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CoiniWelt Review – How Well Does This Broker Serve a New Trader?

CoiniWelt Broker Rating
Account Types9.3
Trading Speed9.2
Customer Service9.7
I think CoiniWelt really understands the market it is targeting. It has traders signing up on its trading platform from all around the world, and I don’t think any of these traders feels left out or not served well. If you are thinking about trading, I highly recommend that you at least check out the features that this broker offers.
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CoiniWelt Review

CoiniWelt logoAre you thinking about a trading career and looking for the right broker to get help with the starting months of trading? Of course, that’s what every new trader goes through. I was a new trader like you just a few years ago and even I couldn’t figure out what I had to do to sign up with the right broker. However, I am through that phase and today, I can give you all the advice you need on trading and finding the right broker. Today, I am going to tell you about CoiniWelt, a broker that I think is a perfect choice for anyone who is stepping in the world of trading for the first time.

Among many other brokers who try to make trading easy for their traders, I think CoiniWelt really understands the market it is targeting. It has traders signing up on its trading platform from all around the world, and I don’t think any of these traders feels left out or not served well. If you are thinking about trading, I highly recommend that you at least check out the features that this broker offers. Better yet, you can just read this review to know as much about the broker as you should. So, here is a complete CoiniWelt review to help you make the right choice of broker.

Broker CoiniWelt
Assets Forex, Bonds, ETF, Indices, Stocks, Commodities
Customer Service 24/5
Bonus Up to 50%
Trading Platform Web Based
Mobile App Yes
Accounts Types Trading and Savings
Minimum Deposit $250
Payment Methods Wire Transfer, Credit Cards, Internet Payments
Leverage 1:200
Training Education Center and Webinars

Safety of Funds and Info

I want to bring your attention to something that I think should matter to every trader in the world. It does not really matter where you are in the world and which broker you are signing up with when it comes to safety. If you are signing up with a broker, you have to make sure that you will be getting proper security and protection not only for your money but information as well. I think this broker has taken the right measures to ensure the safety of both these things. When it comes to the protection of your information, the broker has provided you with proper SSL protocols on the website.

Through these protocols, the broker is able to encrypt your information as soon as you provide it. The moment you insert information on the website of the broker, it gets encrypted. In other words, you can say the broker turns your information into a code that no one can break. In addition to that, the money you deposit in your account will go into segregated accounts. If you don’t know already, keeping the funds of the traders segregated is a requirement that every broker should fulfill. If your broker is not fulfilling this requirement, you should look for a different one.

However, when you sign up with CoiniWelt, you will not have to worry about this issue. The broker has taken care of this particular matter and it makes sure that your money goes into segregated funds for your security.

Many Asset Categories

I am pretty sure you are going to feel like a free bird when you sign up with this broker and start trading. The best thing about this broker is that it provides you with access to a variety of financial markets. Right from the trading platform of CoiniWelt, you will have access to not only stocks and forex currency pairs, but you will also be trading many different commodities. Whether you want to trade precious metals or invest your money in the energies of the world, you can find them all on this trading platform. The broker also gives you access to a variety of forex currency pairs.

You will not be stuck with conventions when you sign up with this broker. I have noticed that most other brokers give you access to only the most famous and stable currency pairs, which usually include USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, etc. On the other hand, this broker will give you access to a variety of other forex currency pairs, such as CAD, JPY, HUF, ILS, etc. Your choices are unlimited with this broker and you can always trade the asset that you like the most. You also have many stocks that you can trade in addition to indices that come from a variety of countries.

I was amazed to see that this broker has something more to offer you than just the CFDs. When you sign up with CoiniWelt, you will be trading bonds as well. These government bonds come from many countries from around the world. That’s not it, you can also trade ETFs with this broker if you are not interested in trading CFDs. In other words, you have more options to trade assets with this broker than you will ever have with any other broker.

The Savings Accounts

Can I really finish a review on CoiniWelt without mentioning the savings accounts from this broker? There are hundreds of online brokers and I know about a lot of them. However, I can tell you that I have never seen a broker that offers you savings accounts. When you open a savings account with the broker, you are actually putting money in an account that offers you some interest or profits on your savings. Yes, you just have to have money in your account and the broker will offer you some percentage of profit on that account. The broker requires you to have a specific amount of money in your account for it to let you open a savings account.

Now, the most important thing that you have to know is that the broker is offering you many different flavors in this particular category as well. You will not find yourself stuck with just a particular type of savings accounts. Instead, you have the choice to pick from four different savings account types. The minimum deposit that you need to open a savings account is $5000. That’s a small amount to open the silver account that can offer you savings of up to 1.8%. Things get even better if you go with other savings accounts. Yes, these accounts require more money from you but they offer more benefits as well.

If you go with the most expensive savings account with the broker, which is the VIP account, your minimum deposit will have to be $50,000. You can already imagine how much money you can make on this account when the broker you have signed up with offers you a profit of 3% on your savings in this account. The longer the period of you maintaining money in your savings account, the more profit you make. In other words, this broker is offering you something that you might not get from any other broker.

The Regular Trading Accounts

Even the regular trading accounts from this broker are some of the best that I have seen from online brokers. I can tell you that these accounts have been designed not only for the most experienced but the most novice of traders as well. This is something that you are going to feel when you look at these accounts. First of all, the thing that is going to amaze you is the fact that there are six different account types for you to choose from. From these accounts, you can pick the ones that are meant for experienced traders and those that are for new traders.

The most basic account is there for you to sign up with just a small amount of $250. Yes, even a student will not feel that signing up with this account is difficult. However, you will not have to compromise on the level of customer support and service when you go with this account. You will still get the 24/5 professional customer support from the broker with this basic account. What you are going to love more is that you have a 20% welcome bonus that you will get from CoiniWelt as soon as you sign up with it. You will get bigger bonuses when you sign up with other accounts.

For example, if you go with the standard account, you will get 25% welcome bonus. The bonus continues to increase as you go higher in the account tiers. With the most expensive and advanced account, you will have a bonus of 50% on your initial deposit. What it means is that 50% of the amount of your initial deposit will be credited to your account by the broker. You can already imagine how much money you will have for trading when you sign up with this broker.

Great Trading Education

The broker is providing you with all the education you need before you start trading in the most professional way possible. When you sign up with this broker, you will get access to the trading education. The education center contains everything that you ever wanted to learn about trading. It has all the ebooks from the best experts and the videos from the best instructors. You can learn trading in no time when you use these resources the way they are supposed to be used. In addition to that, the broker has provided you with other ways of learning trading.

For example, you will have personal trading sessions with trading analysts who can tell you what’s wrong or what’s right with the way you trade. This way, you can always work on your current trading strategies to make them better and improve your chances of making a lot of money on your trades. I have to mention the trading alerts from the broker that you continue to get when you are signed up with this broker. Not to forget the live webinars. Yes, these are seminars that are being conducted for you on the web, so you don’t have to go anywhere.

You will be listening to the best experts in trading when you attend these live webinars. I think you can even ask questions from these experts so you can have your doubts and skepticism about trading cleared before you put any money on the line. In this way, I think this broker has arranged some really good training material for you to learn trading.

No Fees on Withdrawals

I believe this is a great move from the broker in order to make trading easy for traders from all around the world. You see, when you sign up with other brokers, withdrawing money from your account is not really as easy as you might think. It seems like a simple and straightforward procedure, but not when the broker you have signed up with has many different fees associated with it. This can make trading difficult and expensive for you. You think all you had to spent had been spent on your trades, but then you have to spend more when you want to take out money from your own trading account.

That’s an issue that you are going to face with most other brokers on the internet. However, once you have signed up with CoiniWelt, you will not have to face any such issues. The broker has provided you with a great feature with most of the accounts you sign up with. If you go with the higher tier three accounts from the broker, which fall in the category of advanced accounts, you will not pay anything on your withdrawals.

Final Thoughts

So, you can now see why I think this broker is such a great option for new traders. There are all types of traders who are thinking about signing up with online brokers at all times. However, they can usually find it hard to pick a broker that they can trust. That’s where I think you should trust someone who is being recommended by someone who understands the industry. Just like you, I have understood trading and the trading industry in the past many years. I think I can tell you with safety that this broker is one of the best that you can trade with.



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