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China’s Health-Based Blockchain Clears 17 Million Chinese Tourists to Visit Macau

Just recently, FISCO BCOS that is a Chinese non-profit blockchain consortium made a very encouraging announcement. They confirmed that the blockchain-based health records have worked the same way they had expected them to work. With the help of these health records, they are now able to resume tourism activities in China, especially in Macau.

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Since May, Macau’s medical system has been integrated with blockchain technology to improve the effectiveness and accuracy of the health record checks. With the help of the technology, Macau’s medical data system is successfully picking up on the ID codes that are available on Guandong’s health system.

The Guandong’s health system carries health records for the entire mainland Chinese population. With the help of a blockchain-powered system, mainland Chinese tourists are successfully getting their health records verified. The blockchain-based platform verifying these records is known as the DLT-powered system. The system is said to be performing these checks before the mainland Chinese tourists enter the region.

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It has been revealed that by now, more than 17 million mainland Chinese tourists have been cleared using Macau’s blockchain-based health records. While sharing information around the blockchain-based health verification system, FISCO BCOS also bragged about the efficiency of the systems.

They announced that it takes only a hundred seconds for the Chinese to generate their health code for the very first time. After that, it would only take around three seconds to get their health records verified when going through customs.

The FISCO BCOS team also shed some light as to how the health records are stored and transmitted to other health system platforms. They stated that the system developed by FISCO BCOS tends to encrypt the medical data before storing it into the blockchain. During encryption, the data gets immutably signed with authorities, issuing the medical data/records.

Once recorded and authorized, the health data can then be transferred between Guangdong’s medical data system and Macau’s blockchain-powered medical data system. The FISCO BCOS team also confirmed that the application used for transferring data between Guangdong and Macau medical data-centers is WeChat’s ‘Weldentity’ solution.

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