Crypto will become necessary like other web app in next decade claims Gemini’s CEO

Tyler Winklevoss has said that in the next ten years crypto will become necessary like email.

CEO and Co-founder of the crypto exchange and custodian company Gemini Trust, Tyler Winklevoss claims that the next decade will be the decade of the cryptocurrency. As he says in a post:

Today, we stand before the dawn of a new decade. As we look ahead, there is little doubt that the next one — the 2020s — will be ‘the decade of crypto

While sharing his views, he said that the cryptocurrency is day by day becoming a niche tech and has become a form of money for people. He says that it is not essential like Email and other web apps but in the next decade this is going to change and crypto will become essential for you as he says in the post:

Today, crypto is still a niche technology and a form of money. It is not crucial to your everyday life the way email and other web applications are, but our thesis is that this will change — it’s already changing if you look close enough

Furthermore, he said that crypto will redesign the financial systems, monetary systems and also the internet. This means that in the next decade, cryptocurrency will work as a driving force.

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Tyler then added that people want freedom and therefore crypto will provide that freedom to the people. As they will get freedom from the cryptocurrency, therefore they would decide to select crypto.

Bitcoin is the best performing asset of the last decade

The last decade has been very good for the world’s leading cryptocurrency. The performance of the coin has been best as compared to the other digital assets. Therefore, it has been regarded as the best performing asset of the last decade from 2009 to 2019.

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