Crypto Community Allied With Oprah and The Rock On A Relief Fund Rally

The Crypto Community has reportedly announced its alliance with two popular celebrities, Oprah Winfrey and Dwayne Johnson, “The Rock,” in order to support the People’s Fund of Maui, which is a relief fund the two celebrities launched and dedicated to the victims of catastrophe in Maui.

According to the report, the crypto community announced a few hours ago that it is ready to support Oprah and The Rock as the two celebrities created a relief fund rally tagged the ‘People’s Fund of Maui.’ The rally fund is reported to be a donation endorsed by the two stars to support the victims of Maui widefire incidents.

The report showed that in August, Maui, which is an island in Hawaii, was struck by destructive wide fires that wreaked massive havoc. The fire spread across 2,500 acres, causing colossal damage to lives and properties, according to the report.

Responding to the catastrophe, Oprah and The Rock jointly launched the People’s Find of Maui, which is a generous scheme aimed at offering direct assistance to the victims struggling with the impact of the ugly incident. In his tweet on X, The Rock emphasized that the whole of the funds raised through the rally would be donated to the victims.


The Rock And Oprah Collects Donations For Fire Victims

In addition, he highlighted that each adult who owns a residence within the area engulfed with fire, especially Kula and Lahaina, who are homeless because of the disaster, would receive $1,200 every month. The famous star added that their effort is to aid in hastening the recovery journey of the victims.

According to the news, the donation rally is quite versatile as it welcomes the majority of the existing crypto assets as donations alongside local fiat currencies. Some of the recognized cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, BNB, Dogecoin, and USDT. This gesture provides a wide range of avenues for people to offer their support to the victims.

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Commenting on the initiative during an interview, Winfrey Oprah explained that the motivation that urged them to put the raised funds directly at the victims’ disposal was to empower them as they began their journey towards recovery from the trauma of the disaster.

Furthermore, the celebrity added that they are trying to empower the individuals to put forth their liberation, which would allow them to figure out their needs and those of their families, which is considered the central core of their effort.

Many Initiatives Weighed In To Support Victims

To corroborate the generous initiative from the two public figures, many similar relief initiatives are also making diligent endeavors to facilitate and improve the poor state of the victims affected by the wildfire catastrophe, according to the report.

At the forefront of the initiatives extending help to the victims is the All Hands and Hearts (AHH) disaster relief association, which has been reportedly rooting and solicitiing for public funds both in fiat and crypto currencies to help the locals of the Maui Island as they try to regain their normal life back after the fire disaster that left them homeless.

In addition, the Chief of Organizational Integration and Events at AHH, Olga Ruggiero, reportedly pointed out in a recent interview that the crypto assets played a vital role in assembling the contributions, especially as it creates an easy way for the initiatives to receive donations across the border and also makes it easier to disseminate the raised funds to the victims of the fire.

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Furthermore, she highlighted that crypto is very similar to other forms of contributions, as it gives the initiative the ability to aid and render indispensable assistance to the victims. Also, the report revealed that the crypto industry continues to show up, rendering its support to communities in distress across the planet.

According to the report, the harmonic cooperation displayed by the crypto community and the two celebrities, Dwayne Johnson and Oprah, depicts the potential of offering aid to communities needing emergency support by leveraging crypto assets.

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