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CoiniBank Review – Is a Reliable Trading Platform?

CoiniBank Review

CoiniBank logoSince the launch of internet throughout the globe, the world has never been the same as many barriers have been broken and many concepts have been changed. In the past, it was unimaginable for a common person to start a business of their own without having a huge amount money and resources in their grasp. When it came to trading, people would consider it a joke if someone with a few resources even expressed of starting a trade of their own.

However, all of this changed when internet made its way to every common person’s household. This not only allowed people to connect with people across the world but also provided them with a platform where they could fulfill their desires and wishes. Through internet, people were allowed to imagine, be innovative and think out of the box that in return, helped them make fortunes and help others do the same. People were able to star their own businesses and most of all, they were able to perform trades by spending a mere amount of money.

In times like these when the entire world is affected by the COVID-19 situation and the global economy has seen the worst demise in the entire modern history resulting in hundreds of companies and industries to shutdown leaving millions of people unemployed. Internet has again made its presence known by providing people a platform where they can make a living and keep putting food on their table until the world gets ridden of this disastrous situation and the economy can once again find its footing.

Online Trading Brokerages

How Online Trading Brokerages Came into Being

With the ever growing online market and ongoing events, internet has seen experienced a mass influx of investors who are eager to invest their money and getting their hands on the fortunes that the entire online trading community is enjoying and improving their lifestyles with. This has given an opportunity to many experienced brokers and analysts to join hands and create brokerages to facilitate such investors in making their dreams come true.

When Did the Services from Online Brokerages Fell Below Standards?

In the beginning, the trading brokerages were focused on helping the investors but with the passage of time and a large volume of people joining the online trades every day, majority of the brokerages lost their track as well as goal. With such a high influx of investments, the brokerages became greedy and the only thing they focused on was to have clients spend as much money as possible, only to leave these innocent investors behind with nothing.

Coinibank Made Its Mark

With the standards of the trading brokerages to such a low and greedy level, people had started reconsidering their options and were hesitant in investing their money through the online platform. This not only made the people become discontent about online trades but also hampered the reputation of online brokerages to a point where even the valid brokerages were being affected by it. However, none of the legit brokerages seemed willing to take any action against such catastrophic situation.

This is when Coinibank was brought into existence to earn back the respect and integrity that online trading brokerages had lost along the way. Coinibank is developed by expert traders and analysts who had been in the trading business for a quarter of a century. These experts and gurus are determined in providing their clients with the services and facilities that a person would expect from their provider. While majority of the brokerages are focused on extracting money from investors, Coinibank is focused on providing investors with the most user-friendly and grooming environment.

Not only this, Coinibank aims to educate their clients so they can become independent and go onto becoming beacons of hope and success for upcoming generations of investors. Since its launch, Coinibank has maintained its reputation as a customer support oriented trading brokerage and plans to stay that way no matter the situations or circumstances.

Account Types That Coinibank Offers to its Clients

Making full use of their trading and analytical expertise, Coinibank has set up and introduced a variety of trading accounts with aims to cater the needs of investors from every level and experience. This is to ensure that every investor gets the opportunity to try their luck and gain experience in the online trading market:

Basic Account

This account has been introduced for people who are completely unaware of trading but are hopeful to try their luck and make profits through the investments they have available. Investors can make a deposit of a minimum $250 to gain ownership of this account, giving them a 20% percent Welcome Bonus. Investors gain access to the Education Center that is made available for CoiniBank’s registered investors.

Once the investors have a Basic Account, they are assigned to an account manager who is responsible for ensuring that their investor’s needs are being catered to and they are guided in the most efficient manner. When talking about support, if the investors have a basic need or a query they want looked into, they can get in touch with CoiniBank’s 24/7 customer support.

Standard Account

Standard account has been created for individuals who have had a bit of a taste in the trading world and are eager to take it up a notch, increasing their investments, benefits and chances of making fortunes. With a deposit of minimum $2,500, investors can gain ownership of this account granting them a 25% Welcome Bonus. Owning a standard account also grants investors access to CoiniBank’s Education center set up with aims to help investors learn new ways of trading and increase their chances of earnings.

Furthermore, when the investors sign up for a standard account, they are assigned with an account manager, who is ready to share his/her expert trading and analytical opinion and ensure that every decision the investors make, turns out to be beneficial for them. Additionally, the investors can always get in touch with CoiniBank’s 24/7 customer support who are trained professionals and ready to offer basic level assistance in the most efficient manner. Another benefit for Standard account holders that they are entitled to receive daily updates on the trading trends.

Silver Account

For investors who have gained an average amount of trading experience and are well aware of the basics of trading, Silver account has proven to be the best choice with its benefits and facilities it has to offer to their clients. With a deposit of a minimum $5,000, investors can acquire ownership of this count and avail 30% Welcome Bonus from CoiniBank. Similar to CoiniBank’s other trading accounts, Silver account also grants investors full access to the Education Center so they polish their trading/analytical skills further.

While owning a Silver account at CoiniBank enables investors to increase their earnings, it also increases the risk of them losing even more if a single decision goes south. To tackle this concern, Coinibank assigns Silver account holders with a Senior Account manager who has gained far more experience than ordinary account managers and is far more superior with respect to his/her trading and analytical approach. This is to ensure that every trading decision is made keeping in mind precise calculation and tactics that turn out to be fruitful for such investments.

Furthermore, the investors can always get in touch with CoiniBank’s 24/7 customer support team who can provide basic level assistance and are fully knowledgeable in identifying your problem and raising it with the concerned teams for prompt assistance. Investors are also eligible to receive daily news updates for the trading markets and assets. On top of these, CoiniBank also arranges Live Webinars for Investors where they can interact with each other and share each other’s good and bad trading experiences. This step has proven to be very productive as it enables the investors to learn from each other’s mistakes.

Gold Account

For investors who have gained an ample amount of experience in the online trading business and are somewhat able to make decisions of their own with big investments, Gold account is the most suitable option. With a deposit of minimum $10,000, investors can gain ownership for the gold account, enabling them to avail 40% welcome business. Owning a gold account gives investors full access to CoiniBank’s Education center for advanced learning and up-to-date trading procedures.

Once the investors gain access to the Gold trading account, they are assigned to a senior account manager ready to share their expert as well as analytical experience with detailed insights and thorough study of the market. This helps traders become more daring and confident with their investments and turnarounds. Additionally, the investors are able to make the best out of the daily news and updates they receive on the trading markets and assets.

On top of this, Investors have the opportunity to enroll themselves into the Live Webinars held for the sole purpose of providing investors exposure and an interactive environment, enabling them to learn from each other’s trading experiences whether good or bad. While accounts holders below Gold have to incur a withdrawal fee for their earnings, Gold account holders can make withdrawals without having to worry about any withdrawal fees.

Most important of all, investors also get to spectate trading sessions led by the expert analysts to give them a walkthrough of how they need to observe the trading market and make decisions with a hundred percent accuracy. And who can forget the 24/7 customer support that is available for their most professional service.

Platinum Account

This account is considered suitable for investors who have gained vast amount of trading and analytical experience and are ready to take it to the top level. By making a deposit of minimum $25,000, investors can gain access to the platinum account with a 50% welcome fee. This grants investors to make full use of the education center set up by CoiniBank.

Similar to Gold Account, investors with platinum account are assigned to a senior account manager for the best trading experience and opinions that turn out to be fruitful in the trading market. Investors get to have daily trading market updates and news alerts for any changes or turn of events in the trading markets. Furthermore, investors are enrolled into the Live Webinars where traders are able to share their trading experience and learn from each other’s mistakes.

Furthermore, owning a platinum account at CoiniBank means that the investors incur no withdrawal fees and are entitled to a limited VIP services and facilities. Just like the gold account, platinum comes with unlimited access to the expert analyst trading sessions that has proven to be a great learning maneuver for investors. As always, investors can always get in touch with CoiniBank’s 24/7 customer services to have their voice/concern heard.

VIP Account

This account has been set up for investors who wish to go all out whether its investment, risk or profits. This account comes packed with the same benefits and features that are offered to platinum account holders as well as all the benefits, tools and VIP facilities that CoiniBank has to offer.

On top of this, investors can open up a savings account that they can use to keep their earnings and earn interest. Having a VIP account means that investors can get daily personal trading sessions with expert traders and analysts at CoiniBank, which is the highest level of assistance that CoiniBank has to offer the investors.

Variety of Assets CoiniBank Has to Offer

Variety of Assets CoiniBank Has to Offer

For CoiniBank, it is all about catering to the needs of investors and providing them with the most profitable trading options. To accomplish this goal, CoiniBank has achieved what other brokerages could only dream of doing that is offering investors an entire catalogue of assets/products that the investors can choose from and increase their chances of earning:

Foreign Exchange Trading

Most commonly known as Forex trading, it is a type of trade where investors get to buy, sell and exchange foreign currencies in the form of pairs. At present there are around 70+ pairs of currencies for traders to trade in and some of the most renowned pairs being mass traded are USD/EUR, JPY/GBP, AUD/USD etc. Being a trade in currencies, Forex is currently the most volatile and liquid trade in the trading industry that even towers over the Stocks Trading & Indices Trading combined.

The popularity and worth of Forex Trading can be measured by the daily transaction volume of more than $5 Trillion that flows through the forex channel and is set to increase as forex is constantly observing inflow of more and more investors.

In forex, investors choose a currency pair out of the 70+ pairs that are up for grabs and monitor the forex market trends and analyze in order to predict that either of the currency from the selected pair is to take a dip against the other one or not. Based on this analysis, the investors can then sell one currency that auto-triggers the opposite action on the latter and investors earn profits from the difference in the value.

If an investor is interested in trying their luck with forex trade, they can go for the most popular trading pair that is USD/EUR due to their worldwide recognition and demand. As a result, this pair alone observes an overall transaction volume of around $2.5 Trillion per day, which makes up for fifty percent of Forex’s overall trade.

Contracts-For-Difference (CFD’s)

Before online trading came into being, it was considered impossible for a common person to be able to perform commodity trading or indices trading as it involves a significant amount of investment and resources. What was once considered suitable only for industries and corporations is now in reach of a common person through online trading the form of CFD’s

Before we discuss CFD’s in commodities, it is better to get familiarized with what Commodities stand for. Commodities are a combination of naturally occurring products such as crops, metals or fuels that are acquired through agriculture, mining or drilling. These products are then brought into the trading markets for selling, purchasing or trading.

In Commodity trading, industries or companies buy a particular commodity such as Wheat and keep it in their possession until the value of the commodity goes up and then sell it to get profit out of the difference in the value of the commodity.

Now to discuss CFD, in commodity two investors come together where one acts as a buyer and the other one as a seller. Both parties choose a commodity, pre-decide its value up to a certain time and date, and form a contract based on these conditions. Once the contract reaches its expiry, if the price of the asset falls below the pre-decide value, it’s the seller who makes profit otherwise, it is the buyer who makes profit against the pre-set value and the final value.

The best thing about commodity CFD is that neither the acting buyer nor acting seller has to have the resources required to have the budget for the commodity or its availability to strike a deal. Furthermore, if deemed necessary, both parties can come to an agreement and dissolve the current contract to start a new one with new products, amounts and conditions.

In Indices trading, it is the collective asset value of a group of companies representing a particular sector, country or a region. In Indices trading, investors do not have to own the assets but have to monitor and analyze the combined value of the assets of an index. In Indices trading, investors can earn profits either predicting whether the price value of the collective assets of an index is to rise or fall. Based on the outcome, the investors can make profits based on the difference of the value from point of bidding to point of completion.

At present, there are more than a 100 indices and some of the most popular indices are FTSE 100, Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500 Index and many more.

Similar to Commodity CFD’s, an individual investor can predict the rise and fall in the assets’ value at a certain date/time, if the value of the asset falls equal to or lower than the predicted value, investors earn profit and vice versa for the rise in the value.

Variety of Platforms CoiniBank Offers

Variety of Platforms CoiniBank Offers

No matter how perfect the services and facilities CoiniBank has to offer, none of it would matter if the trading platform supported by CoiniBank was as typical as brokerages. To ensure that the investors at CoiniBank get to trade in the most productive and user-friendly environment, they have developed their own trading platform that is equipped with the most advanced trading features, top notch tools, state of the art interface, quick command execution capability, variety of charts, historical reports, algorithmic trading, latest trading news bulletin and many more.

In addition to the above, CoiniBank has also managed to integrate all of their trading platform features onto smartphones (android & IOS) as well as Internet Browsers (FireFox, Chrome & Safari) to enhance the trading experience of investors, providing them with single click or tap action execution facility.

CoiniBank is Available 24/7 to Care to Your Needs

As CoiniBank is a customer oriented brokerage, therefore, it is extremely important for them to provide their clients with prompt and most professional assistance. To achieve this goal, they have put together a team of highly skilled and professional individuals who are available 24/7 to listen to the needs of customers and provide them basic level assistance or escalate their concerns if they are above their scope.

Is Trading With CoiniBank a Worthy Choice

Yes, if you are looking to trade in a user-friendly, professional, respectful and a profitable environment without the worry of losing their investments, CoiniBank is the perfect choice as every facility it offers their investors is to help groom their professional presence and polish their trading/analytical expertise to a point where they can become mentors for the future investors and spread a positive message across the board.

Make a Decision You Do Not Regret

At the end of the day, no matter how attractive and profitable the world of trading may seem to be, the risk of losing always runs parallel to earning fortunes. There are many who give up trading the moment they lose a single dime and end up spreading rumors of online trading being nothing but fraud. What they fail to understand is that risk is always there and luck wouldn’t always be at their side and at times, they have to take small losses to make big gains. Therefore, if you think that you are impatient then it is better to choose a different source of income than go with trading.

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