Cryptocurrency Market Aggregators: Top Five Websites To Monitor Crypto Movements

Crypto Market Aggregators

The most important tool that all crypto investors and analysts use in crypto market analysis are the market aggregators.

Even though most aggregators don’t have the option of buying and selling crypto, they provide useful information in terms of the crypto market. Crypto aggregators usually gather helpful information around the web and explain it in a very understandable way. The most critical information that one needs to know in terms of buying and selling of digital assets are changes in the cost of cryptos and the total amount of transactions made in the market. Meanwhile, some market aggregators are improving because they seek to address other issues when it comes to crypto market. The following are the top five market aggregator sites that provide useful information.


This site is regarded as the leading site when it comes to providing market statistics, major and minor price movements, exchange rate, and block exploring. It also has a small subsite that offer investors ways to earn digital assets with the use of DeFi apps and as well as lending and borrowing features that it possesses.

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Binance made a statement in April that it has acquired CoinMarketCap in a deal worth around $300 million, but the site would continue to function the same way it used to. Major big game players in the crypto world have lauded the move saying Binance would “benefit so much” as a result of the acquisition.


This site works the same way with CoinMarketCap with its main features providing market data, exchange rate, and market information. CoinGecko has made its market volume feature in such a way it has removed market manipulation, which makes it the best choice for crypto investors.

CoinGecko also has a subsite that possesses other core market-friendly features that cover different areas that the main site doesn’t address. It also has the CoinGecko Earn feature that shows investors how to earn assets with DeFi apps. Before the launch of the CoinGecko Earn, they had a site NFTGecko,  that serves as a forum for Crypto enthusiasts to discuss.

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The Messari owned website provides official market statistics as well as the significant movement of assets in the crypto world. The site also has a feature that provides details on liquidity market cap and other major market measurements. The website that was acquired by Messari in 2018 offers crypto news as well as COVID-19 data statistics every day, which makes it the number one stop for people that are interested as well as those not interested in cryptos.


BraveNewCoin provides a wide range of features for its users, which includes an accumulation of market data and statistics as well as other liquidity index features. The site also provides news and discussion forums amongst many other services. BraveNewCoin has been known to be a transparent and reliable data provider; hence the term “provider” bestowed on them.


This site provides major news updates as well as price data for most crypto across the digital market. The website makes coin arrangements by the number of volumes it trades and shows some of the cryptos that have made significant moves in the market. A feature of the site shows how much a coin is worth and every available detail about the coin ranging from its market data and previous trend in the market.

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