add a few lines of script to their code and install the files that can be executed efficiently. The mining process starts quickly and quietly and helps users earn rewards.

  • Profitability

By using browser-based crypto mining, the mining cost is only carried out through the hardware and energy costs. The websites with heavy traffic and sticky content may help achieve the required scale of the mining procedure. Under the defined conditions, the hash may be initially small; however, adding computational power keeps increasing.

  • The Crypto Growth Factor

Initially, the rewards earned through browser-based crypto mining are not much large; however, in the longer term, they may keep adding to provide considerable capital to traders. As the value of crypto assets increases in the market, the money earned through it also goes up. 

How to Initiate Browser-Based Crypto Mining?

Users who are enthusiastic about browser-based crypto mining can conveniently install and download the services provided by any third party, such as CryptoTab Browser, etc. It is easier for a beginner as one usually needs to create an account and then use the browser over the internet.

In the background, the mining process will continue, and any crypto token will be rewarded to the user. The user will be rewarded with Bitcoin if he chooses CryptoTab Browser. While using these crypto browsers, the users can adjust the mining speed and automatically turn the mining process on or off depending on their needs and preference.

Moreover, to allow the users to keep their rewards safe, these wallets can be easily integrated with other crypto wallets. In addition, the users can also interact with multiple decentralized applications (dApps) such as decentralized exchanges, decentralized finance, games, and many more using another application known as Brave Browser crypto mining.

Most decentralized applications operate as a usual crypto website and can only be accessed through crypto browsers. An example of such a decentralized application is the UniSwap DEX. It looks like a regular website from the interface. However, in the background, it can only be accessed using a crypto browser compatible with Ethereum.

Some examples of crypto-compatible browsers are mentioned below.

  • Opera

Opera is a crypto browser that has a crypto wallet and an explorer for decentralized applications integrated within it.

It does not have an in-built crypto wallet; however, it may support multiple other crypto wallets such as Phantom, MetaMask, Binance Chain Wallet, etc.

  • CryptoTab

This crypto browser rewards the users in Bitcoins if they use it and also contains an in-built crypto wallet.

  • Osiris

Osiris owns a built-in metawallet and a browser based on the Acent blockchain with an ACE utility token. This allows interoperability between the blockchain and the cryptocurrency being used.

  • Brave

It rewards the users with Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) and also contains a built-in wallet. The users can earn rewards by viewing the advertisements on the website.

However, it is essential to know that only specific blockchains are compatible with these browser crypto wallets. As the Solana network utilizes Phantom and decentralized applications based on Ethereum can only be used to operate MetaMask.

Moreover, while choosing a browser, users should look for one that already contains a wallet and their preferred decentralized application. This adds to the security of the browser, or else they will require to install different extensions on their crypto browsers.

Can One Earn Profit Through Browser Mining?

Several factors decide the profitability of browser-based crypto mining. These may include the hashing power of the device used and the cryptocurrency being mined. Moreover, users should remember that the rewards they can earn through mining can also increase or decrease in value as the prices of cryptocurrencies in the financial market may fluctuate with time.

Browser-based crypto mining can be an engaging and fun process to earn crypto assets. The traders who want to carry out crypto mining at their own expense can look for multiple options in the market that could help them earn rewards through convenient and easy methods.

Some essential benefits of browser-based crypto mining are discussed below.

  • Accessible

Any user who owns a hardware device such as a laptop or computer and has access to a safe internet connection can easily carry out browser-based crypto mining. This is considered a safe and more secure process than mining crypto coins on ASICs as they can be costly and difficult to get accurate results.

  • Low Energy Costs

Using browser-based mining usually uses lesser energy and cost, thus eliminating the requirement of any expensive hardware. Moreover, it also saves the money that is spent on mining processes and lessens the carbon consumption that occurs during mining

  • Autonomy

Miners do not require to join a mining pool for carrying out browser-based crypto mining. This provides them control over their mining experience and, thus, autonomy over their assets. Therefore, the user can adjust the standards and requirements by himself regarding which crypto asset he needs to mine and the amount it will be mined.

Can Crypto Browsers Be Considered Safe?

There are a few common myths that are present in the minds of traders regarding browser-based crypto mining. The misconception is that browsers based on cryptocurrencies do not operate on native crypto APIs. However, it is valid for a few native browsers, such as JavaScript.

Moreover, it is also said that browser-based crypto mining relies on security based on servers and a secure socket layer. This is because the safety of most of the servers is limited to crypto browsers. However, any scammer can manipulate the server or add a backdoor if one does not give any importance to its security. Thus, by getting access to the security measures of the server, it becomes a lot easier for attackers to alter security settings.

However, several measures are available for users to secure themselves while using crypto browsers. To secure their wallets, users must keep updating their software and use a complex password to connect their accounts. Moreover, while browsing, beware of the website you open and be cautious of malware websites. In addition, do not download any file from an unknown source without confirming its authenticity.

Therefore, the risks and issues during browser-based crypto mining can be reduced by choosing a reputable platform that provides high-standard features while securing the user’s wallets and assets.

Future of Browser-Based Crypto Mining

The total amount of cryptocurrencies has increased to a greater extent if one looks at the crypto market. Moreover, the interest of the users also increased in browser-based crypto mining, which provoked the miners and the tool makers to participate in mining activity more. Although browser-based crypto mining can provide a better alternative to traditional mining procedures, it can also be misused by scammers.

The scammers can use advanced techniques and tools to invade the mining activity of other participants to maximize their profit. However, as certain features favour browser-based crypto mining, it can be seen as a favourable and sustainable process in the long and short term.


Browser-based crypto mining was revived again a few years back after being absent from the frame for several years. It provided a convenient and credible alternate method to the miners for mining crypto without using traditional methods. It is easy to use and is helping the miners in increasing their capital in several ways.

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