Digital Currency Group Acquires Luno

Digital Currency Group, which is the epicenter for the Bitcoin and its blockchain system, involved in promoting Bitcoin and blockchain companies, has very recently acquired Luno.

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Luno which, on the other hand, is a cryptocurrency exchange based in South Africa and has been providing its exchange services to over five million of its customer belonging to more than 40 different countries of the world. The acquisition was done on the pretext that it would help Luno to expand globally while covering up its existing markets as well as reaching out to other crypto markets from and within the regions of Africa, Asia, and Europe.

In the past history, this New-York based company, Digital Currency Group has helped more than 160 blockchain companies operating in over 35 different countries of the world by acquiring them with the purpose of promoting bitcoin and blockchain companies. The acquisition of Luno was announced this Wednesday. Digital Currency Group which is a world-renowned company is also the principal company under whose control various other renowned entities/organizations are operating such as Genesis Prime Brokerage, Grayscale Investments and Mining Subsidiary Foundry etc. to name a few.

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Luno, which was duly established and founded in the region of South Africa in the year 2013, has housed its headquarters now in London along with various other regional offices from where it has been carrying out its business also include Cape Town and Singapore while Luno also has local offices in various other countries of Asia, Africa, etc.

While there has not been too much of information made available about the acquisition, the announcement made on this Wednesday confirms the fact that from now on Luno has been duly acquired by Digital Currency Group who is committed to making significant changes in helping Luno to expand its business activities globally and within the existing markets where it has already been providing its services.

In a statement, the CEO of Luno, Mr. Marcus Swanepoel, has said that his company was eagerly looking forward to the acquisition which will help them in the achievement of their goals and objectives for the year 2030 where they want to reach out over 1 billion customers.

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