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Calvin Ayre Starts Filming a Documentary on Craig Wright’s Life Creating Bitcoin

Since the development of the first-ever cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) in the year 2009 by an unknown person known as Satoshi Nakamoto, it has been a mystery to find out who is the real founder of Bitcoin as there are many personalities who claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto but no one has been able to prove his identity as a Bitcoin creator so far.

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Craig Wright is one of them who has claimed to be the founder of Bitcoin but there is not any solid proof that may prove him as the real Satoshi Nakamoto. However, the Founder of Ayre Group Calvin Ayre is going to prove Craig Wright as the founder of Bitcoin by making a documentary film on his life creating bitcoin.

The Movie aims at proving Craig Wright as Satoshi Nakamoto

Calvin Ayre is a well-known advocator of Craig Wright and has been supporting him with his Bitcoin Satoshi Vision for a longer period of time. Now, he has stepped a move forward to prove his identity as the Bitcoin creator.

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Revealing in a recent tweet, the Ayre Group founder said that he has hired a professional team to make a documentary on the life of Craig Wright. As he said:

“I have started filming a documentary on Craig’s life creating #Bitcoin. Have hired a professional team out of London and they will dig through everything including all evidence going into court for McCormack trial.”

Source: Twitter

The basic purpose of the movie is to prove that Craig is the one who has developed the first-ever decentralized digital currency Bitcoin (BTC) and that he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto.

However, currently, he has not revealed that when this documentary film will complete and get ready for release. He has only shared some minor details regarding the movie as illustrated above.

Craig Wright says People hate me

Craig Wright has stated in an interview that people do not have positive remarks about him. He said that people think that he is destroying their myth which they have created regarding bitcoin that it can allow “the government stop taking your money” and therefore they hate him.  Craig slammed this myth and said that it’s not what Bitcoin does.

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The self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto also said that he wants to be known as the creator of Bitcoin.


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