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Decentralized Launchpad OccamRazer Partners With Bondly To Boost NFT And DeFi Capabilities On Cardano

In recent news, OccamRazer has partnered up with Bondly for the purposes of enhancing NFT (non-fungible token) and DeFi (decentralized finance) capabilities on the Cardano blockchain. Bondly shall be working closely with in order to effectively utilize its previously proven non-fungible token technology in an effort to hopefully bring forth high-utility capabilities pertaining to NFT usage on Cardano’s own ecosystem. 

Bondly is a portable and interoperable swap protocol meant to empower the next generation of NFT creators, thereby providing a platform for talented and struggling artists. OccamRazer is a launchpad that is also decentralized in nature and had been made specifically for Cardano. Both of these had made it known to the public that a strategic collaboration and new partnership had been formed between them, much to the delight of Cardano (ADA) investors. 

Through this partnership, efforts will be made towards expanding Cardano’s NFT market. Together, both of these organizations shall hence be coming up with various new development synergies to help the aforementioned NFT market for the proof of stake platform based on blockchain technology. The ultimate goal remains the same, which is to enhance the DeFi and NFT capabilities whilst also bringing top-quality projects to the forefront through the Bondly and OccamRazer Launchpads.

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Bondly and OccamRazer are a ‘natural fit,’ says Mark Berger

The Occam Association’s President, Mark Berger, had stated that Bondly had proven itself to be quite capable in the world of NFTs, and so it working alongside OccamRazer is only the next logical step for Cardano. He went on to say that the future is bright and ripe with possibilities as to what the organizations can accomplish together for the purposes of incubating NFT start-ups.

Moreover, Bondly does indeed have a plethora of relevant experience in the world of NFTs, and Cardano still has a lot of untapped potential in that regard. Hopefully, the non-fungible token projects that are a bit more disruptive in nature could be accelerated through IDO raises which would be on the abovementioned OccamRazer Launchpad.

Multichain success is the goal, according to Brandon Smith

The Chief Executive Officer of Bondly, Brandon Smith, had stated that’s launchpad and DEX technology would certainly go a long way towards helping establish projects that will be collaborative in nature and will be working closely with the NFT functions and capabilities that Bondly will be offering. 

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As of the time of this writing, Cardano (ADA) has a price of $1.32, which is a 1.7% decrease since yesterday. It is also currently the 7th highest-ranked cryptocurrency in the world.

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