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CC0 NFTs Guide – Everything You Need To Know

Since the past years, Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) have helped artists in making millions. Though the hype of the nonfungible tokens has now settled, the artists are still enthusiastic about creating digital assets, video games and creation of innovative pieces. However, the market of the nonfungible tokens is currently facing the IP problem.

Therefore, it was the need of the time to create a new class of nonfungible tokens that could help the artists to create and control their work and earn considerable profit out of it. The developers then created the CC0 NFTs. Here is a detailed article about the working and importance of the CC0 NFTs and the benefits they provide to the users.

What are CC0 NFTs?

Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) were created as a solution to the intellectual property (IP) and digital ownership. This took the concept of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) to a new popularity. At present the developers have now founded a new class of nonfungible tokens that would help in the creation of more developments.

Similar to the function of open-source software for the developers, the CC0 nonfungible tokens function for the creators of the NFTs. But one should be aware of the fact that the main reason behind the creation of nonfungible tokens was the IP security and the digital ownership.

The nonfungible tokens that hold the intellectual property to the art have been a reason that a number of different projects have gained the benefit. These projects may include CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club etc.

The holders of the nonfungible tokens could have used their NFT artwork for creating the opportunities to earn revenue. The brands, networks and creators can use that artwork and then pay a fee to the owner of the tokens. Moreover, if the holders of the nonfungible tokens allow the brands or the creators or the native businesses could use the images of the nonfungible tokens in order to build up the reputation of their own brand.

At present, the world of nonfungible tokens is taken by storm by the new development termed as CC0 NFTs. Inspired by the Creative Common Zero licensing model, this concept was created. ACC0rding to this model, the owners and creators can handover the right and ownership of their artwork to other. Those brands can then use it to build up their portfolio, produce further art and other products.

This is similar to the function that open-source movements perform in the usual operating systems. The ecosystem of Linux was allowed to be used by the owner free of cost.  It empowers about 85% of the smartphones that are operating around the globe and almost own the revenue of worth 16 billion dollars in the market.

However, using the strategy of nonfungible tokens, the CC0 NFTs technology is hopeful to earn a revenue worth more than it in the international market using the artwork, projects and a number of brands that are becoming popular now. 

What are Copyright Laws?

Copyright laws are another form of laws related to Intellectual property (IP). These laws provide the owners of the art, music or other literary work against any monopoly for the real authorship. Established in the 1790 for the very first time in the United States, they were again looked upon and renewed in 1976 that provided the creators of the art their original ownership rights.

Regardless of the choices of the artists, the current version and the copyright laws are automatically compatible to one another. The copyright laws are providing a navigation challenge to the individuals though they were given the responsibility to safeguard the artists. Therefore, in addition to protecting the artists, these law provide the navigation powers to the larger corporations so that they can also use them for protecting their policies.

What is the Relation of CC0 with NFTs?

Artists got the privilege that they can own their artwork over the internet keeping the process very low at cost. Moreover, their work can also easily be accessed by the public. This all has become possible because of the blockchain network.

As the collectors working privately buy the artwork and keep it behind the close doors, however, the case with the nonfungible tokens is totally opposite to it. They are made accessible to the public easily as traditionally the artwork is displayed at the museums.

When the nonfungible tokens and the blockchain were not even discovered, the copyright laws were developed at that time. This provided a challenge to the real world for finding out the copyright laws corresponding to the nonfungible tokens at present. In case one adopts the CC0 route, it decreased the concerns related to the copyright issues. However, this could be the case that for some of the nonfungible tokens CC0 would be more suitable

The concept of value creation and revenue generation differ in the Web3 ecosystem than the Web2. Web3 is providing and creating opportunities for everyone at present. However, one can consider CC0 route an ultimate guide path. Therefore, it is expected that using the CC0 route, the network can be accessed by a large number of people.

How are the Artists Benefited by CC0 NFTs?

In the community of the nonfungible tokens, the practice of censorship has increased to a greater extent due to the fear of violating the copyrights of the real owner. This is the reason that a number of artists have stopped creating content as it can be easily imitated and portrayed as copyright content.

Due to this reason, a number of safe and secured nonfungible tokens have been created to provide protection to the creators but it is yet not reaching the limits it has the capability of. CC0 nonfungible tokens will help the creators to create whatever they want without any fear of copyright, providing them the real freedom in art.

Moreover, it also frees the artists and developers from the payment of heavy legal charges allowing them to appear on the screen in the market freely and without any hesitation.

The Reason Behind Rise of CC0 NFTs

In the year 2021, CC0 was chosen by one very important project. Then in the next year, looking at its advantages same steps were followed by multiple other projects too. Later on, many enormous projects also embraced the CC0 concept leading to a huge CC0 summer.

The “Nouns” project was the very first NFT project that created the way for the CC0 licensing model. Then a huge number of projects involving the nonfungible tokens such as Loot, Cryptoteddies, Cryptoadz, Moonbird etc. followed this path that led them to the route using the CC0 model.

When the parent collection of nonfungible tokens is used as an inspiration for the art and to create designs, then the derivative NFTs are formed. Using the derivative nonfungible tokens, the brand reach of the parent collection of nonfungible tokens can be increased multifold. The latest CC0 collection can then be used as an inspiration for the remaining collection of the derivative NFTs in order to gain freedom in the market.

The derivative nonfungible tokens got considerable freedom as the CC0 nonfungible tokens got hype in the market. However, for the project teams and the holders of nonfungible tokens who get to decide the future strategies of the financial market of nonfungible tokens, it also brought some commercial influence.

Implications for the NFT Community

The individuals who are holding the nonfungible tokens and want to monetize their ownership rights on the NFTs are particularly facing larger challenges related to the CC0 approach. The businesses, the brands and the creative initiatives have been allowed by the holders of the nonfungible tokens to use their tokens though they have not embraced the CC0 approach yet.

Some of the community members in the communities who adopted the CC0 mechanism are unhappy as in short term, they witnessed some downtrends. By the removal of the friction points of the intellectual property, the NFT brands and art is very openly allowed by the CC0. However, in order to monetize the intellectual property of the nonfungible tokens, the profile picture (PFP) NFTs are owned by the top holder of some nonfungible tokens.

When the CC0 route was adopted by the project team of the nonfungible tokens, while licensing the contracts, the holders of the nonfungible tokens lost a number of opportunities too. As the open-source software has its own advantages and disadvantages, same is the case with the CC0 approach in the nonfungible tokens.

The community members who want to have the ownership rights over the nonfungible tokens by tapping the rights of the intellectual property, are facing some downside implications in short term at present. However, if one looks at the brighter side in long-term applications, building and owning a brand could prove a lot beneficial.

Implications for the CC0 NFTs Team

The creators and the team of the nonfungible tokens want the same transparency and openness integrated with the art as the developers of Web3 have promote in the internet space. However, it is to be kept in mind by the creators and holders of the nonfungible tokens that the journey has just begun and there is a long way to go.

The creators of the nonfungible tokens have handed the building procedure dependent on their products to their community and other related entities, while one can think of CC0 as the logical conclusion to it. the culture of the nonfungible tokens has been promoted by a number of derivative projects that are owned by the NFT collections. However, one can consider the declaration of CC0 as a project as just the start.

The utilization of brand must be actively promoted by the creators and project teams of the nonfungible tokens who are using the CC0 route currently. Moreover, the creators and projects should be enlisted so that it can help them in building up the extension to the brand for their collection of the nonfungible tokens.

In the absence of a strong base, it is not possible to scale any open-source software project. However, in order to make the nonfungible tokens a household brand, to be inspired by the original collection of the nonfungible tokens and to spread the awareness related to them in the world a strong community of creators is needed by the CC0 NFT projects. Only the collective efforts of the community of nonfungible tokens can make it possible in the real world.

The burden of the promotion of the brand has been almost reduced on the token holders of the nonfungible tokens while getting adapted to the CC0 route. However, a bigger responsibility is now handed over to them where they have to enlist the art, the brands and extensions of other products to their respective nonfungible tokens with the holders.

This can be understood by the example that the brand reach of the Moonbirds can be increased among the retail audience if the brand called Nike chooses to use the images of Moonbirds on their products. However, certain project teams of nonfungible tokens forge the partnerships with these top ranked brands.

Major Advantages of CC0 NFTs

Owning the CC0 nonfungible tokens provide some major benefits to the owners. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Traceability

Using the CC0 nonfungible tokens, the art and content can be traced easily. As the work of the creators is present and available on the blockchain and to the public no one can deny the real ownership of the art. In addition to that, the edition sizes of the content can also be traced. The issues that rise related to the copyright issues can also be eliminated and solved easily using the CC0 nonfungible tokens.

  • Copyright Issues

One of the major advantage of using CC0 nonfungible tokens is the ease to gain the copyright. The creators and owner of the art and content can earn the royalties and revenue over it by keeping the security and privacy of the data intact. Every person admires the creative and innovative work more and artists are aware of this fact.

Adopting the CC0 NFT route, the artists can get the chance to keep intact the authenticity and security of their work while providing them the freedom.

Downside of CC0 NFTs

Though the creators and developers are finding out real benefits out of the CC0 approach, there still can be some disadvantages related with them. Some of the experts are of the view that using the CC0 nonfungible tokens may lead to the creation of unoriginal and low-quality content. As there are no concerns related to copyright infringement, it is a possibility that anyone can own the CC0 nonfungible tokens and start creating content and artwork.

Moreover, some have also mentioned the concerns that the work of the artist holding the nonfungible tokens can be degraded by the ones using the CC0 nonfungible tokens.

Future Possibilities with CC0 NFTs

The nonfungible tokens are still growing in technology. The content is being created by the artists and they are looking for new and advanced ways to monetize it. Moreover, in order to operate it and build and grow the brands, frameworks are being launched by the platforms and products.

The artists and creators have emerged economically in a great number in the last couple of years. However, the nonfungible tokens are still in the initial stages of growth. New strategies of distribution need to come at the surface whenever a new economic model is launched in the market.

The demonstration of monetization of brands has been given by the nonfungible tokens. But the scalability requirements cannot be fulfilled by being dependent on a brand for the creation of distribution capability. With the emergence of a number of co-creation models a number of other platforms are also emerging and actively participating in the promotions making it to the mainstream.

Therefore, to get the outreach for their brand, CC0 projects would require additional features. Interoperability is another basic building block that is used by the nonfungible tokens in order to scale their reach. However, a number of blockchains are still integrating to the world of nonfungible tokens. One cannot deny the fact that even Solana NFT collections and Ethereum have different cultures.

However, a better interoperability is needed across the chains and the infrastructure on which the nonfungible tokens are created are still considered skeptical. As the layers of collaboration between community and infrastructure gain more experience, it is the need of the time that CC0 nonfungible tokens also widen their community beyond about 10,000 holders of nonfungible tokens.


With the creation of the CC0 NFT route, the creators have got a totally new way for the representation of their art and content. It is helping the traders and developers in generating millions through their derivative artwork and the spinoff projects. The only basic principle behind this project is that the more the owners will share their derivative art, the more will their original nonfungible tokens increase in worth and value in the financial market. produces top quality content exposure for cryptocurrency and blockchain companies and startups. We have provided brand exposure for thousands of companies to date and you can be one of them too! All of our clients appreciate our value / pricing ratio. Contact us if you have any questions: Cryptocurrencies and Digital tokens are highly volatile, conduct your own research before making any investment decisions. Some of the posts on this website are guest posts or paid posts that are not written by our authors (namely Crypto Cable , Sponsored Articles and Press Release content) and the views expressed in these types of posts do not reflect the views of this website. Tokenhell is not responsible for the content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products or any other content posted on the site. Read full terms and conditions / disclaimer.

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