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Catex Review – Is Catex Scam or Legit?

Catex Exchange Rating
Account Types9.3
Trading Speed9
Customer Service9.2
Read our Catex review and learn why we recommend this exchange for online trading and why it is not a scam, learn all you need to know in this Catex review before you sign up with the exchange.

Catex Review

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The internet brought about the concept of online trading and was an important tool employed in the creation of cryptocurrencies. What we now have today with the help of the internet, is the growth and evolution of money which has surpassed humans’ imagination. The advent of cryptocurrency and the crypto market presents many financial opportunities and many individuals now look to tap into these opportunities that continue to present themselves.

To be able to tap into these seemingly unlimited opportunities, the need for an exchange platform such as the Catex exchange becomes necessary. This is because exchange platforms are pathways into the crypto market and without them, investors can’t have entry into the crypto sphere.

We’ll be making the Catex exchange review and this review is as honest as it gets. We’ll comprehensively discuss the exchange’s features, benefits, products, and competitive advantage over other exchanges.

Exchange PlatformCatex exchange
SecurityCold wallet, DDoS protection,  firewalls, professional penetration tests, application servers, and many more
Trading platformWeb-based platform and mobile app
Referral Bonus50%
Payment methodCrypto transfer
Trading assetsBitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar, and lots more

The Catex exchange is one of the top leading crypto exchange platforms in the world. The exchange platform was founded in August of 2018 and based its headquarters in Shenzhen, China where it oversees and governs its entire trading operations across the globe. The Catex exchange has gone ahead to establish international crypto communities in Turkey, China, South Korea, Russia, Bangladesh, the United States, Indonesia, Middle East, and India.

Catex website

Catex is widely recognized as a community-based crypto mining exchange that enables its users to receive revenue from the profit-sharing platform through a process known as transaction mining. The exchange platform also makes available a trading platform allowing traders and investors to store, sell and buy various cryptocurrencies.

On the topic of mining, the Catex exchange makes use of a modern concept of mining called trading mining. Trading mining involves the creation of new digital coins of the exchange every time traders and investors trade various cryptocurrencies on the exchange platform. The Catex exchange platform allows its clients to mine its own token known as the CATT token. And this token is mined each time a client carries out any crypto transaction. With this model, clients of the Catex exchange earn more and store up the CATT token just by carrying out crypto transactions. 

In general, the Catex exchange provides a hybrid solution to its clients enabling them to carry out various crypto transactions and mine the exchange’s tokens (CATT) simultaneously. The exchange’s token is mostly used to pay various transaction fees on the exchange platform. For clients willing to hodl the CATT token, 80% of the daily profit made on the platform will be allocated to clients hodling CATT. Therefore, the more the CATT token clients are willing to hold, the more earnings they will get.

Being a customer-oriented platform and always looking to offer the best to its clients, the Catex exchange provides a highly intuitive trading platform, a secure trading environment, and a crypto-friendly community that is available to help traders achieve their goals in the crypto market. Now let’s have a closer look at the benefits and features the Catex exchange offers investors and traders all over the world.

Security Protocol

One of the basic concerns of many crypto enthusiasts, traders, investors, miners, and even exchange platforms has always been the subject of security. What is transpiring in the crypto industry today, is the widespread menace of various fraudulent activities which include money laundry, identity theft, cyber-attacks, hacks, terrorist funding, and many more. To this end, many now fully understand that the subject of security is serious business, and the need to protect one’s investment funds and personal sensitive data is of topmost priority.

What we are now experiencing in the crypto industry to prevent and stave off these criminal activities are exchanges establishing standard and latest security measures to protect themselves and their client’s investments. And among the many exchanges setting up these security measures, the Catex exchange is not left out.

The Catex exchange places the security and safety of its client’s data and investment funds as its topmost priority and as a result, has set up some advanced and cut-edging technologies within its network of security systems. Among the security protocols and technologies established on the Catex exchange platform are cold wallet, DDoS protection,  firewalls, professional penetration tests, application servers, and database servers to make sure the security of the entire system is solid and strong.

  • Cold Wallets

The Catex exchange platform in ensuring adequate security to clients’ digital assets stores about 80% of clients’ cryptocurrencies in cold wallets that are kept and safeguarded in offline locations. This is to guarantee and assure that investment funds are safe and secure in the situation where a cyberattack against the platform is successful. The 20% digital assets left are then used by the Catex exchange to ensure the smooth running of the exchange platform allowing its client to execute trade and process withdrawals.

  • DDoS protection

The Catex exchange makes use of tools and techniques to mitigate and resist the effect of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on their system of security networks. These tools do this effectively by separating hijacked web browsers from the normal ones. Then, filtering is done by making use of anti-DDoS technology such as deep packet, connection tracking, IP reputation lists, blacklisting/Whitelisting, and so on

  • Professional penetration tests

Catex also employs the use of Professional Penetration Testing to ensure that the whole process of establishing and setting up the security system of the exchange platform is well secured and safe. Penetration testing helps to find loopholes and vulnerabilities within the security system before hackers can take advantage of it. Penetration testing is an important element of data security in any exchange platform.

Catt Token

As mentioned above, the Catex exchange created its utility token known as Catt. The exchange platform then designed its platform such that the Catt token primarily fuels all the operations and activities carried out within the Catex ecosystem.

To develop the Catt token, the team behind the Catex exchange made use of the ERC20 blockchain system which brings some additional benefits to clients of the exchange platform. Presently, there are about 2 billion Catt tokens in circulation which is designed to be adequate enough to ensure the smooth running of the exchange platform.

The Catex exchange aims at supplying a specific number of the Catt token every week while also introducing some engaging activities to be able to compete actively with other exchanges while making sure its competitors find it difficult to rival and challenge them. Furthermore, the exchange plans to list the Catt token in such a way that is better in comparison to the standard of other exchange platforms.

Trading Platform

One of the important features a lot of traders evaluate before choosing an exchange platform is the trading platform offered by such an exchange. The trading platform for many investors is considered the most important feature any exchange has to offer traders and investors. This is because the trading platform is the algorithm that governs and runs the entire trading processes of an exchnage platform. In the crypto market, the trading platform employed has considerable influence on trading outcomes therefore, the trading platform could be the major difference to investors making profit or loss.

As a new investor, you must ensure that the trading platform offered by an exchange is of decent quality and that it can offer a smooth user experience, straightforward and simple to navigate, and most importantly user-friendly. The Catex exchange fully understands what it means to investors to be able to use a decent and smooth trading platform and as such has made available a web-based platform and a mobile trading app for its clients so they have the luxury of choosing which best suit their trading style.

Both the mobile trading app and the web-based platform provided by the Catex exchange are simple in design, user-friendly, simple to use, and adequately cater to the trading needs of both newbie and expert traders and investors. To access the web-based platform, a simple visit to the Catex exchange website will see your login to the trading platform. The web-based platform required no installation or down to use. As regards its trading view, it’s what you would expect of a crypto trading platform as it consists of various price charts, sell and buy-boxes, order history, order book and so much more. It is also integrated with basic tools and indicators that can be used for various market analyses.

The Catex exchange platform also offers a mobile trading app to its clients who prefer to always monitor their tradings and the crypto market in general anytime and anywhere. The mobile trading app offers all the trading features and benefits of the web-based trading platform. However, it offers clients the ease of not always having to log in before they access their portfolio.

The mobile trading app is available for download on Google Play Store and Apple Store which implies that it is supported by both Android OS and iOS devices.

Referral Program

The Catex exchange in an attempt to always looking out for its clients makes available a referral program so they can earn more profits apart from their daily trading activities. Although the primary aim of the referral program is to help grow the Catex crypto community over the world ensuring that more investors and traders have a safe community they can bank on.

For clients ready to participate in the referral program, they get to earn a referral bonus of 50% when they successfully invite someone to trade on the Catex exchange. The referral program is open to all clients of the Catex exchange as upon registration every client is assigned a unique referral link that can be used to invite more investors to join the Catex community.

There are no limits to the number of referrals one can make, therefore, the referral bonus one can earn is unlimited. The referral bonus earned is transferred to the client’s crypto wallet once the referred is fully registered and starts trading.

Customer Support

Another crucial feature to evaluate before choosing an exchange platform is the customer support being offered by such an exchange.  We all know trading in the cryptocurrency market is a difficult task and it sometimes requires investors to expend a vast amount of mental energy most especially during unforeseen circumstances.

In moments like this, investors and traders need all the assistance and help they can get from their exchange platform. The failure of an exchange platform to meet up with these needs and provide the needed support defeats the essence of such an exchange.

For the Catex exchange platform, the team behind the exchange understands how important support is to investors and hence made available decent customer representatives to attend to the needs, requests, and complaints of investors. To get in touch with the representative, Cartex makes available an email ticketed system allowing clients to effectively log their complaints and get appropriate replies via email within 24 hours.

The exchange platform puts in place the FAQ section, answering all the popular and commonly asked questions by newbie investors while also reducing the workload on the ticketed system.

Final Thought

A lot has been said about the Catex exchange platform and it is evident that the services and products it offers its clients compete actively with other exchanges in the industry. As a new trader in the crypto market, if what you’re looking for is an exchange that offers other streams of income asides from trading, the Catex exchange is the ideal option for you.

The Cartex exchange offers a referral program and trading mining that allows clients to get a bonus of 50% on every successful referral, and also enjoy daily earnings from the profit-sharing system for hodling the Catt token. All in all, the Catex exchange is an ideal choice for both novice and expert investors and traders in the crypto market.

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