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Coinbene Review – Is Coinbene Scam or Legit?

Coinbene Exchange Rating
Account Types8.9
Trading Speed9.3
Customer Service9
Read our Coinbene review and learn why we recommend this exchange for online trading and why it is not a scam, learn all you need to know in this Coinbene review before you sign up with the exchange.

Coinbene Review

Coinbene logo

Coinbene is proudly one of the top ten crypto exchanges in the industry, in terms of trading volume. Over the last couple of weeks and months, cryptocurrency and bitcoin especially, have made the headlines of top financial news hubs globally. Most of the attention is typically attributable to its rapid upsurge in the market, and how the asset class has proved many doubters wrong.

Clearly, cryptocurrency has come to stay, and thanks to its pioneering asset, bitcoin, crypto is projected to consistently attain staggering heights in the market long-term. Modern trends have also facilitated the integration of crypto across multiple business processes including bill payments, deposits, item purchases, and so on. This has bolstered the asset-class’s bull-run at going mainstream, on a global scale. As such, more investors and traders are taking interest in securing and growing their stakes on the huge profits amassed by millions of crypto activities daily. This is where our focus lies today.

Activities in the crypto sector generate billions of dollars every day. Proactive investors (both individuals and corporate organizations) are sharpening their strategies in order to make maximum dividends on their investments. One of such ways is by securing the services and support of a very trustworthy and  reliable crypto exchange platform.

As a pro or aspiring investor or trader in the crypto sector, the best thing is to employ the services of a solid, dependable, efficient, and trustworthy exchange-services platform to manage and secure your crypto assets. This way, you can securely manage and monitor all your financial activities while growing your assets significantly and effortlessly.

However, it is important to note that nowadays, over 85% of exchange platforms are unremarkably fraudulent and only seek to rip off investors of their hard-earned investments. They would often glaze their shammy schemes with too-good-to-be-true offers in an attempt to capture unsuspecting investors. Without profound insight and guidance, it can be easy to fall prey, or lose all your investments in the twinkle of an eye.

Thankfully, however, there are also several legitimate crypto exchange-services providers that offer safe, secure, efficient, and reliable exchange-services to traders and investors. Such platforms also provide a range of additional resources to users. They include timely information, trading tools, market updates, trading tips, etc. These platforms also provide the security that is required for the safety of users’ funds. As a result, users can quickly achieve their investment/trading goals rapidly and effortlessly.

The primary goal of every investor or trader in the crypto space is to achieve success, and to grow. To achieve these, you must first partner with a solid and dependable exchange-services provider. Your exchange-services provider is your nearest ally in the crypto space. They provide you with in-depth understanding of the market, tools, resources, and all the support that you need to maneuver the market’s volatility.

It’s important to understand how invaluable information is within the crypto space. Inaccurate information means bad business; you could make the wrong investment/trading decisions. Accurate information delivered late means bad business; you could make the right decisions but a little too late. Accurate and timely information is everything. In order to make the right selection, you must thoroughly research your options before finally settling on what exchange platform to partner with.

From a fair point of view, taking on the task of such rigorous research can be time consuming, especially if you’re doing it singlehandedly. You may have to go through weeks of research and seeking professional advice and so on, until you find the right one. However, through this post, we intend to take away all of that stress since our team of experts are always surveying the market for trusted and efficient exchange-services providers. Today, we are conducting a review of Coinbene, a solid, efficient, and reliable exchange-services provider with a glut of resources to cater to all your investment and trading needs.

This Coinbene review will be brief anf concise as we aim to focus on the major reasons why we say that they are one of the best.


LocationSingapore and 100+ other countries
Total Trading Pairs245
Margin TradingYes
Digital Assets172+
Account NeededYes
Verification Levels3 tiers
Trading PlatformWeb-Based, Mobile App
Payment MethodsCrypto only
Deposit FeesFree
Trading FeesFlat Fees (may vary in a few cases)
Withdrawal FeesN/A
Withdrawal Fees DiscountTiered Discount
Fiat DepositNo
Customer SupportLive chat, e-mail, Telephone, and FAQ
24 hours Trading Volume96,777.4 BTC
Native TokenYes
Native Token Smart ContractN/A
Trading Markets192+
Stable Coins TradingYes
Daily Withdrawal LimitN/A
Proof of ReservesN/A

Coinbene Market Data       

MarketPrice Volume (24h)Change (24h)Last update
ABBC/BTCɃ 0.00003097 ABBC 0Ƀ 0.0 0.00%2020-10-28 07:04:40
ABBC/USDT₮ 0.4571 ABBC 0₮ 0.0 0.00%2020-10-28 05:31:22
ABT/ETHΞ 0.0005100 ABT 0Ξ 0.0 0.00%2020-09-01 00:51:05
ABT/USDT₮ 0.4260 ABT 111.17₮ -0.010 -2.29%2020-09-03 21:26:55
ABYSS/ETHΞ 0.00001400 ABYSS 0Ξ 0.0 0.00%2020-10-28 05:15:03
ACDC/BTCɃ 0.000000009000 ACDC 9,429,583.3Ƀ 2.0e-9 28.57%2020-05-06 05:29:07
ACDC/USDT₮ 0.00002000 ACDC 0₮ 0.0 0.00%2020-10-01 11:37:48
ADA/USDT₮ 0.1002 ADA 0₮ 0.0 0.00%2020-10-28 07:05:25
ADI/ETHΞ 0.00000033 ADI 0Ξ 0.0 0.00%2020-04-02 20:01:24
ADK/BTCɃ 0.0002280 ADK 2,266.92Ƀ 0.000012 5.56%2019-11-30 21:41:18
ADN/BTCɃ 0.00000005 ADN 441,214,449.1Ƀ 1.7e-9 3.46%2019-12-01 00:20:53
AE/BTCɃ 0.00000754 AE 0Ƀ 0.0 0.00%2020-10-28 06:20:01
AE/USDT₮ 0.1044 AE 0₮ 0.0 0.00%2020-10-28 06:56:13
AIDOC/BTCɃ 0.00000022 AIDOC 0Ƀ 0.0 0.00%2020-10-28 02:21:19
AION/BTCɃ 0.00000850 AION 1,253,792.2Ƀ -1.3e-7 -1.51%2019-12-01 00:33:43
AIPE/USDT₮ 0.001690 AIPE 0₮ 0.0 0.00%2020-10-28 07:05:41
AIT/USDT₮ 0.0001870 AIT 0₮ 0.0 0.00%2020-04-27 10:31:28

Asia is one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange-services providers, and Singapore is one of Asia’s top birth-givers to cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Coinbene is one of Asia’s most renowned crypto assets platforms. It is among the top ten crypto exchange platforms in the industry, in terms of trading volume. The company is host to millions of users from over 200 countries worldwide, and is available across 192 markets. There are over 172+ digital assets listed on the platform.

Coinbene website


Coinbene takes a proactive approach towards security. The company has made a number of solid alliances with top security providers in the industry in order to prevent attacks from hackers and cybercriminals. For instance, they signed a strategic partnership with security giants, Komodo.

The partnership prevents up to 51% attacks and improves their overall security, leaving the company with fewer concerns to worry about. Added to that, Coinbene will also enjoy a plethora of the services that Komodo offers including adaptability, scalability, and interoperability. Komodo also infuses modern hi-tech strategies like dPoW (Delayed Proof of Work) which makes it possible for Komodo users to harness the security provided by the bitcoin network.

Provisions for additional security has also been made available through Coinbene’s integration of Google Authenticator. This can be either downloaded through your laptop or mobile smartphone (Android or IOS). The app is very lightweight, about 9mb or less. Once you have activated Google Authenticator, it will send a code to your device in order to verify that the device belongs to the current user. Afterward, you can be granted access to Coinbene.


Coinbene has its own native ERC20 token named Coni (CONI). The token is limited to a standard 1 billion tokens supply. Once you’re a holder of Coni tokens, you’re qualified for up to 40% profit sharing. You also qualify for exclusive discounts up to 70% on trading fees as well as several other benefits.


Coinbene’s self-service model is an innovative addition that is unique and effective for its purpose. It is a self-service listing model that allows interested projects to complete their listing process on the platform singlehandedly. This model was adopted to ensure more transparency, greater efficiency, and better service overall. This way, high-quality projects have a straightforward process to get listed.

US Investors

In many cases, US investors are excluded for regulatory reasons because of the obligations imposed by the US legal regime regarding companies that deal with US investors. Unfortunately, Coinbene does not support US investors. You can look through our catalogue for other reliable exchange-service providers that support US investors.

Trading View

Coinbene features a trading view that is familiar to many crypto investors and traders. The design is minimalist and easy to work-around, even for first timers. It features multiple language options including English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, etc. One of its prominent features is the generic Buy and Sell menu options at the lower right of the screen, and a few other options intelligently positioned at other relevant positions.

All in all, the trading view is simplistic and intuitive. Users also have the option to switch between views. There is the simple view, designed for ease. It would be very suitable for newbies and will help them perform operations quickly. There is also the professional, more compact view that features a plethora of investment and trading options. This view is designed for pros. It provides a more comprehensive view of most of the tools and functionalities on Coinbene.

To add to that, Coinbene also provides users with a mobile app variant that is available to both Android and IOS users. This way, you can always keep track on your trading and investment activities without logging-in on the web-based platform. You can trade on the go. The app features all the tools and resources available on the web-based variant and has the same design. This makes it very easy to find your way around. You can also tweak things around in the settings menu and adjust a range of options to your preference.

Trading Fees

Coinbene offers flat trading fees. This means that they charge the same from takers and makers. On this platform, both individuals are charged a flat fee of 0.10%. This offer is quite reasonable because it is below Industry average which stands at around 0.25%.

The interesting thing is that, depending on certain prerequisites, users can even enjoy lower trading fees. For instance, if a user holds a sufficient amount of Coni (Coinbene’s exclusive cryptocurrency) they may be entitled to lower trading fees, and so on. Of course, these models are strategically put in place to motivate users to buy and hold larger amounts of CONI.

To add to that, Coinbene offers 50% discount on all trading fees within a one-year interval. 20% discount on all trading fees within a two-years interval. And, 10% discount on all trading fees within a three-years interval.

All in all, the trading fees at Coinbene constitute a competitive advantage when you compare and contrast with the majority of top crypto exchange-service providers in the industry. This awards Coinbene more advantage as the offer will be very attractive to the average user and pros as well.

Withdrawal Fees

Similar to the trading fees, Coinbene’s withdrawal fees are very moderate, if not remarkably low. The company only charges the network fee when users make a withdrawal. Withdrawals do not incur any additional charges on the user. As you can imagine, this unique model is also surprisingly way below Industry average.

Deposit Methods

New investors might have a bit of a hard time because Coinbene doesn’t accept other deposit methods other than cryptocurrencies. Old traders and investors shouldn’t have much of a problem.

For new investors, you will have to purchase crypto from another exchange (one that accepts fiat) and then, you can make your deposit at Coinbene.

Exchange Rating Analysis

Coinbene is a Singapore-based Chinese-operated crypto exchange-services provider that offers various levels of reduced fees as reward for using its native token (CONI). For some time, they’ve been the top-rated exchange in terms of trading volume. They’re currently among the top 10. The numbers have done them good as it attracts a good influx of investors and traders daily.

The platform has a substantial active user base that trades on the exchange daily. Coinbene doesn’t require any KYC in order to start trading (for trades between 2 BTC daily withdrawal limit. The same is applicable to Binance). This is mostly attributable to Singapore’s flexible trading, and entire crypto ecosystem.

Coinbene is a wonderful and efficient platform for trading and investing. Like most other good things, there is still room for improvement in strategic areas. While this exchange is unarguably home to significant trading volumes and a great experience, given its swift and intuitive interface, it can boost efforts in the area of transparency. Making its users more knowledgeable concerning its operations and the team behind the scenes can give them a good nudge upwards, and even reposition them again as the Industry leader.

Sign Up

Signing up on Coinbene is quite a simple and straightforward process. To make things all the simpler, throughout the entire process, you are provided with a guideline that takes you step by step until completion. These and many more features make the platform high-ranking in terms of user friendliness. This also gives the platform a very respectable global standing in the industry.

One of the notable advantages that this exchange-services provider has is regarding the efficiency with which they deliver their services, and the ease that customers experience as a result. A significant drawback, however, is that there is little transparency. There isn’t much in-depth info concerning the team behind the scenes. Although the platform has been consistent, especially in security and the efficiency with which they deliver their services. Perhaps the management has a good reason for hiding behind closed doors. However, the issue of transparency could lead to bigger problems in the future.


  • Where is Coinbene located?

The official address of Coinbene is in Singapore; 1 Coleman Street, The Adelphi, specifically.  Coinbene is located in Singapore.

  • How do I withdraw from Coinbene?

Coinbene provides a very interactive and user-friendly interface on their exchange platform, both web and mobile. To withdraw, all you need to do is simply follow the on-screen guidelines on the Withdraw page of your Account page.

Visit Complete the authentication process (usually around 10 mins max) and you’re good to go.

  • Is Coinbene Safe?

Coinbene employs top-level security across all its platforms, web and mobile. The company takes proactive measures towards providing top-quality security for user data and funds. To add to that, Coinbene has made a handful of solid partnerships with leading security giants in the industry, including a recent partnership with Komodo, a top-rated crypto security institution.


Coinbene is a solid, efficient, and reliable exchange-services platform that offers a plethora of benefits, including very low trading and withdrawal fees. The company is looking to get more users to adopt their native token (CONI). As such, the majority of the benefits are tied to amassing and holding Coni.

Over the years, Coinbene has maintained the security of their user assets and data, as well as an impressive track-record, especially in trading volume. The company’s only drawback is in the area of transparency as no one seems to know the actual identity of the team behind the exchange platform. All in all, this exchange-service offers quality service with ease. This is the recommended platform for users looking to work with an exchange provider that is affordable and provides quality and efficient service.

Coinbene Exchange Rating
Account Types8.9
Trading Speed9.3
Customer Service9
Read our Coinbene review and learn why we recommend this exchange for online trading and why it is not a scam, learn all you need to know in this Coinbene review before you sign up with the exchange.

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