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Canadian Firm Set To Add Crypto Payments Option To Its Platform

Over the last few years, even though most people have entered the crypto scene, detractors have said that digital assets can never be used as means of payment. But with the way things are going, some entities are choosing to enable payments via digital assets.

Some weeks before now, Tesla announced that anybody that wishes to pay for their cars using Bitcoin can choose to do so now like a host of other entities that have made similar announcements. In another win for crypto assets, a Canadian company has announced that their customers who wish to pay for their services with crypto can henceforth do so on their platform.

The firm lists the digital assets that it will add

In their official statement, the firm positioned to introduce payment options with digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. Other assets that would be accepted according to the announcement are Bitcoin Cash and a few stablecoins. The company, which was established in 2008, has been responsible for carrying out mortgage originations worth $1.5 billion in the past few years since it was established.

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The firm paves the way for their clients to value their houses and receive payments for them. The firm has been one of the leading forces in the lending department, and with this new update, it has ventured further in its question to conquer the globe.

The firm announced that through its partnership with a renowned crypto exchange, BitPay, it would accept the digital assets listed above for payments. Even though the company highlighted that it would add stablecoins to the fold, it is unclear the kind of stablecoins added to the payment options.

Crypto adoption is increasing

The company mentioned that it has chosen to forge on this path because it knows that some people do not have access to credit cards. Others have and wish not to use it, hence the need for the crypto payments method.

Also, the firm said that the acceptance of the assets would open a new way to conduct transparent, efficient, and fast payments while reducing fees that would be paid for the transactions. This latest update is coming when companies are either adopting the digital asset or are adding it as a payment option.

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Asides from Tesla’s Bitcoin buy and addition as a payment option, other firms have shown interest in the market to push the adoption into the sky. As it stands now, the USA is at the forefront of crypto adoption even as the National Basketball Association has various teams that have chosen to adopt crypto as a payment option.

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