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Buy Bitcoin for Individual Sovereignty, Says Max Keiser

RT news host Max Keiser told the audience to get rid of Fed policies by buying more Bitcoin in his latest episode of Keiser Report. He argued that Fed will not stop printing and buying up more dollars, and it is the best strategy to exit by storing BTC.

According to Keiser, the protests do not work for Americans and they should seek Bitcoin which is the only way to get freedom. Both hosts, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, passed on very critical comments for Federal Reserve.

While talking about the protests going on throughout the United States on George Floyd’s death, Keiser said,” Black America will never be equal to white America; they will never have justice in white America.”

Only Hope: Savings in Bitcoin

To get individual sovereignty, the only pathway is Bitcoin, Keiser believed. “The only thing they can hope for is individual sovereignty, and the only way to get there is through savings in Bitcoin — (it’s) the best way to get there,” he said.

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The protests against government will not matter a lot, but instead, individuals should take back the financial freedom from the government. As he said,” Tearing down a statue does nothing, marching in the street does nothing, electing people to office that you think are going to help you does nothing, none of that works.”

“I’m telling you as a white male Boomer Wall Street careerist that I would laugh at that, as my brethren would do — it does nothing,” he added.

The guest Stephen Roach at Keiser Report claimed that “the Fed’s inconceivable $7.2 trillion balance sheet will never shrink.”

According to him, the Federal Reserve is now the sovereign of the US GDP as “Fed owns the treasury market, the muni market, the corporate bond market, the junk bond market, the CLO market and by proxy, the housing market and the stock market.”

“They’re never going to drain that balance sheet — they own these markets and the moment they step away, they’re going to crash faster and harder than ever before.”

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